Belly Button Tattoos for Girls

A tattoo around the belly button is known as a belly button tattoo. These types of tattoo arts are very popular among teenage girls and young women. Your belly button tattoo can make a sexy style statement! Before inking a tattoo carefully choose a design suitable for you. This article will help you choosing the best belly button tattoo design for yourself.

Such a tattoo design can be shown off by wearing low-rise jeans or pants, bikinis, cropped tops or short shirts. Sometimes these tattoos are uniquely chosen and inked in such a way that they highlight your belly button piercing and create a gorgeous look of your belly! Belly button tattoos are generally small and cute circular and symmetrical designs.

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Flower Ring and English Ivy Heart TattooTribal Pattern around Belly ButtonKoi Tattoo at Belly ButtonStar around Belly ButtonBlue Flames around Belly ButtonFloral Pattern at Belly ButtonRing Around the Belly ButtonSun & Stars around Belly ButtonSun Tattoo at Belly ButtonTeddy Bear at Belly Button
Flower Ring and English Ivy Heart Tattoo
Flower Ring and English Ivy Heart Tattoo | Source
Tribal Pattern around Belly Button
Tribal Pattern around Belly Button | Source
Koi Tattoo at Belly Button
Koi Tattoo at Belly Button | Source
Star around Belly Button
Star around Belly Button | Source
Blue Flames around Belly Button
Blue Flames around Belly Button | Source
Floral Pattern at Belly Button
Floral Pattern at Belly Button | Source
Ring Around the Belly Button
Ring Around the Belly Button | Source
Sun & Stars around Belly Button
Sun & Stars around Belly Button | Source
Sun Tattoo at Belly Button
Sun Tattoo at Belly Button | Source
Teddy Bear at Belly Button
Teddy Bear at Belly Button | Source

Tattoo Ideas for Belly Button

Traditionally cosmic objects like sun, moon or stars have been considered appropriate for belly button tattoos. But today’s modern girls dare to experiment with new ideas and designs! Floral and tribal patterns around the belly button are some of the modern choices. Check out the list below for having a fair idea about belly button tattoos.

10 Unique Belly Button Tattoos:

  1. English ivy heart shaped pattern around belly button inked in green. This is an exceptional floral pattern. The pierced belly button is skillfully highlighted!
  2. Sparkling tribal pattern around belly button done in black. Awesome design!
  3. A Japanese koi fish around belly button. It seems the koi is leaping up off the belly button! Looks extraordinary with the piercing!
  4. A star around the belly button. Very subtle tribal ring with a star inside. The belly button is at the center. Fabulous idea!
  5. Blue flames around a pierced belly button. Piercing of the belly button is highlighted deliberately with this tattoo. Looks gorgeous!
  6. Floral pattern at belly button covering the entire belly. The shape of the pattern symbolizes dynamism. Printed in red and brown, the tattoo looks awesome!
  7. A ring around the belly button containing three roses and a butterfly. Very detailed artwork!
  8. Sun and stars around belly button printed in jet black. This tattoo art is created to celebrate pregnancy. Extraordinary idea!
  9. Sun encircling a pierced belly button. The design is embellished with rays coming out from the circumference. Exceptional work!
  10. Teddy Bear at a pierced belly button with sparkling gems. Unique idea!

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Compilation of Best Belly Button Tattoos for Women

Points to Remember

As you grow older with time, your belly may develop stretch marks due to pregnancy or weight gains and your belly button tattoo can become distorted. So don’t go for selecting a large design.

Choosing the design for your belly button tattoo is an important decision, but don’t forget to make sure that the tattoo artist is skilled. An unskilled artist can cause you more pain and can spoil your dream to ink an extraordinary belly button tattoo.


A belly button tattoo is perhaps one of the most difficult tattoos to ink both for you and your artist. The one and only reason for this is the belly button area is very sensitive without any supportive bones for the artist. So generally it’s a very painful process. At the same time a great belly button tattoo could be an asset for the rest of your life. That’s why I always prefer to ink a belly button tattoo during winter because your tattoo will heal in a few days in winter. So if a great belly button tattoo is your long cherished dream and you haven't done it yet, get your dream tattoo done right now!

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