Avoid Razor Bumps When Shaving (Reduce Ingrown Hairs)

There are two downsides of shaving. The first downside is the fact that it takes time, which many of us do not like wasting. The second downside, the major one, is ingrown hairs. Not familiar with the term? Maybe you know them better as razor bumps. No? You don't know what I am talking about? Maybe this will jog your memory. Have you ever shaved anywhere on your body and hours or days later you find small little red bumps that look a lot like acne or a mosquito bite? These are ingrown hairs.

Both men and women report this annoyance and spend tons of money on special razors and shaving cream, which reduces the chance of getting this occurrence. The majority of the products are: A) Overpriced, and 
B) don’t work. These products cannot control what happens under your skin, however you can.

When we shave, we're simply cutting our hairs to such a length that is unnoticeable; they'll continue to grow. Ingrown hairs and razor bumps occur when the tip of the hair is sharpened and continues to grow but towards the skin. Causing inflammation, which can cause redness, blemishes and irritation.

So here is how you prevent these razor bumps and keep your smooth clear skin.

Razor Burns


1. Wash your skin before you shave.

This is a big step that most people skip. Use warm/hot water and wet your face thoroughly. Washing your face will make the hairs lift away from the skin, reducing the chance of the hairs to grow back into the skin. This will also open up your pores making the shave much smoother and close.

2. Shave with the grain.

Shave with your hair and not against it. This will help the hair grow straight out, and will continue to make it grow out and not curl into the skin. This means that for most women, if you are getting razor bumps on your legs. You need to shave down, not up. Although annoying for some, this will drastically decrease the occurrence of ingrown hairs and will make your skin feel better.

3. Wash your skin afterwards.

Wash your skin with cold water thoroughly. Not only is this extremely refreshing, but it’ll close your pores making the skin much harder to be punctured by the sharp hairs.

If you have to pick one thing to do after your shave, do this.

4. Shaving more often.

The easiest solution to prevent these acne-like bumps is to shave often. Don’t allow the hair to get the chance to grow, it’ll keep your skin smooth always and will even reduce the amount of regular acne.


  • Look out for irritation on the skin after you shave, if you see bumps or redness, chances are you have ingrown hairs. If you have a large amount of acne, chances are ingrown hairs are contributing to the problems.
  • Wash your skin before with hot water, and with cold afterwards.
  • Don’t shave against your hair growth, shave with it.
  • Shave more often, most people don’t prefer having hair on their face or leg, so why not just keep it shaved.

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Reynold Jay profile image

Reynold Jay 5 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

I know how to shave however I enjoyed this very much. You have this laid out beautifully and it is easy to understand. Keep up the great HUBS. I must give this an “Up ONE and Useful.” I'm now your fan! RJ

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