Are clothes really nessesary?: Painted on clothing

Naked underneath the paint

Heidi klum
Heidi klum
reaction in public
reaction in public
absolutely naked
absolutely naked

Art and expression

Body painting can be viewed as a form of art, but is this new canvas too much for the public? The new canvas of our time is the human body and should be celebrated as such.The body is beautiful and clothes are just as much of a covering at times as paint is.

This could end up being a new form of expression and we could be seeing more of this,even on the streets, out in the open. But could this be challenging peoples' morals and crossing the line over into indecent exposure or is it just art?

These questions depend on peoples use of the freedom that we are given. We could take it bad and abuse our right for expression by flaunting our bodies in a crude manor, being able to wear as little as possible. It could just be adding fuel to the fire of a more sexually open society and downplaying our morals.

However, it could just be adding another form of artistic expression and help to forward us intellectuality.One example is Heidi Klum (Seals' gorgeous wife)as she shows off her body while appearing perfectly clothed. Would this even be noticed if the painting was perfectly finished?

The two sides to this argument can not be fully answered by me, but only by yourself. So I ask you, is this morally wrong and indecent exposure, or is thisĀ  a new form of art and expression to expand our artistic horizons?

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lovelypaper profile image

lovelypaper 6 years ago from Virginia

I'm flabbergasted. It really doesn't look like paint.

westernsnog 6 years ago

yes I was surprised at it too and thought i should share my discovery with the world!

dobo700 profile image

dobo700 4 years ago from Australia

Very skill full painting

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