Anti Wrinkle Face Cream

If you are looking for healthier, younger looking skin, you have a lot of choices.  Your options range from invasive and expensive like Botox or easy and inexpensive like an anti wrinkle face cream.  There isn’t one right method that works for everybody, but I would recommend you try out the easy and inexpensive method before deciding on something like chemical injections into your face.

Anti Wrinkle Face Cream

Before you try the extreme methods we will talk about, you should try an anti wrinkle face cream to help reduce your wrinkles.  These come in many varieties including prescription strength as well as over the counter treatments.  There are many different ingredients that go into different anti wrinkle face creams and each one does slightly different things.  You can consult with your doctor and see if he or she has any recommendations.  They can write you a prescription for some of the more powerful lotions like Retinol or just recommend an over the counter variation.  You can even find free trials of different wrinkle creams so you don’t even have to risk any money to see if this option will help you out.

Resurfacing Your Skin

You can also resurface your skin to help reduce wrinkles.  There are several ways that this can be done including chemical peels, radiofrequency ablation, and laser resurfacing.  Basically what you are doing here is destroying your outer layers of skin in the hopes that the new skin that grows back will be healthier and smoother.  Laser resurfacing is popular because the laser is able to target smaller areas and give better results.  This is not a treatment to be taken lightly however as there are some potentially serious side effects and a long recovery time.  According to an article at, you skin may stay pink for up to 9 months and be sensitive to sunlight for a year.  On the up side, this can be a very effective cure for wrinkles that lasts for many years, but the wrinkles will eventually come back with age.


Botox is a trademark name that is short for botulinum toxin type a.  Basically what happens is that you inject a “purified” toxin into your face.  The injection interrupts your bodies signals that cause your muscles to contract.  The result is your facial muscles are more relaxed and look smoother giving the temporary appearance of less wrinkles.  You don’t really want to do this around your mouth as it can interfere with the muscles that are needed for eating and talking.  These injections are also don’t do anything for sun exposure caused wrinkles.  If you want a temporary reduction of wrinkles by essentially numbing your face, this can be very effective; as long as you don’t mind needles being stuck into your facial muscles.

Decision Time

When you are making a decision on wrinkle treatments, you need to consider many things. One item to consider is how it will make you feel. If you are going to get a huge boost of self esteem by not having as many wrinkles, you may want to consider any or all of these treatments, but I recommend trying the skin creams first as they are the easiest and cheapest to try. If you are less concerned, but would like to have smoother skin, you should try out skin creams. Another factor to consider is what the treatments will do to your body. If you are going to be outside in a sunny environment all the time, for example, a treatment that could leave your skin sensitive to the sun for a year isn’t a good option.

Just make sure you consider all your options before making a decision to have an expensive and potentially painful procedure done. As with anything related to your health, it is highly recommended that you discuss any treatment with your doctor before starting.


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