Ann's Homemade Cold Cream

grated beeswax
grated beeswax
coconut oil
coconut oil
beeswax ispartially melted
beeswax ispartially melted
beeswax melted
beeswax melted
combining water and borax with melted beeswax and coconut oil
combining water and borax with melted beeswax and coconut oil
whisking it well
whisking it well
adding almond extract
adding almond extract
pouring it into a container with a well sealing lid
pouring it into a container with a well sealing lid
my finished product
my finished product

I am finally learning that it is so important that our bodies have minimal exposure to chemicals. I also know that I’m getting a lot of little (that’s a laugh) wrinkles on my face. Therefore, I have started making my own homemade cold cream so I really know what is being applied to my skin. I couple this with the fact that I’m always looking for ways to save money and I can make my cold cream a lot cheaper than I can purchase it. Have you priced Noxzema or Pond’s lately?

I always use cold cream to clean my skin in the morning and at night to remove the day’s grit and grime and old makeup. I use this cream twice daily for best results at fighting the aging process. It really will smooth the skin. Take your time and gently massage it into your skin. Use sweeping upward motions. Don’t forget your neck. It needs love too. Afterward, use a hot washcloth to gently wipe off the excess. After cleansing the skin thoroughly, apply cocoa butter and leave it on overnight.

I usually use almond oil when I make my cold cream but I put this combination together because I thought we were taking a trip to Jamaica. I planned to use it there. My daughter fractured her ankle right before we were to leave and we had to cancel our trip. Hey, I still got the cold cream and a home made cologne that I prepared for the trip as well. .

I call this my Tropical Cold Cream because it contains coconut oil. (I also had left over coconut oil on hand from my Rosemary Bubble Bath recipe).

Beeswax has been used in cold cream recipes for thousands of years because it is ideal for locking in moisture. It also forms a protective layer on the skin. Borax is used to act as an emulsifying agent that keeps the oil and water from separating. Almond extract just smells good. Use whatever scent suits your fancy but try one that relaxes you.


½ cup coconut oil (olive oil or almond oil can be used)

2 tablespoons grated beeswax (I can only find this in health food stores. I don’t know any bee keepers)

5 tablespoons water

1/8 teaspoon borax

½ teaspoon almond extract

Combine oil and beeswax together in a heat resistant glass measuring cup. Fill saucepan with about two inches of water and bring to a boil. Place the heat resistant glass measuring cup in the boiling water and heat the oil mixture until the beeswax is melted. In another saucepan, bring water to a boil and then add the borax, stirring until dissolved. Combine the oil-beeswax mixture with the borax water and use a whisk to beat the combination. Add almond extract. Mix again. Pour mixture into a container that contains a lid. Please cool well before using.

If kept well sealed this should last at least 6 months. Don’t worry you’ll use it up before then.

Since the sun seems to be getting more intense I've also started wearing a hat with a large brim and sunglasses when I'm outside. The glasses keep me from squinting and making the crows feet in the corners of my eyes worse. Also wear long sleeve shirts and pants if you are outside for any length of time. Continue to apply sunsreen even if you are weariong long sleeves to increase your protection. You will be so happy later if you care for your skin now.

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Chris Achilleos profile image

Chris Achilleos 4 years ago

Thank you for sharing this very useful hub, looking forward to reading more of your hubs. Voted up and useful!

AnnRandolph profile image

AnnRandolph 4 years ago Author

Thanks Chris.

Emeraldgreen21 profile image

Emeraldgreen21 4 years ago from South Africa

This is a brilliant Hub. I've made various skin care products at home but never cold cream. I'll have to try this sometime soon. Voted up and useful!

AnnRandolph profile image

AnnRandolph 4 years ago Author

Thanks Emeraldgreen 21!

charlesxavier04 profile image

charlesxavier04 4 years ago from London

It's nice to see a recipe which is so health-concious. Hub on Ann you crazy diamond!

AnnRandolph profile image

AnnRandolph 4 years ago Author


This can make you beautiful also, please whip it up!

profile image

Crbbisque 4 years ago

Very nice recipe. My only alteration was to make it with one tablespoon of beeswax since I like a lighter cream. I think I will like this. I don't require a moisturizer afterward and I live in the desert.

Morrigane 4 years ago

Here is list of other emulsifying agents that can be used and possibly less harmful to the skin than borax, but it would be best to check (research) each one out to see if this is the one for you...some of these are so, so...

• Agar

• Albumin

• Alginates

• Casein

• Ceatyl Alcohol

• Cholic acid

• Desoxycholic acid

• Diacetyl tartaric acid esters

• Egg Yolk

• Glycerol

• Gums

• Irish Moss (carrageenan)

• Lecithin

• Mono- and diglycerides

• Monosodium phosphate

• Monostearate

• Ox bile extract

• Propylene glycol

• Soaps

• Taurocholic acid (or its sodium salt)

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