Avon ANEW Clinical Eye Lift - Eye Cream for Women of all Ages

ANEW is the anti-ageing skincare and beauty range from Avon Cosmetics. The treatment range first hit the headlines back in 1992 - as the first skincare line to harness the anti-ageing benefits of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs).

The Avon ANEW skincare range offers a selection of effective skincare products for women in different age groups. The Avon ANEW Reversalist range is targeted at women in their forties, while the Avon ANEW Ultimate range is aimed at the fifty plus market for anti-ageing skincare. The Avon ANEW Clinical Skincare range is suitable for women of all ages - although brand advertising is often seen to target women over the age of 30.

The flagship product in the Avon ANEW Clinical range is the Avon ANEW Clinical Eye Lift. This remarkable eye cream acts as much more than a dark circle remover – it is in fact America’s best selling eye cream and not without good reason. Avon ANEW Clinical Eye Lift reviews are typically excellent with many users reporting fantastic results and a commitment to purchase the product again.

The product is beautifully packaged and promises a triple lift by targeting the brow bone, eyelids, and under eye area. The product is split into 2 separate applications – a brow bone / upper eye gel and an under eye cream. The collagen boosting upper eye gel tightens and lifts the brow bone and eyelids, while the under eye cream visibly diminishes and brightens dark under eye circles - reducing puffiness and crepiness in the process.

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Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

Hi, thanks for the info, I am always looking for something new to keep the wrinkles at bay! cheers nell

merseyblue profile image

merseyblue 5 years ago from Liverpool, UK Author

Thanks Nell :) xx

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