Eau Thermale Avene; Diacneal

The Adolescent Years...

I remember feeling really lucky for the skin I had during my years in high school. While all my teenaged peers were struggling with hormone-related acne, I was breezing through with rarely a spot to hide.

I didn't need foundation or powder and almost never wore it. I had good skin.

I guess I shouldn't have gloated about it.  I never knew that it would strike me a few years down the road with a fury that I could not have imagined.


The Pregnancies...

But by the time I reached my twenties, had met the man of my life, married and got pregnant, my body started to change.

In particular, my skin.

The first three months of pregnancy ravaged my face. I broke out all around my chin in acne that was painful and impossible to cover. My doctor realized the need for medication and prescribed a topical vitamin A cream that lessened the horror, but did not get rid of it.

I felt that my body was lashing out at me and paying me back for all the years that I was supposed to have acne and didn't.  Kind of like when  you get the chicken pox as an adult and feel like you might die from it.  Its much easier to bear as a child. 

Well, my skin never did recover fully.  Two pregnancies later, I was still suffering from acne breakouts that were starting to scar my skin.  After seeing two doctors, one dermatologist (that I waited three months to see), going through 3 rounds of antibiotics, various creams, gels and ointments, there was still no change.  The last medication prescribed to me was Accutane, that was guaranteed to work, but which I refused because of its side effects.  Its a good thing I did, because I became pregnant one month later.


The Magic Ointment

Finally, at the end of my rope and hating my skin with an unbridled passion, my sister introduced me to Eau Thermale Avene; Diacneal.

She assured me that it would work as it was doing wonders for her own skin and sent me a bottle. I was more than a little skeptical, because after all, if a Dermatologist couldn't fix my skin, how could a cream from the pharmacy do any better.

But turning my back on the Doubting Thomas in me, I started the cream.


It's Only Skin, But It Matters!

Now I know some of you are probably thinking that this is a lot of writing for nothing. Because its only skin, not the end of the world.

That may be true, but having bad skin is not easy. Its not the end of the world, but it certainly makes it hard to be positive in life. Its hard to feel attractive when you have ugly, painful acne and that can change how you live.

Eau Thermale Avene; Diacneal is a cream that can make your skin beautiful. I stopped spending money on endless bottles of foundation and powder, because I'm not afraid to show my skin anymore.

After 10 years of hiding, this is a big gift to me.

Oh the Absolute Joy of Good Skin

I felt the tingle right away.  My skin felt tight and clean and good.  I went to bed feeling a little lighter that night, hoping that this cream would be The One.

The next morning, after washing my face, I couldn't see any visible changes, but I could feel them.  Within one week, my acne was almost gone.  In two weeks, my skin was back to normal.  Of course I still have scars, but they are small and can be easily dealt with by applying spot concealer.


Eau Thermale Avene; Diacneal

This cream is 6 % Glycolic Acid. It is also comprised of 0.1% Retinaldehyde C.T. You can buy a 30 ml bottle for about fifty dollars Canadian.

For me, the price is a little high, but since I no longer spend so much on foundation and cosmetics, I can squeeze it into my budget.

After all, it is difficult to place a price on feeling good about yourself and having healthy skin makes feeling good about yourself a whole lot easier.

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mom/dad 6 years ago

Knowing your struggle with your skin, I am so happy that this product is working. You are already a beautiful woman because you glow from the inside out but this is great news!

Love you


Ann Nonymous profile image

Ann Nonymous 6 years ago from Virginia

Thanks for sharing this product with us, megs!

megs78 profile image

megs78 6 years ago from quebec Author

Hey Ann, thanks for reading and commenting. I just felt that since I have tried the product and it has turned out to be great, I would let the readers in on the secret. I know what it feels like to struggle with horrible skin and wouldn't want someone else not to know about it if they were in the same situation. See ya around,


lxxy profile image

lxxy 6 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond

Thanks. I'll look into this. I have a few zits, but most of my acne is weird. Not the normal type that you can rub ointment into.

struggle 5 years ago

hey there :)i 've been struggling with my bad skin for years,last time i went to see my doc, she was amazed by the results of medication.it was magical to see how my avene diacneal(4 nights a week)&isotrexin(3 nights a week)&bioderma sebum ai(all mornin)& of course azitro(antibiotic).and she prespricted(written so?not english speakin natively :S) worked.It was amazing to hear compliments on how my skin looked glowy.Then(the biggest mistake i have ever ever done)i stopped using them, especially avene diacneal since it is pricey (im in Turkey).Then, since i had a terrible stress and travellin, my skin got worse and worse.I want to cry really, because my scars had been faded away so nicely, but because of the new pimples etc, new ones appeared.I knew what to do, that is diacneal which my skin not only needs, but loves!yes it loves avene diacneal, i bought it and started to use it immediately, and thanks God it is gettin better each second day and it is visible!There were so many pimples inside of my skin, how can i describe:i can feel them when i touch my skin, but no sign out.They are comin on to my skin.I know for a month or two my skin may get so pimply but then, phew, an amazing result again.But apparently my skin is comfortable right now.Skin on your face is not only skin psychologically,naturally, it affects your social life.It is natural,come on, you want to look ur best when u like someone,when u r with friends, when u r new to somewhere.It matters really.Thanks for ur review and sharing!Loves :)

redster 3 years ago

Hi, just wanted to say that when I read your story every word could have been written by me. My skin went from perfectly clear to an eruption of cysts and redness on my nose and chin. It was put down to pregnancy hormones but in between pregnancies never seemed to clear up and i was prescribed topical creams that never seemed to clear my chin.

After my 3rd child and 5 years of my skin getting worse, a new doctor finally prescribed a steroid gel. I applied a fingernail amount to my chin and it burned within seconds. I washed it straight off but the damage was already done and I ended up in emergency with a chemical burn that spread all over my face and neck. I was told my skin was super sensitive and to avoid all products for one month.

I finally got an appointment with a dermatologist who did patch testing and i was told I was allergic to Balsalm of peru, anything containing perfum. So my hunt began for moisturisers containing the least amount of ingredients. I am still looking as a lot of creams still caused a reaction. I try find this cream which is not available in Ireland yet on the basis on your review. Thank you!

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