Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron

Your Hair Will Thank You For It!!

This is one hair iron that does the job well. It is able to quickly straighten even the most stubborn hair.

This flat iron gets the job done for all those times that one is in a hurry. No problems if you have frizzy hair or thick hair. In one pass this iron can straighten out most problem dos.

Here are just some of its most notable features:

  • Nano titanium plates
  • Emits negative ions and maximum far-infrared heat for fast, gentle straightening without damaging hair
  • LED temperature settings up to 450° for faster straightening or curling
  • Glides through hair. No pulling
  • Ultra-Thin and Ultra-lightweight
Here is what one satisfied customer says:

"This is the best flat iron ever! I've searched forever for a flat iron that would work on my natural, super thick, curly, frizzy hair. And I finally found it. It heats up super quick and gets really hot. I use it with a hair protectant spray and it works great. Flattens my hair in one pass, so I can straighten it really fast. I would definitely recommend this product. Much better than other expensive irons. This one is your best bet"

The heat setting for this iron can be set very high (450°) so its good to be very careful using it at this temperature. It is good to know you have that kind of heat for the toughest of tangles but most likely you won't be using this high of heat that often.

Hair troubles begin with not having the right tools. Any professional hair stylist would not be caught dead without a spectacular iron that does what it was made to do. You may not be a stylist but you sure can do like one with an iron like this. And you don't have to pay the BIG BUCKS that others may in trying to look their best fast. This Babyliss Pro doesn't cost an arm or leg and would probably be comparable to getting your hair done once professionally. Why not do it yourself with this iron?


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