BB Cream For Men

An advertisement showing a model wearing LANEIGE Homme Mens.
An advertisement showing a model wearing LANEIGE Homme Mens.

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In South Korea, it is common for men to wear cosmetics, such as bb cream. In South Korean culture, it is important for a man to look his best in the professional world. This means masking acne, scars and skin discolorations with bb cream. BB cream generally has ingredients which are good for the skin and it works as a moisturizer, so it is more than a makeup.

If you're a man and are interested in trying out bb cream, here are a few popular brands.

Love Homme Everything to One BB Cream
Love Homme Everything to One BB Cream

Love Homme Everything to 1 BB Cream

This bb cream, from Etude House, is formulated specifically for a man's skin. It has a whitening effect, helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and hides imperfections - such as acne scars. This cream also claims it will help smooth your skin tone.

It only comes in one color, which is light beige. It will only work for fair to medium skin tones.

MISSHA Homme Urban-Soul Advanced Detox

A bb cream for men from a trusted brand, Missha. This bb cream contains antioxidants, such as Vitamins A & C. It helps to improve skin tone and reduce the visibility of acne and discolorations. It comes in one color, which is light beige. It is suitable for light skin tones.

It is light coverage and does not provide any shine. It gives skin a natural, smooth and matte finish. The bb cream doesn't contain any oils, so it is good for oily skin.

Elishacoy The Style Platinum BB

The primary function of this product is to cover large pores. If you're a man who has enlarged pores, this product may work great for you. Along with covering pores, it also works to even out your skin tone and cover troubled areas, such as dark spots and scars. It contains SPF 30, to help protect your skin from sun exposure.

HANSKIN Super Perfect Man BB Cream

This bb cream claims to give you "perfect" skin. The product is oil-free and helps to prevent oil build-up during the day, leaving you with clean, fresh and matte skin all day long. It is long-lasting and contains SPF 30. The product is also supposed to have anti-aging properties, to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

LANEIGE Homme Mens

What makes this bb cream stand out is that it is perfect for men who get a lot of sun. It contains SPF 40 which helps protect the skin from sun exposure. It also comes in two colors - light beige and dark beige. Fair skin tones would be best suited to use the light beige while medium skin tones should find the dark beige to work well.

LANEIGE Homme Mens commercial

BB Cream Tutorial for Men

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