Gray Hair Is Sexy on Women!

Notice I didn’t just say beautiful. That’s because I think the word beautiful has lost a lot of its value over the years. We use it for all kinds of things now, and many of them have nothing to do with my interpretation of the word. This is about sex appeal, in the strictest sense of the phrase. I truly believe gray hair can have it. Oh, I didn’t always feel this way. I started noticing gray hair when I was about 23. My mother was almost completely gray by the time she reached 34. So I’ve been preparing for it by biting my nails and agonizing over old age setting in. And it has. I am now 31 and officially graying at the temples.

Super Sexy Gray Hair!
Super Sexy Gray Hair!

But, guess what? Now that it’s here, I kind of like it. Actually, I like it a lot. A friend asked me if I was going to dye my hair and I said no – why should I? Men don’t, and their gray only adds to their sex appeal. Look at George Clooney. My friend replied by telling me society views gray haired women as old, and not sexy. I paused and had a think. That couldn’t be completely correct. Could it? There had to be at least a handful of sexy women with gray hair out there in Hollywood. Women who weren’t looked upon as old but, rather, glamorous and dignified. Right?

Sexy Silver Hair!
Sexy Silver Hair!

Wrong. I spent nearly five hours searching the internet for photos of glamorpusses with anything from a sprinkling of gray to the whole nine yards, and I came up with four results. Four. I couldn’t understand it. How could that be? And then it dawned on me: We don’t have sexy, gray-haired women running around, because they're all dying their hair. Hello? How are we supposed to view graying or gray-haired women as sexy, if the only visual we have is 90 year old Aunt Martha? I’d blame the media for this, but y’all women who touch your grays up every week only let them know you don’t really want to see any sexy gray-haired women. Not in the mirror, and not in the media.

Now, I realize, as we age, we want to retain our youth. I’ve been using eye-cream preemptively since my early 20’s – I’m all about retaining my looks as long as possible. The issue here, is that I don’t view gray hair as detracting from them. Mind you, I’m not opposed to color boosting your grays. L’Oreal used to make a product called Gray Chic, but as far as I can tell, it no longer exists. I’ve tried to find similar products but wasn’t successful. However, there are still a few things you can do to naturally boost your grays.

Gorgeous Gray Hair!
Gorgeous Gray Hair!
Stunning Silver Hair!
Stunning Silver Hair!
  • 1. Give yourself a nice scalp massage. Better yet, have your man give you one – that way you can relax and really enjoy it. This will keep your circulation healthy and supply your roots with the nourishment they need.
  • 2. Use a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated to keep your grays in line. Vitamins and goody supplements will keep them from getting too wiry, dry and haggard. These can also help keep your hair from going bronze.
  • 3. Increase your protein intake. Not a lot, just enough to feed your hair. I always notice a marked difference in my own hair when I do this. It’s not a miracle cure, but it can help.

Some people say you should change your hairstyle when it goes gray. I’ve even seen it suggested that you not let it grow past your chin. Horsehockey! Just because your hair’s turning color doesn’t mean you suddenly have to look like your grandmother. If it looks good on you with full color, it can look good without. So come on, ladies. Embrace the silver. You’ve earned the right to be sexy whether or not you’re gray. And if you believe you are, other people will, too. Look at all the 30 and 40 year old men who drool over Helen Mirren -- she's old enough to be their mother! She feels good and that helps her look good. Boost your grays and silvers and rock that gorgeous gray hair, ladies!

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Cookie 4 years ago

I'm 71 and about 20 years ago I got tired of having my roots showing about 1-2 weeks after dying it. I looked around me and decided that gray hair did not make you look old. What makes a female look old is her general appearance such as weight, dress, hair style, mannerisms, and actions. I stopped dying my hair then and now I am growing it long. Best decision I’ve made.

Actually because so many of my friends are overweight, out of shape with dyed dark hair they look masculine. I do not eat packaged food and eat plenty of fresh veggies, fruit and a variety of meats. I also exercise regularly. My hair is mostly gray and sparkles outside in the sunlight. The comments I get from older people with short hair is “I liked your hair better short” and the comments I get the most is You look great with long gray hair”. I loved reading the article about “The Sexy, Gray Ladies” and other related articles. I do feel very SEXY.

Elisabeth 4 years ago

i'm almost 48 and for the second time letting my hair go gray. i hate dying it with all those chemicals plus it looks ugly when the roots start showing. to make the transition easier i'm using fanci full (a wash out color) for my new growth and it works great :)

Tonipet profile image

Tonipet 4 years ago from The City of Generals

Lovely hub. I've been having strands of gray hair since I was a grader, now that I'm in my mid 40's I'm beginning to get more of them. I'm not sure how I'd look like with all my hair gray at this point, but it can really be sexy. Now I see myself 10 or 20 years from now, still sexy in gray hair, haha. Thank you for this sexy hub Isabella. Your awesomeness is contagious. Liked that!

comet69 profile image

comet69 5 years ago

I just went ultra short after 48 years long dur to the fact that my hair is very thin. The very short cut accentuates the gray, which I think is a plus! I love the gray! Doesn't show up good in the pic, but it's salt & pepper. just got 3 cartilege piercings now that my ear tops show! 52 years old. Rocking it short & gray! :)

srgalante 5 years ago

Hi! Started coloring my grey at 28 and was a deep chestnut for many years....a slave to the process.I decided to grow it out 12 years ago and its the best choice i ever made! Total strangers,men and women stop me all the time to compliment me on it! I'll never go back

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

Being a singer and performer I was image conscious and knowing that a lot of rock and pop stars dye there hair I used to do mine until I moved over to Tenerife at the end of 2004. The strong sun here bleaches hair dyes fast so I gave up. I still do it and my beard with crazy colour from time to time though but otherwise I am naturally grey! Voted up!

unklew2001 5 years ago

coloring your Hair is fun and enjoyable, and gives some people a LITTLE LIFT WHEN NEEDED

,dcjknkcn 5 years ago

i love it

GemtoGem 5 years ago from London

I think a lot of us found this article because we are searching to break free, to be ourselves and not bend to peer pressure.

Love the article to bits and can identify with the comments. Everyone is giving me strange looks and when talking with me their eyes are darting back and forth from hair to face to hair again. Lol!

My hair is in great condition and if I leave what`s left of the dyed parts to totally grow out, it will still be in great condition with a whole new glamorous look.

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 5 years ago Author

Just to update on my own hair, I am 35 now and have lots of gray at the temples and also elsewhere that is visible. Everyone where I live either yanks them out (sorry, tweezing my eyebrows is already plenty of pain, thank you!) or dyes it, and lots of people have asked me if I am going to dye mine. I tell them, "Nope!" They ask me why, and I honestly reply with "I've earned my stripes!" I love it. I love the color. People pay good money to get professional highlights -- nature does it better, IMO! Love it! Gray hair is sexy! :)

Margyr 5 years ago

It's 2 years since I went natural...this site helped me with the change over. Wonderful to see so many people have joined us! I still get the odd comment about me being too young to be grey ( 57) and I still find it a really odd thing to say! I find people of my age really strange looking with their dyed hair but wouldn't dream of telling them! I changed my hairdresser as she gave me such a hard, I wonder why that was!!!! To all us NATURAL ones..go girls!!!

Susan 5 years ago

I began turning gray at 16, colored my hair for years. Finally at age 52, I let the color go. It's a dramatic white with dark brown showing in back at neck. I cut it to show the different shades of color.

Nearly daily people stop me to compliment me on the hair, many ask if I had to use hair color to achieve the effect! This hair is noticeable, memorable, a great asset in my job. Will never go back!

Raven 5 years ago

To add to the stories of all you beautiful women in wonder...My first gray hair was at 18, now 31 I have a large strip in front of white, with scattered whites abound in my long burnette hair. After too much ridicule from some members of society, I bought some henna and began biweekly home coloring treatments at 27 years old. A few years down the road, at 31 I am ready to let go of the stigma of white hair and let my confidence rise to the top. There is no reason a woman should feel abash from this natural process in life. There are more important things and more beautiful things to focus on externally in this grand universe. In two days I am going to remove the henna and gift myself. May all of you find your magic hair to be a blessing in disquise!

Noelle 5 years ago

How much do I love this article??? The comments are wonderful as well - very inspiring. I'm ready to get my gray on.

Holly 5 years ago

Great article and great comments!!! I will be 35 this March. I'm a naturally dark brunette who has dyed it blonde on several occasions. I'm now back to dying as close to it's natural color as possible and guess what? Most of the natural color is gray. I've been talking with friends about how Hollywood/society defines beauty and what real beauty is. I have recently decided to go natural and let the grays come in as they may. It is honestly a relief to just be me and not give to figs about what others think. My 59 year old MIL would "never go gray. It's so old." Her response cemented my decision to go gray.

I had a big body image problem in my teens, early twenties. It's taken that long to accept what God has given me. I want to be an example to my daughter, nieces, and their friends that aging is natural and gorgeous. I own every single gray hair and am proud to join the gray club. Beauty comes from within and it will come through whether gray or not.

Thank you again for the wonderful article, comments, and suggestions on how to preserve my grays. :)

Nina 5 years ago

I am a 22-year old girl. Turning grey. I think I found my first grey hair when I was 10 or so. My mom also turned grey at this age and was about 60% grey around 30... She dyed her hair for 10 years after she decided to strip it at age 40, going completely grey with low lights. I was amazed, because she faced a lot of pressure from her "bottle blonde" step family to continue dying. She is 50 now and I love her hair. People regularly come up to her with compliments and want to find out where she gets her hair done. Her grey is a beautiful shiny white-silvery colour.

Great for her, but hey, what am I supposed to do at age 22?! I actually came across this site as I was searching for henna options for grey hair!! :)

After reading all of your comments I truly feel inspired! I'll still be ME if my hair is grey, and if people have a problem with it, it's, well, THEIR problem! I'll have the freedom to be natural, save a lot of time and money. I need to stop being embarrassed about it!

So thank you for your positivity and refreshing outlook on being grey. You definitely gave my confidence a boost. My biggest fear was what the "other people" will think, but if they won't love me for who I am, then I don't want them in my life =)

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS

Great hub! I started turning gray in my 30s, but as a natural strawberry blonde, "gray" was not a very flattering color. But I lived with the reddish-gray for quite awhile till my 70-year-old-coal-black-headed mother suggested I use Loving Care, which I did for several years. Then I let it go natural for awhile; by then it was more uniformly 'gray', but still not too becoming.

On an occasion when I had it cut, it was suggested that it would be 'more glamourous' -blonde. So I had it done blonde for many years and it was becoming. Plus it didn't require too frequent re-doing, since my hair was becoming more and more silver naturally. Finally one day I just didn't redo the blonde at all and I've really loved being silver! It is becoming and now I find I relate to white-metal jewelry and some colors which were not in my repertoire as a redhead or blonde, though I still wear the colors which suited then. Probably the only loss is ivory, which once was my most becoming neutral color. Now, though, bright white is better than it used to be.

As for being sexy - heck - having been gray for so many years, that was never on the spot! Now that I'm to be 80 in about 3 months, I'm still sexy, silver and all!

Thanks for a fun hub!

susan54 profile image

susan54 5 years ago

Any other women wear a flattop.

Hannah 5 years ago

im sixteen and wish my hair would start turning grey ive been dying my naturally blonde hair as light as it will go and some of its still blonde but most of it is white ... i absolutely love my white-ish grey-ish silver-ish blonde-ish and purple-ish (not on purpose i over dyed one time oops) hair and im definitely not changing it any time soon ... i get comments all the time about it and not in a good way but its ME so i never let them bother me :) besides more people compliment me on it anyway ... if you're unsure about whether you want to let your hair go grey i say do it i think its so beautiful :)

Susan54 5 years ago

I had a salt and pepper pixie cut and on my 50th birthday. I went with my husband to get his haircut at his barber. while I was waitng for him to get his haircut. A women with all grey hair was in the chiar next to him getting her haircut in a flattop haircut. I never thought of a women with flattop haircuts she looked so good for her age it made her look 10 year younger. After my husband was done I asked him, what he thought about her hair he said he loved it,so I said what about me getting my hair cut like that he said go for so I did and never looked back. Now 4 years later I still have my flattop 1/2" on top with a small landing strip and a 00 sides and back, my hair that left is all white. My kidds and grandkids love my hair. I'm 5' 105 lbs and I wear large earrings and necklaces and boots Life is great at 54!!


Jon 5 years ago

I saw a documentary on HBO a couple months ago called "Dying with Dignity"

They had a woman on the show named Cody Curtis. She was 54 years old and had some type of cancer, I forget which one. BUT, my point is she had all gray hair as well.

I'm a 22 year old college student and I absolutely thought she was beautiful. She was such a sexy older woman. I have a thing for older woman but man she was just so graceful, kind, and sexy. Her gray hair look amazing.

just my 2 cents

Kelly 5 years ago

I just wanted to say that reading over all of these comments had made my day!! I had my first grey hair at 16 and at the time was mortified! A year ago my mother was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma which is an uncureable cancer. Recent studies have proven that hair dye is linked to this particular cancer. It made me reevaluate what was important. At that moment I decided to not care as much about what people might think. I want to empower other younger woman to feel sexy with what they have. Trust me I know it's not easy ( especially at 28 ) but now that I have made the leap girls and guys compliment me all the time. I wish I was brave enough to do this long ago:)

KLP 5 years ago

I often see very classy, beautiful women with grey hair and they seem so confident. I wanted to age with that kind of grace. So I decided to stop dying about seven months ago at the age of 35. Most of the old colour is now gone and I LOVE MY REAL HAIR!!!! I see me when I look in the mirror now and it's so great. I started going grey when I was twenty. I never liked dying but was coerced by a hairdresser sister-in-law. Once you start, you can never seem to stop.

For all those considering it, I say do it! Be prepared that it might bring out the insecurities around aging and appearance of those close to you. My (bald) older brother made such horrible and ignorant comments that we didn't speak for two months. It turns out that what was behind his nasty comments involved his own issues around his appearance. For every negative comment about my hair, I've had five positive comments. I'm never going back to dye!

AS 5 years ago

Hmmm, I'm tempted...but most of you seem to be sayiung you're in your 40s 50s. I'm 28. On the fence. Can't be bothered with the three weekly dying sessions anymore but the dread of the shock factor keeps me doing it!

Karen Thompson 5 years ago

I stopped dying my hair a few years ago after I missed a monthly "touch up " appointment and am very happy I did. Am 48 with all over salt and pepper and really like it. The lighter (more salt) sections up front make a nice frame for the face. I never cut my shoulder length brunette hair during the transition but I did have my hairdresser pull grey streaks through my hair to extend the natural ones that showed up in the new growth. Then, we just cut the hair, as usual, every 4-6 weeks until all the dyed hair was gone. It took a long time (over a year, really) but the grey-lights helped make "the line" much less noticeable during the transition. I recommend thinking about that approach to make the grow out easier to handle for those of you who have longer lengths to deal with. Worked for me! : ) Plus side of gray hair for me is a softer look overall and softer hair, surprisingly.

Susie 5 years ago

My mother God bless her 91always encouraged "natural."Natural foods, hair and living. I stopped perming 6yearsago. Stopped coloring 7-8months ago. Can you say "free."This process alone, makes me feel sexy. When I saw prada with Streep that cemented grays

Jenifer 5 years ago

My dad prematurely started graying at 21 & was always salt & pepper until he completely silvered around 50. I am assuming this is where I have inherited my premature graying. I started noticing gray in my early 20's but really started getting alot of gray around 30. It bothered me & I started coloring my hair. I have always been a dark brunette & have tried to keep true to my natural hair color. It has been a constant struggle to keep up with the constant, routine coloring at first at a salon & now at home. My hair grows extremely fast & seems like I Now I am 36 & have been considering letting my gray hair grow in for the last few months. My husband, who is 41, thinks it is a wonderful idea. I have been riding the fence going back & forth on the idea & have only been coloring my hair for special occasions lately. Every time I let my gray hair grow in a little, co-workers & girlfriends are always making comments as to when I plan on coloring my hair to cover those "unsightly" grays. I was at a baseball game the other night & noticed a beautiful woman with a full head of gray hair. She was stunning!!! Ever since I have been seriously contemplating letting mine shine. Hence, bringing me to the internet searching for "permission" to go ahead & take the plunge. I am so excited to see so many posts & websites encouraging those of us undecided to try it at whatever age. Thank you to those who are braver than I for sharing your stories.

sexygual 5 years ago

try and dye alyuh hair some people does look DOTISH with it. DOH EMBARRASS ALYUH SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bslater2789 5 years ago

Love my grays - I'm 49 and never once considered coloring them. I wear them with pride!!!

Jeanne Wolf 5 years ago

Once when I stopped coloring my hair I was asked to substitute teach and one of the children in the class came up to me and said.."I remember you Mrs. Wolf, but you got old."

I started coloring my hair again right away.

Michael 5 years ago

Let’s face it, sliver/gray hair, when colored properly, looks stunning. Whether your hair is naturally gray or bleached-out-white, without the right hair care products it can turn shades of yellow that are not appealing. To help maintain the vibrant white, I’d suggest a combination of two products. The first is the Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment. This little wonder removes ALL unwanted minerals and medications that that can cause hair discoloration (for all hair colors and types, not just for gray hair). Using fresh-dried antioxidant vitamins and proteins, Malibu Crystal Gel provides a host of other hair benefits including faster color processing, preventing brassy tones – especially significant for blondes/white hair, increasing hair vibrancy, and helping to prevent breakage.

Next, alternate using a good color-depositing shampoo and conditioner with your everyday cleanse/condition. You’ll what something with a violet base…a little strange if you’ve never used a color shampoo/conditioner for white hair, but the violet cuts the brassiness/yellows and does not actually deposit the violet color…thanks goodness!

There are some great color depositing products specifically for white/silver hair. Here is a list of some of the most popular:

AG Sterling Silver Shampoo & Conditioner

American Crew Classic Gray Shampoo

Clairol Shimmer Lights Color

ClayPac Color Shampoo & Conditioner – Violet

Framesi Biogenol Violights Shampoo

J Beverly Hills Blonde Shampoo

Keune Silver Reflex Shampoo

Matrix Solutionist So Silver Shampoo

Schwarzkopf Bonacure True Silver Shampoo

Scruples Platinum Shine Brightening Shampoo

Tressa Violet Washe Watercolor Shampoo

Vitality's Espresso Color Conditioner - Violet

Some, such as the Shimmer Lights and ClayPac offer both a shampoo and conditioner. Many offer only a shampoo. While all the above products are good, ClayPac stands out as one the best selling at our shop, with Clairol Shimmer Lights a close second. For a look at all these, plus other great hair care products, check out

silverfox 5 years ago

what is the best shampoo/conditioner to "keep the grays in check" without dyes?

Ana 5 years ago


This was so great to find...I've started a "skunk" stripe less than a year ago - just turned 41 - mom says,"I don't think it looks good". I told her, "well, that's you're opinion" (not so nicely...usually I try not to talk back :))

Anyway...looking for some encouragement and like minded women...thanks guys!

Remember this...a grey-haired woman can be WAY sexier than someone who is not (either no grey hair or covering it) - fitness is very important to me, eating healthy and having a positive outlook - someone 1/2 your age can be brunette, doesn't take care of their health or have self-esteem issues and, believe me, us gray-haired women will look WAY sexier - it's all about how you feel about yourself. They have done scientific studies that say that women that are comfortable and happy appear very youthful. Also...YOU create your reality - YOU be the trendsetter and inspire a younger generation of women to be comfortable with aging.

All that said - on the flip side...I am in a job where I don't feel I need to cover my grey...perhaps I will change my tune if I need to get a new job/career..."starting from the trenches...need to appear younger" type thing. Then again, showing my grey could have its advantages...people might feel more comfortable placing me in a position of authority - I "look the part" - confidence, etc., etc...

Anyway, the PLAN is to stay natural 'til I die, turn the heads of even YOUNG men and be a great inspiration to young women out there.

And like my Aunt, who has a Masters in Psychology, said to me once, "...when you do something (that is not the "norm") and people see you, you in effect give them 'permission' to try it as well."

Well, enough of the pep talk...see ya on the sidewalk!

whoisbid profile image

whoisbid 5 years ago

There is something clean looking about cool grey hair and that is for sure. What a wonderful topic you chose

Pat 5 years ago

Own it, baby! The gray hair, that is!

After coloring for 10 years, I went cold turkey (no haircolor) several months before my 40th B'day. Then cropped to a super short cut to avoid the intial growing-out phase and haven't looked back. My silver hair suits me just fine. Now approaching my 52nd B'day, I still feel beautiful and young and sexy ... who said that blondes have more fun?!

Dee 5 years ago

I am 43 and have been coloring my dark brown/black hair for 12 years now.. I am so tired of the coloring which always makes my hair have a reddish tint. My hair always styles better when the color is washing out and time to color again. I want to let it grow out, but keep getting negative feedback from coworkers and sisters.. It looks like it is all salt and pepper now with more silver than pepper. I am very interested as to how it would look. There is a little over an inch grown out now so I am pulling it back in a loose headband so not to see the 'skunk stripe'.. Now, I have gotten my 25 high school reunion invite and am reconsidering when I should do this.. It's not until 2 months from now.. Still a little nervous about going through with this..

Beth 5 years ago

I'm only 33 and have been "silvering" since 20. I've got quite the 'Rogue' streak and smaller streaks at the temples and am starting to get salt & peppery on top. Hubby said he likes it so I decided to leave it alone. Besides I don't like the idea of changing my appearance for the general public. Maybe a little makeup for enhancement for my face occasionally, but that is as far as I go. Natural for me, thanks.

Bruce Southard 5 years ago

It's the brunettes who are the most stunning when they let their gray be adored. Salt and pepper brunettes have always turned my head. I just wish I could convince my brunette fiancée that she'd be much more attractive to me natural than the phony color job that she currently uses. You ladies have to overcome the pop culture, that Hollywood promotes. They preach that only young is attractive. They'll all eventually get old, so what will be their mindset then? Buck the system, be natural and let your beauty come out naturally. BTW, you ladies with silver or gray streaks are soooo sexy. It's like a majestic waterfall cascading down a shapely precipice.

Martha 5 years ago

I am seriously considering it at 54. I have naturally black hair and olive tone skin and I am tired of the upkeep. It's kinda exciting and scary at at same time.Some women look stunning yes but how do you know till you do it???

thomas bolton 5 years ago

My girlfriend has gone grey with my personal stimulation,shes only 50.but boy is she stunning!!

JT 5 years ago

Hey, hey, Laura! I got a comment from a woman who is usually wonderful to me: "Woman to woman: dye your hair . . . blah, blah, blah." Oh, please. Thank God I probably will not see her again for some time, if ever. Why can't people mind their own business? I don't go around telling acquaintances to lose weight or get contact lenses!

rosanna 5 years ago

To Laura (posted eight months ago) Laura I just read ur post and i'm absolutely gobsmacked. How rude of someone to make such a comment...I'm sorry but "Mother Moses"? Crikey. What is wrong with people. I love gray hair so much. I grew mine out a few years back and then chickened out. It was lovely. I've decided to do it again,once and for all. No more poison on this pretty little soon to be silver head. You go girls.

tammy 5 years ago

im 36 and im salt and pepper and I LOVE IT

Virginia 5 years ago

I can't wait to go gray or white. I've always looked forward to it. But I'm only 29... my mum, in her 50s, only has a little white, and my dad, in his 60s, is also still more black than white! I think I might have to wait a while. Her hair is thick, curly and dark brown, and his, although very fine like mine, is jet black. Mine is a very light ashy brown, nearly blonde. I hope it ages differently.

Mary L. Tabor 5 years ago

Colleen, I know you wrote your comment 5 months ago, but I just found this page and see that you did me three kindnesses: the compliment, the link to my web page and the mention of my memoir (Re)Making Love. Thank you from my heart.

Happinest 5 years ago

Hi Shannon. Welcome to our world! Believe me it's wonderful not to worry about those roots!! Also think about what it's doing to our bodies! It's so good to get pass that stage of worrying what people think. Hope you're doing well.

Shannon 5 years ago

My story is similar, but different. I was a regular dyer!! I had shoulder length hair with a part and with fast growing hair, touched up my roots every two weeks. What a pain!! Then my world of hair and it's troubles all went away when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and received six months of chemotherapy. Reluctantly, my whole hair attitude changed days after I got my kids to shave off my sick hair. The whole bald thing was really hard at first, but then I got really good with makeup, penciling on eyebrows and lots of liner to make it look like you have eyelashes. Anything to not look like that alien that greeted me each morning in the mirror. So fast forward to present day, I had my last treatment almost 5 months ago and my hair is back, but it's more salt than salt and pepper! Because I don't have a choice (not supposed to dye your hair for six months after chemo), I have been strutting the short, white stuff. The interesting thing that I have noticed is that most women who dye, love my hair. They usually express their wishes to also "go natural" and stop dying their hair. I love these ladies. Men's reactions also surprised me. My brother-in-law loves my new hair and said, I quote "only confident women can pull off short, grey hair". I am loving these positive comments and especially love how easy my new hairstyle is. So, to dye or not to dye (when I can). I have also been wondering just how bad all that hair dye is when it goes into the sewage system. What is all this dye doing to our environment?

Maureen 5 years ago

In reference to having dry grey hair the best treatment I have found is pure coconut oil. It is good left on overnight or just use a pea amount and run through hair after if has been washed as a conditioner. It will feel soft and shiny, I hope this helps.

Protima 5 years ago

I am a Bengali Lady,aged only 63 plus.But all my hair has turned completely grey.I use Godrej hair dye.But my son and daughter in law says that it looks very odd,since I have developed wrinkles and I have lost all my teeth.I am also suffering from severe arthritis and have cataract in both my eyes.

RLM 5 years ago

After doing my hair for 12 years, I decided I wanted to embrace who I am and where I am in my life. At age 53, I certainly do want to be the best that I can be, but I am not 20 or even 30 years old. I am very happy, confident and content in my own skin, which I do feel comes with age. It is also about how one carries ones self. As one ages your skin tone changes also, so I have changed my clothing colors to what compliments me best. Keeping your haired styled, whether it be long or short also gives you a polished look!

Neopolitan Ice Cream 5 years ago

I have hair dyed a "warm brown", shoulder length, I am in fifties, have an inch of silvery white now. Anyone have success with ash blonde blending (semi perm color) to distract from the chocolate ice cream/vanilla ice cream color separation? Do they who suggest this mean streak it in here and there, through both white roots and darker dyed part? Thanks for all elucidations...

Ninaann 5 years ago

I stopped coloring my hair last summer and have a distinct white and brown effect going on. There seems to be no way to make it less painful - but it has made me stop caring what other people think about my hair. (Which has translated to a feeeling of freedom in other areas of my life.) There is a site called Going Gray Looking Great you may want to check out for some info and support. Ladies, I can not tell if I look older or not (I am 55), but I can tell you this sense of freedom (no more worrying about roots showing) is a real gift I am glad I gave my self. If people have a problem with my new silvery color - it is their problem NOT mine. Rock on!

hapinest 5 years ago

I have been 'natural' for over a year now...most of the time I love it but if I feel the pressure of others telling me that I'm too young to be grey??!!(I'm 56) I go onto this site and read all your wonderful comments! Thankyou!! I have very dry hair and always have so if anyone knows of a treatment I could use I would be so grateful!!

R. 5 years ago

Have been excited about coloring my hair through forties--loved adding the gingery warmness to my natural ash brown hair. But...fifties have arrived, and lately I see my hair as if it is...weighted with mud. Lusterless unless just recently constant need of topping-up with emollients to counteract the drying of the salon colorings...and only heartened for a short period of time by home colorings between salon, somehow, with hairbands at the roots, with pinned up hair, or contemplating short hair---which I hate the idea of, as I am a person who looks terrible in hats and terrible, too, most likely, in short head has a blodgey shape.....I am going to go silvery grey and fall in love with myself, somehow, that way, wearing deep colors that make my hair look like a burst of stone with snow...

Pi 5 years ago

I'm caucasian with freckles. I'm 38 and my natural colour is now dishwater blonde with a lot of auburn and white. I've been dying it with Clairol 118B, which is supposed to be dark brown, but it actually comes out as a mid-auburn on me, with no white showing. I've grown my hair to collar length and I feel my hair is making me look frumpy and overweight. I just went through all the photos I could find of me over the past few years and my favourite one was a really short style I cut myself (never been happy with the salon cuts as they don't do what I ask for!). I loved the colour. It made me so healthy and I thought I looked like I had had highlights at the salon, but no - that was the year I grew out my colour. I placed an order for more hair dye at Amazon this morning, but I'm going to send it back as soon as it arrived. Meanwhile, I'm planning to cut my hair tomorrow. I see myself as a sexy person, but that was the only hairstyle that looked sexy on me. So that's a vote for going grey from me!

H. 5 years ago

I'm 34 too and I have a ton of gray hair... Like 70% - 80%. I should just go white, but that means growing it out and cutting it very short. A la Judi Dench. I think I'll do that. As I have to retouch my roots every single month and I'm tired.

jana 5 years ago

I have been coloring my hair for years and decided to stop and let the gray in :) My question is: I have below the shoulder length hair that I will not cut and the gray grow out line against the brown hair is not very attractive:( Any advice as to how to make it look better while growing out?

JK 5 years ago

I don't care what my features are like when I go gray. I'll adjust my cut regardless of hair color if I don't think curtain hair suits my features and if my gray hair looks good long w/or w/o bangs, layers, angling, I'll keep it long rather than short.

KK 6 years ago

Hi folks, thought I'd chime in as well. I am 40, have had silvery hairs since age 14, now just many more of them :). Hubby likes natural hair so we made a deal: I would stop putting Henna on my hair if he would let his grow long. So far, so good. I also used my dog's "Awapuhi White" shampoo from Tropiclean - it's all natural & not tested on animals, made in USA - the silver hairs are like diamonds now!

Nance 6 years ago

I started going gray when I was 18 and at 60 am almost all white except for my temples and nape, which for some reason grow in dark. I found a funny secret to bring out the whiteness of my locks: Dog shampoo for white dogs is amazing! I find that it works better than the specialty "purple shampoos" that are made for humans. Needless to say is is less expensive. What a find!

ama 6 years ago

cool i love the hair!!!!!

maureen 6 years ago

I have had to let my hair go grey after having a reaction to hair dye after years of dying it. I am 56 but I have never felt more confident and have had so many compliments. I have a short angled bob it is so much healther than before. I just had to changed my make up and some colours of clothes but all for the better. So come on ladies go grey gracefully.

Ruth 6 years ago

Hi - found this site and am bookmarking it. I will be 55 in a month and this past year I finally just let my hair go free! I have a great white streak that I love, and some smaller white streaks. My only issue was, the rest of the gray was mousey.. I wanted more contrast, a darker charcoal gray and then varigated greys and the white streaks. I loved it til I saw photos and then I thought I looked old (I don't look real old otherwise..) - anyway, I decided I didn't want to look old, so today I colored it again, BUT - I used my usual light brown ash - I applied petroleum jelly/lotion to my streak, tried to be very judicious with the ash brown, and didn't keep it in the full time. Result was quite pleasing! Looks pretty natural, my white streak is preserved -- I am fairly satisfied! STILL would rather find something to make the dark gray darker so the hair would have more contrast/interest. I will keep checking this site - love all the like minded ladies! (and men!) Thanks!

S. Rhoades 6 years ago

I prefer to call my now natural hair color " organic grey".

Rosanne 6 years ago

I'm 34 and I'm seriously thinking of having my hair all white or grey/silver soon. Indeed, I'm more than fed up buying colors every month. Ys, this is what I need to do: dye each month. I have actually stopped coloring my hair for about 3 months now, and I intend to go to a hairdresser in a close future! I was worried myself that I may be too young to have my hair white or silver, but I have realized that I'm not the only woman in their thirties having the same problem: having dark hair and lots of white/grey hair. And I do think that we can still be sexy. And it is original.

g-ann 6 years ago

Thought of something else. Now that my hair is whole other color, which goes with my skin tone. I had to change my makeup and clothing colors to suit. It's actually kind of exciting.

g-ann 6 years ago

I've always liked swimming (cholrine) and exercising (sweating. Dyeing my hair it was always dry, straw like, odd color on and on. I just detested the coloring. Too, I liked to perm it. Never right. Then I just decided enough already. Wore wigs, cut it off. I have found since that leaving my hair alone gave me white silver streaks very shiny and my hair is just naturally curly all by itself. I use Pantene Silver Expressions shampoo (can only purchase online from beauty supply places). Have been using the moisturizing product call "Wen hair care system" and my hair is almost too curly. I love it. I go to work with my hair damp combed into place and it just dries in style. Love it. Oh I also apply John Frieda hair serum lightly to the outer layers and it gives me silky curls. I can jump in the pool anytime or wet my hair and restyle it. I was nervous when I first came out but younger men come on to me all the time. Not going there either. I like real things.

Foweygirl 6 years ago

I got my first grey hair when I was 12 and have been completely white since my late 30's I am really fed up with People who look at my hair colour and make an instant decision about my age without looking at my (unlined and youthful) face. I would love to dye my hair butits competely white and doesn't hood colour for longer than a couple of weeks it actually looks better white than washed out brunette. I hope at some point I will be happy with it but until someone looks at me and doesn't register surprise that I look so young and have such white hair it isn't going to happen any time soon!

susieg8385 6 years ago

Great website. I am 53 and decided to let the silver fox out. Really struggling with it today though as it's been 7 weeks since I coloured my dark brown hair. The front of my hairline is almost completely silver but the rest just has 20% silver/grey on dark hair. Problem is the dreaded dye line meets with reddish brown of coloured hair and looks bad. Don't want to put harsh chemicals in (like stripping colour etc with foils) but not sure I like the alternative of that line. Also having curly/frizzy hair it looks better longer (I wear it just below shoulders) so cutting it short is not something I want to do. Any suggestions?

shasha10 6 years ago

Appreciate what God has given me....Life, with gray hair. It took me a while to be comfortable with it but with no perm and naturally gray, I am just fine. All the chemicals are quite toxic. Love me if you will. Like the article and many of the comments.

Colleen 6 years ago definitely check out Mary Tabor. Not only is she a really sexy white-haired older woman she wrote a book called (Re)Making Love: A Sex After Sixty Story. I saw a really sexy woman with pure white hair, she looked like she was probably around 50. Gorgeous.

Hapinest 6 years ago

I thought the point of this site is to show we are doing things for ourselves. I know I look older with my grey hair...Who cares..I know I don't. We are not judging people. If people want to colour their hair fine but good on the ones who don't feel the need to do that any more!

deb 6 years ago

Sorry but I let my beautiful brunette hair go gray (made me look 20 years older)then I colored it lighter (a blondish, brownish mix that was pretty but I looked washed out) - Today- I had my hair colored closest to my 'natural ' color- and I have to tell you- I Love it. I have always been a'winter'and in the days of going natural and in the days of lightening up- i could never find a color palette that worked- I looked washed out-now I feel like 'me'- what difference does it make what you do to feel good? Wear makeup? Style your hair? Follow a few fashion trends? I doubt that many of us would forego makeup -hair styling products or shaving our legs to make a statement about

natural beauty' Why do we as women, judge each other so harshly?? PLEASE- whether you embrace the au naturel look or whether you color your hair- we are all just trying to look our best...

Julie 6 years ago

This answer is for Sharon, hope you are still reading. I don't have a picture to post, but my bangs and all around my face and the back of my head about 1/2 way down is still very dark brown. The top of my head especially the part is 98% white. It is very dramatic, I get a lot of compliments. I have seen younger women dying their hair two colors to get the same effect. The cut is important to show off the two colors. Mine is an angled bob with a few white hairs over my dark bangs, very dramatic. I stopped coloring 2 1/2 years ago and love it.

Izzy 6 years ago

I just wanted you to know that I Love This Website! I just found it this morning and have been reading posts for hours.

Three months ago I decided it was time to stop dying my hair,(which I have been doing this since I was in my early twenties.)I have always worn my hair short so for me cutting it a little shorter was no big deal. Tonight I go for my final departing of my coloured ends and I won't be sad at all.

I have found it liberating as well. I have had some great comments along the way, so that helps. I had a man at the gym, (who I didn't know or had not seen before) tell me that he loved my hair and thought he shouldn't say, but "It looks very sexy". And no I haven't seen him again, so I think his motives were pure.

Anyway, the long and short of it is.... I think with the right style for you and attitude, anyone can be gray and


Silver Belle 6 years ago

Way to go Kate! Happy it's working out for you. My hubby hates grey so it might cost me my marriage, but if it does, there really could not have been much there in the first place. :(

Kate 6 years ago

I'm 44 and haven't seen my natural hair colour since I was 18. I have dyed it and bleached it a range of colours from platinum blonde to mahogany.

I've been toying with the idea of cutting off my below the shoulder length dark bob since November last year. Finally in April after 2 months of no touching up of the roots I had a grade 8 crew cut ;-)

It was a bit of a shocker to my friends and family but my husband loves it - particulalry now it has grown into a spikey punk look LOL.

I saw a picture of Jamie Lee Curtis yesterday - she looks stunning.

gg 6 years ago

Love the dandelion comment... am still laughing about it. I have massive amounts of long thick curly hair... not chopping one bit of the length except one inch at a time as Natural Me comes shining through! :P

gg 6 years ago

I love it how some think grey looks sexy on men but not so on women and have no qualms in imposing their views on you. In my early 40's and with too years of colouring behind me, I've finally gathered my courage and stopped colouring. I was a bit afraid of how it would come out but so far so very good and I like it more each day. Ok, nothing you can do about demarcation, but then it starts to blend in. Yes, I'm at the knotted pony-tail stage to make my old dark colour less in-your/my-face... hairbands saved me from buckling during the first 4 inches of regrowth. Gotta love 2-tone hair! LOL! While my own family is encouraging and supportive, unfortunately, not everyone at home is so. I'm hanging in there, I'm doing this for me.

Sharon 6 years ago

I am a mature woman. Majority of my hair is silver however my fringe remains dark! My hairdresser has tried to highlight it so that it can blend in with the rest. It goes yellow!! Have thought of leaving it dark but a little hesitant! Some advice and any photos of similar problem would be appreciated.

Vikie 6 years ago

The myth is that once your my age (62) and you go grey. It's cut hair, get perm, look like a dandelion! Well, that one myth I'm busting

Miss Treat 6 years ago

I adore my totally natural is long curly and going gray pretty quickly... I'm only 39... I found my first gray hair at 14.

I have dyed it in the past.. more for fashion reasons than to cover gray...but to be honest I can't be bothered now even when I get told it'd take 10 years off me!

Mainly it's other women that say I should dye it... all my male friends Love my hair just the way it is!

Diane 6 years ago

After nearly 30 years of coloring my stick straight hair I suddenly had blisters all over my head after the last 'dye job'. My beautician said no more hair dye for me. The growing out period was difficult and I had to cut my hair into a really short do for several months. I can't believe the results. Now my hair is almost all white and, really it's true, has come in curly. Am now wearing it in a collar length style and just wash and blow dry it every morning to where is goes best. I'm 68 years old and everyone thinks I'm in my late 50s as luckily my face has very few wrinkles; all my friends have said that the white hair is striking and that it makes me look younger than my years. Keeping up-to-date with a great hair cut, wearing flattering makeup and dressing nicely helps too. Go ahead girls, give grey or white hair a try - you'll love the freedom to enjoy the naturalness of this experience.

Hapinest 6 years ago

I agree with all that BUT....We've been conditioned to believe that grey isn't good but it can look terrific. I'm very salt and pepper and I've been asked many times what colour my highlights are! All I know is I love it and would never go back to colouring.

gogray 6 years ago

I always liked my dark hair but I envy blondes..... I don't know how many women I've complimented on their highlights when they actually were blondes going gradually white/platinum! They didn't have to bleach, strip the dye, anything; the white just came in and blended in w their blonde hair (whether it was natural or dyed blonde....)

With dark hair, it comes in gray and doesn't blend in..... sigh.....

hapinest 6 years ago

Hi gogray. Putting light colours in your hair is very different from your natural grey....Give it a can always go back to colouring. Not only will you save time and money but not putting that colour on your hair has to be a lot healthier! Give it a go!!!

gogray 6 years ago

I am 63 and have dark brown eyes and when young, very dark brown hair, nearly black, with red highlights in the sunlight. I started getting some gray at 40, and used nonpermanent haircolor. Now I am using permanent haircolor, lighter than my natural color, usually a medium brown. At the hairdresser's they mix in brown, gold, and some red tones. The reason I haven't considered going naturally gray is because I don't think everyone looks good being gray. I tried some very light highlights once, almost a gray/white color, and I was so washed out looking; so pale. It was like going gray. I right away dyed it back medium brown. i don't think everyone looks good w gray or silver hair bc of their skin and eye color; it's like I look so washed out if I wear a light lilac as opposed to a purple dress.

Anyone understand what I mean? I would save time and money if I thought I'd look good gray, but my experiment w the gray looking highlights convinced me that I'd better keep on coloring it!

Please comment!

Laura 6 years ago

I recently went home to visit after 2 years; my hair is 40% grey now. My friends (my age) said nothing (which I think means they don't like it) and an older lady friend told me I needed a make-over because I look like grandma Moses. And I don't care. I feel authentic in my grey hair; I think it takes a lot of self confidence for a woman to let her hair go grey. If I colored my hair now I'd feel like I had on a costume or a colored hat that didn't suit me. I do feel that you can't look frumpy with grey hair, that you need to be fit and well kempt to avoid the "hag" look. It pisses me off that men go grey and they're distinguished, but women are made to feel that they need to keep up an unrealistic, youthful look. Maybe the look isn't unrealistic, but how much time and money does one spend on such endeavors?

Justsilvie 6 years ago

Excellent Hub! I love my gray hair!

kristen 6 years ago

I let my gray hair show for the last 2 years. I have now been asked two times if I am a hippy... ouch! I don't dress like one and don't wear Burkenstocks. I'm going blond with tint and low 20 vol. so that the darker hair goes redish and red browns. I have 80 % gray in the front and 45 % in the back. So I think that will look nice and the blond will not be to stark against the gray growing in.

Denise 6 years ago

I am on my way to the hairdressers right now to get her help to go natural. My most recent dye job just ended up too orange, and I resent feeling like I have to be other than I am. I have received much inspiration from everyone, especially the other 30-somethings. (I'm 36) I am happy with my decision, and even happier to know there are others out there who feel the same way. Cheers!

tyler0002_in_PA 6 years ago

Thank you so much for this article - I am 57 years old and have been dyeing my hair for as long as I can remember. Imagine what I could have done with the money I've spent to disguise my true color!! Both my mother (with a stunning short white hairstyle) and my younger sister (with a beautiful salt & pepper chin-length bob) are encouraging me to "stop the maddness" and go "au naturale" - I have long blonde hair (with the gray roots coming in) and have FINALLY decided it's time. My hairdresser of 35+ years is a bit skeptical and believes I will return to "covering" my gray - we shall see!!!

RunAbstract profile image

RunAbstract 6 years ago from USA

I really appriciate this article! Great read, and great photos!

CJ 6 years ago

I was gray at 30, and at 40 was tired of the "reverse growth line". I am now 90% silver. During the summer, my hair gets lighter (so silver brighter and normal brown to a caramel blonde). People stop me and ask me where I got my hair colored, and stylists tell me it is beautiful. BUT my daughter and sisters (none of which got that "silver gene" tell me it makes me look old and to dye it. I tell them about the reverse line and how it drove me crazy....but no matter. Any one have a good line to feed them?

Helia 6 years ago

I had dyed my hair for years. At the age of 42 I found out that some of the chemicals in the dye were affecting my health so I had to stop. It has been hard but the more gray that comes in the more compliments I get. Just trying to find the right style for me.

JoEllen  6 years ago

Great web site! I'm 52 and have been coloring my hair for years. I had no idea how much gray I had until I lost all my hair this spring to chemo for breast cancer. Now it's coming in very gray, more salt than pepper. I'm just so thrilled to have hair that I don't care what color it is. I like the look on me - short and spiked. Gives me confidence to wear big earrings and bright lipstick. I don't plan on going back to the dyes due to fear of carcinogens. I now think of myself as a gray dove!

Connie 6 years ago

THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I am a younger looking 62 and want to go white. Your comments have given me the courage. My stylist tells me my hair is very hard to color, so why am I doing it? Thank you

gmite 6 years ago

I didn't read all of the comments, but many of them, and I feel like crying. I have been losing the pigment in my hair since I was in my 20s and I was happy since I have always been drawn to people with white or gray hair. I didn't dye it for years. I was about 90 percent white by the time I was 32. Sometimes I would get a hair dresser to put strips of dark in it for more contrast. (low lights) I remember being stopped by women and men when I would go out. People would stare at me, and children would point because I looked too young to have gray hair I guess. Hairdressers would come up to me in restaurants wanting to know how I got my hair so white. I have to laugh. Anyway I have seen one woman in all these years who was under the age of 50 who had white hair. It was on a cruise ship and she and I were the only younger women with gray hair. I felt an instant bond with her. I live in San Diego so maybe the proximity to Hollywood and the whole youth obsessed culture has an influence on the people around here because I have yet to see a gray haired woman my age shopping at the market or eating in a restaurant. Oh well. I dyed my hair last year for my husband and regret it because I now have the white streak down the top of my head which looks really bad. I can't keep up with the growth, and I really don't want to anymore. In my humble opinion white hair is beautiful. I thought it was as a child and I always will.

Stella 6 years ago

Men are so lucky they can just let it go naturally! Great pics of the gray ladies - I'm 48 and originally blonde, now graying heavily but I found a purple shampoo by Schwarzkopf and use it every other wash and I'm happy with the ash/silver tone without hair dyes. I hate to see older women dyed darker, their complexion can't take it. Great article, thanks.

Maggie 6 years ago

I have a wonderful hairdresser, who I love dearly, who got sick of me saying I wanted to go gray and decided to remove the color all at once. Initially it was a shock but the next day I really loved it. Everyone said I looked softer and I even felt prettier. They say it's too shocking but they wouldn't say anything if I had a makeover and went blond etc. So I had a makeover in reverse. It is so great not to worry if my roots are showing and I can still dress attractively (I love stylish clothes). I have gotten compliments from strangers on my hair and I will never go back. Now I can spend my retirement money on a pretty new piece of clothing and have that extra free time.

Glenna 6 years ago

I am so thrilled to read this blog! I am 42, with 3 sons and one daughter! I want to be healthy mentally and physically as I age! And I believe letting my hair change is all part of! You guys are awesome!

lilithb 6 years ago

Silver hair can be very sexy. If you carry the right features, a cute hair style and colors that do not make you look faded out .

Hapinest 6 years ago

Hi Ananda

I used a colour at the that washes out as I hate it when the grey roots come through when you've been colouring...really looks bad! I suggest you embrace your grey hair. Read through this site! I'm trying to get my 33 year old daughter to go down this road! You won't regret it!

Ananda 6 years ago

I found my first grey hair when I was 13.. i'm now 24. Ive got very dark/black hair with grey hairs like a halo around the brims. What should I do.. Ive tried over a time of 3 months to go blond ..but it just turns out yellow, no lighter than that. So I've always colored it black to suit my hair.. but now have to do it every 2 weeks to prevent hairs showing. I really want to grow out my silver hair.. My boyfriend is happy with the idea too. But what do I do so that I dont look like a wilted 24 year old, not looking after myself, a colour shampoo as it grows out?

Linda 6 years ago

After thinking long and hard, and getting really tired of the almost-skunk look between colors, I asked my hairdresser how to go from brown to white without it being weird. She just added a few more highlights each time until I was almost natural, then I just let it grow with regular cuts. I am now 56 and all white with salt and pepper at the back and neck. A lot of women just looked elsewhere when they talked to me but the men all complimented me and asked how I did it!! Now I mostly get younger women who comment that they love it - and so do I. I have always had really heavy, thick hair which I have had to keep short and textured. Now the hair shaft is a bit thinner so I'm seeing if I can wear it a bit longer. Still deciding because (surprise!) the grey is coming in wavy where it used to be stick straight.

The great thing is that now I don't have the expense of coloring and I don't have to fight with my makeup. My skin tone changed to compliment my hair so I can just do a light, natural foundation and a bit to my eyes and I look great - very natural. Also changed my wardrobe - out with cream, beige, and heather tones. Now my closet pops with bright raspberry, teal, white, black and red. Purple has become my new favorite. I say - go for it!

Karen 6 years ago

I am 53 and after 27 years of dying my hair I stopped a year ago. My natural color was auburn, now my color is white with a little dark at the neck. I love it. My hairdresser stripped the dye out of my hair as I didn't have the patience to grow it out. He cut it short and then highlighted it with bleach so the transistion was subtle. I was a blond for quite a few months until it grew out. You have to be ready and once I saw the colot was white I knew it was the hing to do. My 85 year old mom still has her hair dyed blond. She said she isn't ready!! The best thing is when people saw me for the first time and did a double take. Some have even asked me if I meant to do that to my hair. The answer is Yes of course.

Marie 6 years ago

I'm turning 52 soon. White hair started appearing in my mid 40s. My natural hair color is a warm chestnut. I have never dyed it and now I appreciate the softness and dignity that white/grey adds to it. I don't care what fashion people have to say :) I feel, and my French husband agrees, that it makes me look very chic :)

Aussie Girl 6 years ago

Well, today I had the conversation with my hairdresser about the process of going 'white' my now 'natural' colour... am now pretty sure I'm going to bite the bullet and do it. No more streaks, no more foils, no more hair dye burning my scalp. See how it goes, I can always go back to dyeing it if it is too scary!

Catie  6 years ago

I am 37 years old and have been going gray since I was a teen. My dad started to go gray when he was quite young as well. My head is about 50 percent gray now and I refuse to dye it. I get many compliments from people who I think that I have "highlights" put in! It's great! I get to have a cool look without having to spend money ; ) People are usually astounded when I tell them my age...which is great because I have a very youthful face but the only thing that gives the age away is the grays which I wear proudly! Keep it natural girls, embrace it!

Earline 6 years ago

I have had totally WHITE hair since about 35...It won't take color so I have to leave it alone...I get tons of compliments with lots saying I have gorgeous hair. My hair is very healthy and I keep my looks and makeup young. I'm now 62...I've come to realize that this is ME. I don't have the money for the maintenance that it would take if I could dye my hair. Most of the women in my Mom's family have this white hair..think I'll keep it.

Heather 6 years ago

Funny Raz should mention looking like a skunk while growing out hair colour - I decided to stop colouring after almost 30 years when my son commented on just that effect on my hair. It took only a matter of days after a colour for my silver white hair to begin showing, ney, glowing through at the roots.

I began pulling the first grays out when 17/18 yrs old, and was rinsing the grays away by 21. When they eventually resisted the rinses, I turned to the permanent colour.

Always particular about my hair, I have used the same 'high-end' hairdressing salon. Only two women have cut and styled my hair, a mother and daughter team, and they have used only three different colourists throughout the past 25 years.

I did not experience any opposition from my hairdresser when I told her I had decided to stop colouring. She was very supportive of my decision and worked with me on achieving the best, least 'skunky' transition. First she cut my hair a little shorter, and I simply tolerated the re-growth as long as I could before returning for a VERY short cut.

My friends called me Annie Lennox for a was certainly cropped. Even so, there were still tiny touches of brunette on the tips of some hair, and I was treated to blonde tips for the interim.

That was almost 10 years ago, I am now 53, and since then my hairdressers and I have rung the changes a bit by tweaking styles and adding streaks of colour. My hair is now almost white, and I am happy with the look of it. It is soooo much easier than maintaining a colour.I get loads of compliments from friends and strangers, but I also get the occasional query as to whether I have a pension card, or something similar. I try to ignore it now, but the first time it really hurt.

The fact is, i think I look good with silver hair because I was intended to have silver hair, and my colouring suits. All power to you if you wish to show off your beautiful,natural colouring. Just do it!! It is liberating and you will be surprised how much you'll love it!

Libby 6 years ago

I started going white when I was 18. Now I'm fast approaching my 35th birthday and have decided to grow out my grey. I've been dyeing it for years and have been every colour - black, brown, red, pink, purple, blue, green, blonde.. black and blue, black and pink, blue and pink, blue and purple, haha, you get the idea... the naturally, I am a dark ash blonde, or, I was... my roots have now reached the two inch mark and seem more platinum than ash.

Marcia 6 years ago

I am very happy to have found this site. I am 54 and I had dyed my hair in black since my twenties and then in brown since now. Today a young girl desrespected me and I was just wondering if I had white hair she would do the same thing... Some times we must get through a bad experience to make a good decision. So I have decided to leave my hair in natural white colour which means to me not disguise myself from someone who I am not.

margyr 6 years ago

I decided to go grey a year ago. I am 55 and it feels so good! I never wear makeup..It's always got to me that men go grey and are told how great they look and no makeup! Well I've had enough! It's great to find this site>

42ish... 6 years ago

I have died my hair since ball.... red'sh...(due to da lucy}...then, "natural brown". Problem!

Tried, failed, maybe streaks?...failed.

Found a clourine swimming pool which changed my life!

Dry hair on the dye= die of the dyed hair dye no death!

I stopped coloring and found new, sexy and punk-rock hair plus a kiss-my-a** attitude about GOING grey.

I am GOING grey with no cover-up pretence...

Try'll rock too!

PS: Eat your heart out George Clooney (but you're still my heartthrob!)

Streakers Rock!

miss silver 6 years ago

Ladies, keep in mind that a lot of people giving you negative feedback on your gray hair may have ulterior motives. For example, I have yet to meet a hairdresser who is going to encourage you to go for the natural look. After all, they make their living on coloring/cutting hair. IMO all of their advice is coming from that end. Think about it...they, along with anyone involved in the beauty industry, stand to lose MAJOR dollars if all of a sudden women all over the country decided to stop soaking our scalps in toxic chemicals. This is why our culture bombards women with messages that they are not beautiful unless they color their gray, lose weight, wear this or that makeup. They really don't have any stake in Miss or Mrs. Consumer liking herself the way she is.

I'm all about looking as young as I can...I love to wear makeup, do my hair, dress short, I'm a 'girly girl'...yet I refuse to be swayed by an industry that clearly does not have a woman's best interest in mind when it comes to hair color. I also do not follow any fashion trends unless they work for ME..I don't care how popular.

But back on track..all hair color, unless there have been some new developments of which I am unaware, contains PCP and other carcinogens. And we're not talking about a one and done process here, we're talking about something you must do at least twice a month for the rest of your life. That's a lot of exposure.

Also keep in mind that your friends and family might have ulterior motives as well...maybe your mother, sister, daughter who colors her hair is secretly worried about the health ramifications, and you opting to give it up puts them in a position where they have to think about their choices. A lot of people would like to just put unpleasant topics out of their minds rather than deal with them.

Gray hair is only considered 'old' because of attitudes like the women who -- *gasp* -- would never think of letting their gray show. Therefore gray continues to be associated with 'old'. What if gray were just another beautiful color? It is, you know. :)

KJW81 6 years ago

Loved finding this page! I am 29 and have my first greys coming through - pretty inevitable really as my dad was totally grey by 30.

I have been panicking about it as I'm allergic to hair dye and have rarely seen any young grey haired role models - whenever I talk to anyone about this they look at me in shock and pity!

But it annoys me so much that where society/culure is so against the grey! While I can't say I'm looking forward to the 'inbetween' stage, my dad's hair is gorgeous white and I'm hoping mine will be the same.

Just today I noticed a girl at my work who mst be in her early 30s with gorgeous white/silver hair - I think with the right makeup and clothes, I might be able to carry this off!

Thanks for the positive role models :-)

Angela 6 years ago

My mother-in-law is 85 and should be arrested by the hair police. She dies her hair one shade down from darkest black and thinks it makes her look young. In reality, it makes her hair look even thinner than it is due to the contrast with her scalp, very dull and brittle, and plays up the terrible condition of her skin due to the inappropriate tone. My kids say that her head looks like a monkey butt, and they are right. Ladies, don't even consider making your hair dark if nature is telling you to highlight naturally. I have listened and I love my platinum strands of wisdom.

Christine 6 years ago

I began to get white hair at age 19. It came in slowly, and I wasn't always thrilled with it, but now at 52 I am very happy with it. I wear it about 2 inches past my shoulders and I get many compliments. It is all white now. I do update my makeup and clothes, plus I've been told that I have a beautiful maybe that helps. I'm told by many women that color their hair that they really like my hair and wish they had the courage to go grey themselves. It's time to do this for yourselves ladies! You too may love it yourselves!

RAZ 6 years ago

I got my first white hair when i was 16,my hair was very dark brown, I've been coloring for almost 30yrs.I had bad reactions to hair dye,i can't put my self through that.My white hair is about 1 inch in length and the rest very dark, what should I do to get through transition and looking like a skunk.

SilverGenes 6 years ago

I've looked all over the Internet for graceful ways to get rid of color and let the silver shine but alas, it seems the hair color companies are a bit behind the times. I must say though, that I've seen very few people with actual gray hair - it seems to be shades like snow, platinum, silver, moonlight - at least that's what I'm calling mine LOL

Teresa A. 6 years ago

I'm 66 and 5 months into gray. As a transition course I decided to very light bleach my previously light brown dyed hair. I feel pleasantly surprised that my hair is a natural bright white so I can't hardly wait for an overall full white head. I do get compliments about my hair but I feel the comments are mostly of a surprise nature. Why is there not....or is there??...... a grey or silver color that can be applied an as alternative transition to bleaching. In other words a dye that will not kill/die your dyed hair.

Ella 6 years ago

I have a head full of beautiful gray hair that I've been covering with stylish colorful wigs for a year now. I got tired of friends a co-workers telling me to dye it. Every night I take off my wig and stare in the mirror at how pretty my gray is. Thanks for the comments I will be coming back out with the tinsel soon!

Jo-Anne 6 years ago

I'm 48 and had been colouring my hair for way too many years. I haven't coloured for 9 months now and got myself a really awesome hair style recently. All my friends and co-workers were pleasantly surprised. Compliments all 'round. I am very lucky to have a youthful face, so that helps as well. I love my silver white hair, it really looks good.

PJ 6 years ago

I am a 53 YO female who FINALLY has let the gray shine through.! I have colored my hair since the age of 16. Then only to highlight, later in my 30s the gray started to peak through, so I colored every four weeks like clockwork to cover it up. This past year, I was just so tired of all the work to hide the gray and deceided to let it go gray completely. I have worn my hair short for a long time so the transition was fairly easy. There are times that I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and don't feel I look like my self anymore. My hair is salt and pepper in the front and all silver colored in the back. ?? Anyway, so much easier to maintain. Just wish I could get make up colors right.

JPSoso 6 years ago

I embraced my gray hair a year ago. I opted to wear my hair in ethnic twisted braids. I receive more compliments than when I was dying my hair. My hair is also healthier without the dye. I say age beautifully; go gray!

ysbaddaden 6 years ago

I'm a dude, and I've been graying since I was nineteen.

But a hair stylist called my hair silver.

What's the difference between gray, white and silver hair?

Sheila Collier 6 years ago

I am 64 years old and I have decided to let my hair grow gray..or half gray since I only am graying on the top and sides. I am tired of trying to hide it. I am young at heart and don't look my age. I just bought a motorcycle last year..m m m m. I can ride as well with gray hair as I can with dyed hair..

vic 6 years ago

=D wish i had silver / grey hair but in mt famly n relatives almost no1 has it =[

mary 6 years ago

i have had long experience with gray hair. and being on the dating market, have had some not so pleasant experiences with it, while others like it or at least don't mind it. i have been routinely regarded as being probably 10-30 years older than what i am, although my face and body look younger than many of my non-gray sisters.

i personally think i look much better with gray hair than i ever looked with brown hair. every hair dresser i ever talk to about dying it says i would be crazy. but there are other views too. i am sick and tired of having people tell me i should just dye my hair. i start seeing that the same way as telling someone why don't you bleach your skin. i am also perplexed why there are books on hair styles and colors, where gray is a non-entity, it's like it should not exist. and yes, while i think gray has the sexiness of authority, not everyone finds that combo enticing. i bought a wig, and was mistaken by friends as a woman much younger than I am! so, i think i also will keep my gray hair until i dye.

bettina 6 years ago

bullcrappy. gray hair looks bad on almost all women. (i've been gray since my early twenties). there's an occasional anomaly who looks good - like emmylou harris - but otherwise you're deluding yourself if you think it's sexy.

John 7 years ago

I agree that grey hair can be beautiful on a woman. You may not have been able to find many Hollywood types with grey hair but then they are Hollywood types. I have seen some local women who were totally grey and looked absolutely beautiful and sexy. I think it comes down to the whole package, face, personality, body and attitude. Grey is not always sexy but it certainly CAN be!

Elizabeth Rogers 7 years ago

Have enjoyed reading everyones comments. I am 54 and let my hair grow out when I turned 50. I keep it short and get positive comments. I have been sponsoring 2 children in Africa with the money I would have spent getting it dyed.

Piwackit 7 years ago

I love James

Velma 7 years ago

When I saw Meryl Streep with beautiful silver hair I knew that I didn't want to color my hair anymore. I looked for women with gray and hair styles on the internet that suit me, I love the new look!!! I'm amazed at how many people have told me that I look more attractive and younger with the new color and short style. I'm very pleased with my results. I think it has done alot for my selfesteem.

Donna Lynn 7 years ago

I just made the phone call to have highlights placed in my dark hair, before reading this. Now, after reading this, I am going to only get my hair cut a little shorter. I have been watching the gray come in for some time now. I went three months ago and had my long hair all cut off. I had hoped that by now it would be closer to halfway there. It seems to be a slow frustrating process. I was losing my patience, until I read all of your wonderful comments. Now, I will just get it cut shorter so it can finish coming in gray. Then, let it grow, hopefully at 48 yrs. old, I can still look a little sexy? Ya think??!! LOL. If I can do this, Anyone can, Go For It Girls! You are all Beautiful& Sexy!

Acajudi 7 years ago

I saw my first white strand of hair at 31. I had black hair, and I felt it was a thread. Surprise! I was a mom at 37,and I did get black rinses to not look like granma to my kindergarten. I have always had a young face and not any wrinkles, so when my daughter was 18, I stopped the rinses, and I get some very wonderful comments on my silver and black hair. The evil ones tell me to dye my hair, and I would look even younger, and they do not have any hair. I ignore them and continue to wear my beautiful salt and pepper hair, and I will be 67 this month.

Kerri 7 years ago

ooohhh... welll i'd be more inclined to say white hair rather than gray is sexy -emmy lou harris is gorg ^^

Valerie Reilly 7 years ago

Hmmm, that emmy lou is a hottie. maybe i should give up my bleach blonde donatella versace look in the very near future. hate to scare someone when i turn around from the back. oh, yeah, i'm brown under the blonde. well, when i go gray, i'm going the emmy lou way!

Cheers! Val

rmcrayne profile image

rmcrayne 7 years ago from San Antonio Texas

Love the hub. Great pictures. Very similar to my own attitude. I'd like to include it in a link capsule on my Gray Hair hub.

almost50 7 years ago

NOTHING like a middle age gray haired lady. VERY....should I say sexy...!

Barb 7 years ago

In my opinion, a bad color at the salon and infrequent touch-ups allowing a 1 inch gray streak to show is less attractive and unmaintained then learning to enhance your natural coloring.  As a result, I decided to experiment and grow out the color. My hair is healthier than it's been in a long time and it has beautiful gray highlights throughout but heavier in the front.  I love it and receive many positive comments, surprisingly more from men.  The transition was the hardest, but now that I'm there, I'll never color again. My hairdresser was a great consultant and with her advise and recommendations from a make-up specialist, I actually feel pretty and enjoy the new look. It's ok to embrace your age.

Mary 7 years ago

Two years ago I decided to let my natural hair with gray grow out. In the beginning I was getting negative feed back by my co-workers and family.They were saying that it was going to make me look old. I even had to leave my Hair Stylist because she wasn't supportive.I kept getting it cut every 6 weeks.I kept on and now almost 2 years later this coming Christmas. It looks great and I love it!! I condition it and use the Shimmer shampoo 3 times a week to keep the yellow out.I dress stylish, exercise and take lots of pride in my looks and well being.And could not be happier with my self. I get more compliments now than I did when I was paying high dollar to dye my hair.So, to any one who would like to go and be all natural. You won't regret it.

Marni 7 years ago

I tell people that my colour is "Arctic Frost Platinum"

Patty 7 years ago

Thanks to all of you. I have never colored my hair. I told my sons it takes courage to stay natural. I love my hair, but have felt that others have started to treat me older than I really am, 57. Reading all these wonderful comments has renewed my spirit to continue my quest to embrace my silver streaks...

I recently found some pictures of my old brunette self and realized I liked my silver locks so much more...and yes they speak to who I am, who I have become, and who I am to be...Courage is a wonderful place to dwell....

Kudos to ALL of You Lovely Silver Foxettes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purplejunkie 7 years ago

At the age of 39 I decided I had enough of dying my hair (found my first greys in junior high school). My dad was completely grey by the age of 20, and I was the only one in the family with grey hair at that young of an age. My second husband loves grey hair, thinks its sexy so I decided to grow mine out. Got all of the dark color stripped from my hair, highlighted and lightened so it would blend (hair salon is a must for this). It took me over a year to grow it out and when I started it was half way down my back. About 6 months in I went and had it cut to just above my shoulders and love it. I waited about 8 months and had the rest of the color cut off. I have been all grey for over a year now and letting it grow out again. I love it and get a lot of complements about the color. I look at it this way, nobody else has this color, it's my own personal color. Let go, be yourself.

muyuth4export profile image

muyuth4export 7 years ago

isabella,u a a guy of 38 and i hv began 2 hv gray not feeling bad because there is nothin i will do t make it perfectly black.

poppy 7 years ago

I have been colouring my hair since I was 16 and am now 57 and back looking at this site yet again! I love my white in the front and brown at the back. My husband likes it but my daughter says it is a no no. I loved Grey Chic when it was out. The colours were great. Meanwhile I go back and forward, to grey or not to grey.

Mary 7 years ago

Ok, I'm 35 & decided to Go Gray about 8 months ago. I started by just letting the front temple area come in, but it proved too difficult with hair colorists constantly slipping some color on my gray bits! So I decided to let the lot go gray. I have to say it's looking pretty bad right now. My hair is pretty white & I've been dying it since I was 18, so frankly I've had enough with the dye! However, my friends have been politely silent on the subject & I saw some photos recently & I look 45 not 35. I am starting to wobble. I've never really been a fan of wearing makeup every day either, but perhaps this would help. Some advice please fellow Silver Foxes!

Liz 7 years ago

Hi there

I have had gray hair for at least 20 years now occasionaly going back to dark when someone would say I looked older with gray hair. Finding the confidence not to listen to others who have dyed hair and not always flattering in colours not complimenting their skin tone and often giving an older and harder look than the softness that gray hair can bring to the skin and the features. It also allows the wearing of lovely pastel shades and strong colours also. i find a silver rinse compliments my hair (not blue) but the very light blonde shades do nothing for me at all as I have tried them all. Being gray has given me compliments over the years that I would never consider being tempted to just go and buy a dye or listen to hairdressers who are keen to colour you up and then the roots are showing in a very shot time.

Keep your gray hair on girls - you not only suit it, you have earned it.


bluesies 7 years ago

I'm 53. I've been letting myself go gray for the past 6 plus years. (I did have a few blonde streaks -- about 10 -- put in early last year but won't be doing that again as it ruined the condition of those bits of my hair without making much difference).

I was wearing it long for the first couple of years. Then I had this big 'fall out' of my hair and it became very thin so gradually I got it cut shorter and shorter. Plus my hairdresser, who is very good likes short hair on women. I had my last cut in late Feb of last year and since then have been letting it grow (I did have a fringe -- bangs cut in mid July but won't do that again). It's now down past my shoulders and the layers are growing out beautifully. Plus it's thickened up a bit -- I seem to have more hair. I've found that if I wear it up -- loosely with slide combs -- it looks very pretty on me. I also wear a black mascara and a nice gentle shade of red lipstick when I go out. The whole look is great for me. People comment on how good I look with my hair messily arranged (takes me about 5 minutes) on top of my head with soft bits hanging down. I have to 're-arrange' it a couple of times during the day (i aslo have fine hair so the slide combs tend to slip a bit).

I can also brush it straight down and it looks rather 'chic' but not 'me.'

I was sitting in a doctors waiting room and picked up an article on women with grey hair. Women from their 50s to their 80s. And there was 'me.' Only this women was in her 80s. Her look? Gray hair with mascara and red lipstick? And she looked great!

Hub Love profile image

Hub Love 7 years ago from United States

My favorite part was including George Clooney in this hub! What you said is very true!

Diane 8 years ago

I am 51 and have grown out my hair so that I am about 50% gray and getting many compliments from ithe look I recently had the last cut that rid my hair of any coloring and my students wondered if I "colored" my hair. I've been using Pantene shampoo and conditioner for gray hair and it tames the wiry texture and makes the grays more silver in tone. I am also finding I need to stay away from wearing yellow based colors around my face. I stay with cooler tones that work.

l2green profile image

l2green 8 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

Just had to chime in. I'm 44 and I've gone gray. I was coloring my hair dark brown until February of last year. I started to notice that, although I had almost no facial wrinkles, I was starting to look kind of "hard". AND, I had to touch up the roots every 2 weeks. So, I gave myself a buzz cut, right down to the wood. It wasn't easy, I felt like a freak. My best friend said I looked like a fuzzy white tennis ball. I thought I looked like Mr. Peanut Head. My mom cried when I told her what I'd done and said she wasn't old enough for me to have gray hair and that I would look awful with it. Then it started to grown. I've never gone back to coloring. My hair isn't so much gray (which sound so drab) as a gorgeous shimmering pewter / silver. I love my hair. It feels good to touch, has movement, shine and I get compliments all the time. Oh, and the last time I saw my mom, she accused me of wearing a wig. My hair is THAT gorgeous. Anyone who is interesting in transitioning to gray should check out the website Diana Jewell wrote a book by the same name, and it's fab.

Sandi 8 years ago

Ohhh to gray or not to gray.... I'm hearing you all. I am 53 and have tried to let the gray go. I have a young looking face, and my hair in front would be white like Emmy Lou's is. The back is still dark. I personally think that you can pull off gray hair younger if the cut is young and stylish (again, like Emmy Lou's) Her shag makes her white hair beautiful! She looks 20 years old in that picture, so that brings me to the next question.... to resurface or to lift.... hahaha!

joannt 8 years ago

i am 50 and having a hard time not coloring my hair, i really would like to but, i have never seen my own mom with grey hair. what kind of products can i find to help my hair look better too when i am grey? i think eemy lou is beautifu as is paula dean and others who have gone grey. i really enjoyed reading on this site about going grey.

Ruth 8 years ago

I am delighted to read so many comments from other women at age 52 like me, and 50s generally, all feeling the same way and letting the grays go.

I am nearly there with mine growing out and plan to let it grow long, because thats how I like it. Ill look at putting it up etc when it gets there - just below chin level now.

What I would like some help with - my hair is very thick and tends to frizz out (this was always better when long as the weight helped), now that it is gray it is also wiry and individual hair curl out in all directions. Is there any help for this? i would like it to be smoother and less frizzy.

thanks everyone.

Silver Leigh 8 years ago

I am a proud silver haired woman of 39. If you are considering transitioning away from the colour and to the natural grey, look at this book for encouragement, "Going Gray, Looking Great!", by Diana Lewis Jewell. She also has a website where great grays share photos with each other.

Christopher Fox 8 years ago

I couldn't agree more... Women who have grey / white hair I find extremely sexy. I know most of these women believe a younger man could not possible find them sexy but that is the furthest thing from the truth. Take a chance on younger men who show interest in you. You could be very surprised how many of us are out here wanting to meet a woman who is both beautiful / sexy inside and out.


Robin622 8 years ago


Try a nice cut that suits your facial features and your personality - the older we get, the more youthful we look with a suitable cut, believe it or not. Long hair just like jet black hair is better carried off by young(er) women, but tends to make us look "witchy & haggard".

If you're one of those women who is stuck in her long hair (and maybe your man/husband is stuck on long hair) try silverizing it, especially if you're a more pale-skinned Caucasian, which might cause you to look washed out.

Try it..


Robin622 8 years ago

Fortunately, I am one of those rare women who have never found gray hair to be anything shameful; the females in my family never felt any shame because of it, and that's how I reared my own daughter. I liked gray hair long before it became the "fashion statement" that Meryl & Helen have caused it to become. I celebrate everything about aging-- I've earned it ALL!

Although I've colored my hair for many years, it was not because of any gray hair - as a matter of fact, it was because my naturally dark hair was so drab. Now, at 55, I've had the color grow out, had my barber cut my hair down to my natural color, and lo & behold, I found silver sprinkles! I am now officially Salt & Pepper!

What I need to know know is how does one go about emphasizing the silver/gray in salt & pepper hair? I still have mostly black hair, but I'm pretty much done with hair color now that I've got silver-gray to show off.

Can someone please help me with this?

Robin, The Bronx, NY

Jilly50 profile image

Jilly50 8 years ago from deep in the heart of Texas

After yet another color job on my hair where I nearly passed out from the stinky fumes of the mess, dripped the goo on my carpet, and ruined another towel...I looked in the mirror to find my curly tresses not "cool blonde", Yes my hair was light brownish with a sickly bluish tone to it. It made me look....dead. I looked online for support in my quest to go gray. Only thing is....I dont look as good as Emmy Lou Harris or the others pictured here. She doesn't even look that good, her picture has been touched up. But..I AM 50, newly divorced...I'm going for it. Its just hair.

Carolina 8 years ago

Hi, Cherokee Girl; what kind of products by Redken can ENHANCE grey hair? I am 47, and sick and tired of putting chemicals in my hair. I want to work with the silver/grey, not fight it anymore. Thank you!

NACI 8 years ago

I HAVE A GRAY HAIR AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO GET RED OF IT, is there anything i can do resror it to my natural hair?

Jan 8 years ago

I have to go grey because I've had chemo and colourant makes it break off. I have about 2 months to go before I can have the last of the dark cut off. My style is short & spikey, I'm surprised at how nice the grey is looking, and how much more comfortable I feel with my new self-image. Somehow it looks 'right'.

marilyn 8 years ago

I think grey hair looks stunning,at the moment my hair is mid-brown with quite a bit of grey highlights,thats how i like to term it,i cannot to wait to go grey all over,a lot of people seem to have hangups about this issue,i like the natural look and proud of it.people are prepared to pay for highlights,thankfully i have already got mine.

Paula 8 years ago

You forgot about Anne Bancroft the legendary Mrs. Robinson. My gray hair is like hers, a white lock of hair in from of my forehead. I have to dive it, I still didn't find the corage to let it grow, will see...

tom 8 years ago

women with grey hair look sexy .

Renee 8 years ago

I am 42 years old and my hair is over 75% grey. I have finally decided to let it go completely grey because I am tired of coloring my hair every 2-4 weeks. Most of my friends tell me to go for it because I still look young and the grey is not aging me but enhancing me. So, I say laadies go for it.

darlene 8 years ago

I am 50 years of age. I have let my hair go completely silver. It is a very libertating feeling.

I have had more compliments on my hair then I have ever had in my life from both men and women. I would encourage any women to give it a try.

Elaine 8 years ago

I am sixty years old and have finally been successful in letting all my silver shine!! I have

always worn my hair short and now it is short and silver and I love it and so does my hubby

and my children. It makes me feel more genuine, and a bit gutsy, to stand up and be who I am. I think it's important to keep fit, eat well, exercise and stay mentally engaged. I take classes, volunteer and feel more alive than ever. Going gray helps me stay real and know that life is finite and, whether I color my hair or not, this is where I am in life, so I might as well stand up straight and show my colors (in this case, silver) :o). To all of you who feel comfortable with it -go gray - I am so happy I did. Lots of luck to all of you.

vicki 8 years ago

as it grew, it grew to be more and more beautiful. it took a year until my shoulder length hair was completely gray. now it reached midback and is more silky than it has ever been in my life. i get tons of compliments everywhere i go.

vicki 8 years ago

at 42, i decided to stop coloring my hair, which i had been coloring since my early 20's. years of coloring and perms had left my hair damaged and i didn't want to go short to have all the damage cut out. so i just let it grow.

msms profile image

msms 8 years ago

Gray is graceful and sexy look is graceful look.

Excellent daring Hub.

Donna  8 years ago

I just turned 50 in January 2008 and I have medium brown hair with red highlights-ALL NATURAL and I have freckles to prove it and I have some grey coming in, more on one side than the other and I have decided that I would not color it! I think healthy hair is better than dyed hair that looks trashed, so a few greys in a healthy head of natural color is the way I am going to go. By the way cherokee girl, I am 50 and I say go salt and pepper and grow it long. Mine is at my brastrap and I am going to grow it longer and longer!!!!!

CherokeeGirl profile image

CherokeeGirl 8 years ago

By the way....any thoughts on long hair styles that would look young but still long on salt and pepper hair welcome.

CherokeeGirl 8 years ago

I am have been using lighter and lighter semi-perm gold to cover my gray in prep to let it go. So that it would not be as shocking a line of demarcation. I am chicken though and end up applying color before long. i cannot color now as i just got out of the hospital. The thing is...i have waist length hair. I always have. I am not prepared to go short. i guess i can't shake the fact that i will look ....Old. :0( Though i always loved how Emmy Lou Harris looks. My husband has always loved brunettes and he says i am too young to be gray (44). I just really hate coloring my hair (and I am a trained & licensed though non-practicing hair dresser.) I do remember from my color classes with Redken that there are colors for Gray hair. Ways to make Gray look wonderful - and if you think about it...regrowth would not be a could probably go for a long time before recoloring - it makes it a shade of gray that you would like - both shiney and wonderful...and you would not be trapped into doing it forever but you may feel like you like your hair better that way w/o a monthly color commitment. i suspect the folks we see with LOVELY gray - color it that way. I was online tonight looking for the very same of lovely long salt and pepper hair.

Lori 8 years ago

I am 44, and I quit coloring my hair due to financial reasons. Many women tell me they admire my courage. No one looks me in the eye though when they tell me it looks good. I read Anne Kreamer's book. I had courage to go and be grey. Lately, I have been told by my children, clients, and others that I need to color it. I want to look my best and if this salt and pepper isn't it. I may have to wait until its all white - I know that looks stunning. I want to ignore others, but I also want to look great. Ugh! Any advice?

Lou 8 years ago

I would add Annie Lennox to the list of women who look absolutely stunning in grey. I've always noticed women who look great with grey hair - probably bc deep down I really don't like the idea of covering my white hair with dye...And someday I plan to go grey/white.

tom 8 years ago

gray haired women look fantantic

Robin 8 years ago

Back in October of last year.....we had family photos taken. I had the regular chin length hair with bangs.....As I looked at the family photos and saw the gray 1 inch growth peaking out from between the caramel color hair, my daughter thought it would be a good idea to cut it off about 1 inch all over like Dame Judy Dench. I never received soooo many compliments. I was aghast and disheartened when it was cut...thinking I had lost my femininity. Lo and behold with a lovely set of big hoop earrings and some product to make my hair look a little more with it, MEN of all people and WOMEN loved it! Funny the difference the cut makes. Gray forever at 51.

Candy Eubanks 8 years ago

I am 52 and proud of it! I have stopped coloring my hair and I now have natural highlights. I'm so over it. Since the big craze is everything going natural now, maybe we could say we're going "green", not gray!!!

Olga C 8 years ago

Let me share my own experience with my gray hair. I am 57 and two years ago I decided to go gray. Right now I have silver and white gray hair. It took several months to learn how to take care of them, that they would be shiny, smooth and attractive looking. I gave up some of my favorite colors, like beige, camel and green but I learned the beauty of different shades of gray, red and brown. I like to be me. I believe that a women with gray hair can be stunning and sexy.


Gent258 8 years ago

As I am 50 something, I find mature women with gray hair very sexy. I have always found Judy Dench sexy. I think the world is ready for a new revolution: 60 will be the new 40. We mature people take care of ourselves, eat right, and exercise. Remember Tina Turner at the Grammys? That's one sexy granny. I'll gladly lift a glass of wine to salute older women who like fine wine just get better with time.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA

Great role models you have there- definitely sexy women. I think Paula Deen exudes sex appeal, actually. I have to admit, though. I hate my gray strands and still keep it undercover. Maybe someday I will liberate myself.

Kim 8 years ago

Isabella, I was curious to know if you have grown out your gray and if you had any updated pictures to show it. I have also been trying to find anything on young women going gray and still there is just not anything out there. I am 31 and seriously considering growing out my white hair...I have no idea how much is white because I have been coloring my hair since I was 21. Thanks for the post.

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 9 years ago Author

Jennifer - Good for you! Im sure you will look beautiful! :)

Jennifer 9 years ago

AHHHH.....52 must be that magic age as I too am being 'brave' (??) and growing out the gray that has been there 100% since I was in my early 30's. I too encounter many different opinions - mainly from women - that say they couldn't/wouldn't do it - even my 82 year old mom! Why do people think we are 'letting ourselves go'? I am hoping I can look stunning - brighter makeup (no more running to the grocery w/out any). Baby boomers unite! I'm tired of putting smelly chemicals on my hair 2 times a month and seeing myself an others look harsh with too dark hair. I've got short hair and my daughter and I are putting in frosted highlights to get it through the growing out stage - it helps that in-between stage. I'm proud of us all.

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 9 years ago Author

Barbara and Chiqui - I think its wonderful that you're both letting your hair go gray - gray hair does not mean you're not sexy!! Good for you both! :))

chiqui 9 years ago

Thank you for being so beautiful and real. I am 52 and I have been trying to find any information and pictures for women with beautiful gray white hair. My 2 daughters are hair dressers and they don't want me to let it go. But I have seen what's under the brown and blonde and I think its beautiful. I always wear a nice hair style and do my best to look good for my husband of 30 plus years. I watched him go gray and what a doll he has only gotten BETTER. The hardest part for me is growing it out. I like looking like a hag. Well thank you for your site I'll keep checking in to see what hair products people found and look at the pictures for insperation. Thank you Chiqui

Barbara 9 years ago

I have been coloring my hair since I was 25 years old. I have always admired people who let their hair gray naturally but I was too vain to try, that is until recently. I am 52 years old with a very young looking face and have decided to let the gray take over. It has been a slow process of getting hair cuts every four weeks, but I am almost there. So far the reactions have been positive. Most of my friends said they wish they had the courage to go for it too.....probably one more hair cut and I will be snow white......

Sugar 9 years ago

Men look really sexy in gray! My doctor had gray hair ...what a dreamer!...until he dyed it ......he's dumped! lol

Kenny Wordsmith profile image

Kenny Wordsmith 9 years ago from Chennai

I'll continue to say that, Isabella, as I'm all gray now! Till the day I dye!

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 9 years ago Author

Kenny, I think you're right, very well-said.

Jane - Gray is good! ;)

Jane 9 years ago

you go, graygirls. Time to get real. Here's a new site for graygirls everywhere.

Kenny Wordsmith profile image

Kenny Wordsmith 9 years ago from Chennai

Gray has the sexiness of authority in it, I think.

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 9 years ago Author

Kat - It looks great! Good luck!

Paula - Well, I think you can give it a boost, it's just that there aren't many products out there for boosting gray right now..

Merrick - All very good points!

Eileen - Pristine white can be lovely! You just need a good styling to pull it off. I dont know what type of hair you have, but the mid length styles look great on women in their 50s and 60s. That style Meryl Streep has in that photo is fantastic, can you try that, maybe?

Eileen 9 years ago

I was a delightful "peanut butter" color and oodles of compliments in my 40's - -

very 'NATURAL' highlighting as I called it. You just can't hide these Irish genes.

Now in my 60's - the hair is "pristine white" and I am so "WASHED OUT" and no one likes the longish hair - - and I am so tired of "short hair". What does one do?

Merrick 9 years ago

I am salt and pepper gray. My younger friends love it. My older friends love it. I think it is very attractive on anyone, who takes care of themselves. I hate seeing and obviously older woman with bright red or harshly dark hair. Let the gray show....... you have earned it. Are we all supposed to be in "breed mode"/no gray plumped up lips for our entire lives?! Men dyeing their gray hair ........... even worse. *shakes head in disgust* I do think one should be fit, dress nicely and leave the gray alone. We all age. Let's do it gracefully. It can be attractive. I am always disappointed when I see an older person with dyed hair. More important than gray hair on the outside........... Are you alive on the inside? Or is the hair dyeing to hide that you died a long time ago from within........... clinging to your youth, while being an inflexible dead person psychologically?

Paula Quick 9 years ago

Mmm. To go gray or not. I think it depends on one's facial structure, the color of the gray coming in, how you dress, wear makeup, and more, In other words the whole package. Certainly Emmylou Harris and Merle Streep look stunning; Faye Dunaway and Judi Densch less so, in my opinion. I think the more "premature" gray you are, the better it looks. But when your hair is gray and you're decidedly older as well, so to speak, it may take some work to carry it off. I've done the let it go gray thing and I get compliments, but I much prefer having some other color highlights. For now I think I will wait until and "I'm old and gray" before "going gray."

Kat 9 years ago

Drop by my Myspace page and give me your support as I let my hair go gray :-)

Marye Audet profile image

Marye Audet 9 years ago from Lancaster, Texas

I agree..My hair is on it's way to being nearly all gray and I get lots of compliments on it. It is graying in streaks which is kind of cool

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 9 years ago Author

You should post some piccies on your blog!

Melissa 9 years ago

So far I've been loving mine - nice little winks from the crown or temples. I've seen silver, grey, and white, so my hair ought to have some depth and highlights when all is said and done.

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 9 years ago Author

Ooooh. I'll be sure to drop by when I've gone completely silver. ;)

JamesRay profile image

JamesRay 9 years ago from Philadelphia

I agree. I think gray can be very sexy.

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