Babydolls, Nightgowns and Camisoles | Sleep Time Lingerie For Men

What better time of day to enjoy lingerie than at night, when the world has gone to bed, the land is cloaked in darkness and the realm of dreams takes over, for a few short hours to become reality. If you're not yet enjoying lingerie as part of your nighttime routine, you can be in very short order.

Nylon nightgowns are a popular choice for many men who enjoy the sensation of being enfolded in their favorite fabric. Then there's also the fact that a gown is one of the most feminine types of attire a man can wear, which makes for double the fun.

If a nightgown is going too far, how about a babydoll?


Babydolls are popular pieces of short nightwear, they're designed to fall to the upper thigh and to flare out slightly when worn, which makes them very cute and feminine. Some babydolls spilt open underneath the cleavage, exposing the stomach, however traditional babydolls do not split. Whilst a split looks vaguely alluring, it is not of much use to a man who likes the sensation of wearing a nice piece of lingerie. Most babydolls tend to be low cut, so a shaved chest is a perfect accompaniment to a sweet nylon or satin lace trimmed babydoll. The pictured piece is from Betsey Johnson, and is a pleated chiffon babydoll.


Of course, you don't have to wear a gown or dress type piece of lingerie at all. There's no reason why you can't simply wear a nice pair of panties to bed, perhaps teamed with a nice light camisole. Plenty of women choose to sleep in panty / cami combos, they tend to be light, comfortable and there's still plenty of lingerie fabric to enjoy in the night.

Nylon camisoles are an excellent investment for a man who likes panties and would like to enjoy the soft embrace of nylon and satin, and if you don't own one as yet, then you're in for a world of enjoyment. Olga camisoles are an excellent brand, and though most of them are now termed as being vintage pieces for reasons best known to Olga, I'd recommend purchasing one if you happen to be lucky enough to find one. Like Olga panties, they are well made, comfortable and trimmed to feminine perfection.

What do you sleep in at the moment? What's your favorite piece of nighttime lingerie? Share it with us in the comments!

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Comments 20 comments

chris009 6 years ago

Once again Hope has hit the nail on the head.

I wear nylon nightgowns to bed all the time. I love the feeling on the legs, too, so I prefer a long nighty.

There is a problem in that when you toss and turn the nighty will ride up and end up around your waist, and I've not found a solution to that as yet.

I mostly try to find nighties that have a lace bodice and no cups since I have nothing to put in them.

And yes, for winter nights I even have a couple of lovely flannel Granny nighties.

Thanks again Hope!

ILoveLingerie 6 years ago

I like to wear a babydoll and panties to bed. The soft sensation is wonderful!

Ray 6 years ago

I have eleven sets of satin panty and cami combos. I don't think I could sleep in any thing else. My wife bought me my first few sets with matching sets for her. We have been married 37 years, but when we go to bed dressed alike we make love like we did in our 20's

Nanciboy 6 years ago

Well, since you asked - I wear a nice pair of women's pajamas to bed. Cut fairly slim but made of stretchy fabric. And with some lace at the neckline and bottom of the pants. I must move around a lot at night, because I find the one gown I do have tends to end up bunched above my knees when I wake. Even the pajama legs end up rolled up to just below my knees.

Now camisoles, like the one in the picture, get worn in the daytime under a top that can be arranged to show just a hint of lace. :) I usually wear a longer necklace/pendant with mine.

Oh my, what a pretty baby doll. I'm such a sucker for pleats.

steve 6 years ago

short,long,nylon,satin,silk,cotton,doesn't matter,its the feeling of being covered while asleep,waking up in it,knowing you been safely wrapped all night,and sorry to the others my girlfriend chooses what i wear,and right now sitting in a long satin burgandy nightie with matching gown which she bought me

phil 6 years ago

i can't sleep without a nylon nightie. and threw out my t-shirts for camisoles. my favorites have lace and ribbon straps like vintage nylon full slips

dana 6 years ago

I love to sleep in night gowns! Camisoles are fun to wear under male clothes, you feel so femme wearing them.

patient0 6 years ago

For me it's cotton. I like soft pajama-style nightshirts, flowery, not a lot of buttons or ties. Anything longer tangles up around me.

Nylon, silk, and lace are fun for showing off, but not for sleeping in.

Melanie 6 years ago

I wear a long nylon nightgown to bed every night. Two brands that I really like are Shadowline and Miss Eileen. They are so soft, silky and feminiine. A perfect end to the day. . .and a great way to wake up each morning!

Jakkie 6 years ago

I have several nylon gowns and a couple of cotton ones. Most of my nightgowns are from shadowline.

The nylon makes me feel very feminine. I don't know if I could sleep in anything but a nightgown or a teddy.

Cyndie_D 6 years ago

Love my nylon gowns. I do have a couple of Olga's but mostly sleep in Miss Elaine's made from 100% Antron Nylon, they feel heavenly. Sometimes I sleep in a satin sleep shirt just to be different. Shadow Line is also nice, but sadly the company has gone out of business. Hope some one picks up the line.

Sliplover 6 years ago

Almost every night I wear either a silk or satin nightdress to bed and it feels lovely. I also usually have satin sheets as well - it's a wonderful feeling sliding in and turning over. It's so cold at the moment that I have been wearing a pair of silky knickers under two full length slips - a shiny white under one and a more lacey black one. Problem is it's hard to get up but it'sSunday tomorrow and a nice lie in.

mng4me 6 years ago

I stumbled across your hub while surfing the internet. My fantasy with nightgowns is totally on the sly. Didn't realize there were so many other "regular" guys that enjoy them too. My favorites are the long flowing gowns that have a super wide sweep. I prefer no lace. Hard to find. I have occasionally had an opportunity to sleep in a nightgown but on the sly. Was awesome. Wish I could enjoy it more often.

cheshirekatt40 6 years ago

My chemises and camis are great to sleep in but I also have the ride-up problem others have mentioned. I like silk or modal and some lace too. Thanks for the post, Hope.

Donald 6 years ago

I wear Miss Elaine night gowns and Sears VIP panties

to bed nightly. Feels so good.

sissyboy44 6 years ago

I wear panties to bed every night. i wold never wear anything else. i've worn panties much longer than i have worn conventional men's underwear. I have also bought some cami's that are very nice. lingerie is definitely fun to wear

Aaron 6 years ago

I wear the Exofficio string bikini panties as my regular underwear. I hike and am active, so they are made mainly for that, but they are incredibly comfortable as my regular underwear. I haven't worn men's underwear in years.

MrDonald 6 years ago

I sleep in full length satin nightgowns of 52" or more. With those lengths, they ride up far less than the shorter lengths. I have 7 such gowns in various styles and I will never go back to male pajamas ever again. Nightgowns are far more comfortable for sleeping. Every once in a while though, I will wear a teddy for a change.

The brand of nightgown that I prefer is Amoureuse and they are sold by Roaman's, Woman Within, and other Lane Bryant companies. They specialize in plus size lingerie (as well as other types of clothing) that is every bit as attractive as lingerie for more petite figures.

Jadi 6 years ago

Satin sleepshirt, chemise, nylon slip, Miss Elaine gown, or sometimes just a tee shirt--but ALWAYS, underneath, my Lace Nouveau or Ravissant panties from VF.

Maleinheat 6 years ago

I agree all the way. I have a lovely lingerie collection and perfume for bedtime adventure. The sensations are out of this world. Lingerie is definitely for men. Enjoy all the choices guys and pamper yourself, you deserve it!

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