People see tattoos in many different aspect

My tattoos are for all different reasons

#passion #beauty #expression #boredom #addiction #meaning

People ink their bodies for many different reasons, while others may think its foolish and out of season.

I love to see the colors, shades and impressions, feeling the pain every stick, i know its my addiction.

The first time i decided to take a tattoo, it was not just random i had an issue. Covering a scare with a big colorful koi, my first was me lying in a coil.

Time pass my body urge for the ink, something about this you just cannot resist. This time i wanted it to show, it was a symbol of my first love done in black and blue.

Eventually i reached four and a sleeves, they all represents something even the tiger that growl on my cheeks.

I don't think i would stop at these, i may go for more and finish my sleeves.

I love them one I love them all, tattoos are my addiction I can't stop at all.

These are some of my tattoos, still has work to do on them and get some more color


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