Baby Animal Costumes


Who Can Resist a Baby in an Animal Costume?!

It's like double the cuteness! Babies are already super cute. Baby animals are absolutely adorable. Put a baby in an animal costume, and it's almost too much to handle!

Not only is the loveable factor raised to an almost unbearable level (The level where adults are reduced to uttering things like "Oh my Gosh! Your baby is SOOO cute!" over and over again), but the entire experience, from shopping for the costume to showing it off, happens to put a huge smile on your baby's face as well.

It's so sweet to go shopping with your little one for a Halloween costume and watch their faces light up as they see all the different animal costumes to chose from. No doubt there will be a lot of "How does the cow go?" "Moooo!!!", and "Tell me how the bear sounds?" "Roar!!!", and "Show me how the bunny hops!" followed by a toddler hopping around the store, laughing uncontrollably, while strangers look on and say things such as, you guessed it, "Oh my Gosh! Your baby is SOOO cute!"

And the excitement when your little one sees it--the perfect costume! The costume they've been waiting their whole lives for (Hey, think about it, if your toddler is 2, that's pretty well half their life from last Halloween!) It may be a costume of their "favorite animal ever." It may just be their flavor of the week. But regardless, when your little one sees it, they know it's "the one"!

You'll know it too, based on the squeals of excitement, giggling, and tiny clapping hands! You've found it. You've both found it. The perfect baby animal costume.

Why Are Baby Animal Costumes Such a Perfect Choice?

The answer is very short: Because they're easy. They are easy to find, easy to put on and take off, easy on the wallet, and easy on the eyes. If Halloween nights are usually cool where you live, it'll keep them warm as well.

Animal costumes for children have become very popular, and because of this, you can find them everywhere. Any department store will carry them around Halloween and if you just can't find the perfect one in a store, you can definitely find it online.

The costumes are usually just simple jumpsuits than can be slipped on and off. This makes changing diapers or using the potty easier. It's also more comfortable for your baby. It's not until we get older that we start telling ourselves that sometimes it hurts to be beautiful! Children want to be comfortable--and trust me, you want them to be comfortable too!

Baby animal costumes can vary greatly in cost, but the nice thing is, because of their popularity, you are able to get a pretty decent quality costume for a very reasonable price. Now, if you want to get all fancy, you can always have one custom-made, but let's be honest, most of us are too busy spending money on other stuff, so we're looking for the best bang for our buck!

And the best answer to why animal costumes are such a perfect choice? Because seeing your little one dressed-up in one of these costumes will be one of the most adorable things you ever see!


Some of the Most Popular Choices:

By far, the most popular animal costume of late is the monkey costume.  Others include cat costumes--whether it be fluffy little kittens, lions, tigers, or leopards.  The above mentioned cow, bear, and bunny costumes are always a favorite.  And this year, there has been a lot of interest in the skunk costume!  I guess it's only appropriate--our little ones can be kind of stinky at times!

Monkey Costume


Lion Costume


Yikes! Skunk!


To Give a Little Credit...

...where credit is due. The popularity of dressing babies and toddlers up as animals for Halloween (and just for fun) can at least be partially given to a man names Tom Arma. It is said that "If it's a picture of a baby, Tom probably took it."

Tom is the most published baby photographer in the world. After several years of being a journalistic photographer, Tom decided to leave that world behind and strike out on his own.

In the 80's, he hit it big with his photography series Please Save the Animals. This series displayed babies dressed in animal costumes and was such a huge success that the photographs were made into posters, greeting cards, calendars, and eventually allowed Tom to published books of his photography.

Tom Arma animal costumes are available for sale. Any parent who takes animal costumes seriously should definitely consider owning a Tom Arma Signature Collection costume! After all, he played a big part in the fact that animal costumes for babies became so popular!

Get Creative with your animal costume!

Choosing one of the most popular animal costumes for your baby is nice, but sometimes it's more fun to be a little adventurous. Finding a unique costume, one that no other baby on the block has, will set your baby apart from all the others. Baby ducks, penguins, lobsters, dolphins, elephants, and dragons are just a few of the more unique choices.

Halloween only comes around once a year, so start shopping early to find the perfect costume. Yes, your little one might be too young to remember how they dressed for Halloween, but chances are very good that you won't be able to put your camera down, so they'll have plenty of pictures to look at when they're older to see just how sickeningly adorable they looked (lol)!


Dumbo the Elephant!


Some Great Finds on Amazon!

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