Leo Gemstones

Leo Gemstones

Leo Zodiac Sign Stones
Leo Zodiac Sign Stones
Leo Gemstones : Diamond, Amber, Citrine, Carnelian, Tiger Eyes, Emerald, Turquoise, Kunzite and Ruby.
Leo Gemstones : Diamond, Amber, Citrine, Carnelian, Tiger Eyes, Emerald, Turquoise, Kunzite and Ruby.

Leo Zodiac Sign Characteristics and Health Problems

Leo Associations

  • Element - Fire
  • Ruling Planet - Sun
  • Career Planet - Venus
  • Love Planet - Uranus
  • Money Planet - Mercury
  • Colors - Gold, Orange, Red
  • Metal - Gold
  • Lucky days: Sunday and Monday
  • Lucky numbers: 1, 4, 5 and 9
  • Compatible Signs - Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Ares and Gemini.

Leo Characteristics : If a person is born in between July 23rd and Augest 23rd that person is said to be born under the Zodiac Sign of Leo or Simha. The sign of this Zodiac is the lion and like the lion dominates and is not afraid of challenges. Leo is also strong, active, ambitious, determined, enthusiastic, overbearing, autocratic and creative. They don't like to settle for second best in anything. They are generous, kind and openhearted. A Leo born is a good leader and can inspire and motivate others easily.

Leo Health Problems: They are mostly prone to heart and blood disorders. Otherwise they enjoy good health.

Gemstones of Zodiac Sign Leo

The Gemstones of the Zodiac sign of Leo are Onyx, Carnelian, Sardonyx, Golden Topaz, and Tourmaline. In addition to these stones Rock Crystal( Planetary stone), Diamond (Talismanic Stone), Cat's Eye, Tiger's Eye, Ruby, Amber, Boji Stone, Chrysocolla, Citrine, Emerald, Fire Agate, Garnet, Golden Beryl, Kunzite, Topaz and Turquoise can be worn as Birthstones to improve the good qualities of this Zodiac Sign.

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linda c. 5 years ago

Im a leo and i will try citrine gem.

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jayb23 7 years ago from India

Iam leo and I might try these. Thanks for sharing

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