Bath and Body Works Signature Collections, Buy Online!

Bath and Body Works have some of the best fragrances in the market.    The Signature collection is no exception. Did you know you could buy your favorite fragrances on line? Here you will find your favorites all wrapped up in new packaging for the Spring. Look here for you Warm Vanilla Sugar, your Raspberry Vanilla and your black amethyst and many more!

The Limited Brands Company owns the Franchaise along with Victoria Secret as well as several other well known chains.  The Bath and Body Works has been around since 2006.  In 2009 the company decided to revamp the packaging on their Signature Collection.

Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Lotion 8 Oz New Style

 Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla is just about every one's favorite fragrance. The lotion absorbs quickly into the skin and never greasy.  The Scent is best complimented with the Body Lotion or the Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla body splash. This scent is so popular it is available in a perfume as well as as a shower gel. 

Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Black Raspberry Vanilla Shower Gel

 Bath and Body Works Raspberry Vanilla is a scent that mimics vine ripened berries covered by a vanilla cream. It is infused with Pear, vanilla Orchid and Taffetta Musk.Another popular scent from the Signature collection, it comes in many different forms.  Raspberry vanilla comes in a perfume a splash and a body cream. See website for details on a bargain for buying three items together!

 Bath and Body Works Black Amethyst is another popular scent in the Signature Collection.  It is inspired by Exotic Sandalwood, Italian Bergamot and Rare Camellias.  This scent collection has many options.  You can purchase the shower gel, the lotion or even body Butter.  For extra fragrance you can purchase the Black Amethyst in the splash or in a perfume.

Bath & Body Works Blushing Cherry Blossom Body Lotion

 Bath and Body Works has the Blushing Cherry Blossom fragrance in their Signatures collections.  This fragrance features an uplifting floral scent.  The scent is created from Jasmine, Honeydew and violet.  The shower gel contains oils to nourish and clean your skin. The Lotion has aloe vera, and vitamins E and C. For a more intense moisture try Blushing Cherry Blossom Body Cream.  The fragrance is enhanced with The Blushing Cherry Blossom body splash and the Blushing Cherry Blossom perfume.

Bath and Body Works Butterfly Flower Shower Gel, 10 fl oz

 Now this is a scent I have actually not experienced before.  The Bath and Body Works Butterfly Flower fragrance from the Signature Collection is as you guessed, a floral scent . It is inspired by the Asian Syringa Flower, the Tenufolia Orchid and Tangerine.  It has been described as a playful fragrance, one that puts  you in mind of a butterfly on a flower.  I really like the vibrant orange packaging.  This scent is available in a lotion, body cream  and foaming body wash!  If you  have used this particular product before please leave a comment on if you enjoyed it.

Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon Shower Gel

The Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon fragrance is another part of the Bath and Body Works Signature Collection. This is a classic fragrance that has been revamped in new packaging. The Cumber melon smell evokes images of a dewy morning. This fragrance is best enhanced when used with the cucumber melon body splash or lotions.  The products are infused with cucumber or honeydew extracts.

 And Now for the newest scent from the Bath and Body Works Collection.. PS I Love you! The fragrance is inspired by Bright Rose Petals, Golden Amber, Sparkling Reisling and hypnotic Incense. This fragrance is also available in a fragrance mist and lotion. If anyone has any experience with this fragrance please leave your comments below!

Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Twilight Wood Body Lotion NEW Fragrance

Another new addition to the Bath and Body Works Signature Collection is the fragrance, Twilight Woods. This fragrance is to put you in mind of a walk in an enchanted woods. It is infused with Apricot Nectar, Soft Mimosa. Juicy Berry and Warm Woods. This product comes in a body butter, lotion and body cream.

Bath and Body Works Signature Collection P.s. I Love You Spring Fling Body Lotion New Fragrance!!!

 Another new fragrance for the Signature Collection. The PS I Love you Spring Fling fragrance is reminiscent of falling in love.,  This fragrance is inspired by Dry Amber Musk, Sparkling Water. Citrus and Rose.  This product is also available in  a Body Cream and Shower gel. 

 Moonlight Path is a repackaged product from the Bath and Body Works Collection.  It scent is inspired by Lilly of the Valley, Oakmoss, Musk and French lavender.   The Name Moonlight Path is to inspire images of moonlight walks in a lush garden. This fragrance is available in Shower gel, lotion and Body Butter.

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Beth100 profile image

Beth100 6 years ago from Canada

Oh, that's even better!!!! :)

Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 6 years ago from Wv Author

Hey Beth100!

The Bath and Body Works line is cheaper on Amazon than on their own site! Thanks for stoppin by!

Beth100 profile image

Beth100 6 years ago from Canada

I have to agree that the fragrances are amazing! They last and last and are not intrusive. I love the Sweet Pea and P.S. I Love You line. Thanks for the info on buying these on line (I live in Canada and always had to wait for the annual US vacation before I could replenish my stock) lol

AARON99 6 years ago

Beautiful collections with lots of information. Keep it up.

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