Best Hiking Shoes for Women

Hiking is an excellent pastime for the woman who wants to get good exercise while enjoying nature at the same time.  Because the terrain of nature can be somewhat unpredictable a good pair of shoes is needed to provide the support, grip, and comfortability necessary to insure that the hiking experience is a good one. 

Hiking shoes have evolved a good deal over the years.  In the early days hikers were characterized as those who slogged and trapsed through nature with a pair of unbecoming combat boots.  Thanks to the ingenuity and innovation of companies like Vibram, ecco, and Teva, women can now hike with comfort and style.  The new wave of hiking apparel is sporty and chic, without compromising functionality.  The best hiking shoes for women are tough, comfortable, durable, stylish, and ready to hit the trail!

Vibran Five Fingers Shoes for Women

Engineered to mimic the natural movements and feel of a bare foot, Vibram Five Fingers Shoes are the latest in hiking and outdoor footwear. These gorilla feet looking shoes seek to return the hiker to a more natural state by emulating the bare foot movements. This bare foot emulation is key to building leg muscle strength, increasing leg dexterity, heightening and increasing reactions, and building and mainting good body posture.

The Five Fingers shoes are constructed from a durable rubber material which is razor siped on the bottom to insure maximum stabiltiy and slip resistance. The top half of the shoes is made of a flexible and stretchy type of spandex/neo-prene material which is highly water resistant, and allows the foot to breathe. The shoe is equipped with a front strap to maintain a good level of snugness with the foot, so that the shoe does not fall off or become loose while hiking. The Five Finger's shoes for women come in a variety of styles and colors, all with the same purpose - to get your body walking and hiking in a more natural and healthy state.

Women's ecco Hiking Shoes

Ecco provides the an immensely wide selection of hiking shoes for women.  The styles ranger from sporty and chic to the more serious and rugged boot styles.  Each of the women's ecco hiking shoes is built on a rugged rubber sole with an excellent gripping tread ready for the trail.  The upper half of the shoe is made up of leather and other various cloth materials for softness, comfort, and durability. 

Ecco's more sneakerish and sporty shoe is called the Rotoura.  While the ecco Rotoura is a bit more on the expensive side ($110+), the price definitely reflects the quality.  The Rotoura is made more for the hiker who takes things at a quicker pace, and dares to have a jog through nature rather than just a leisurely walk through the great outdoors.  Ecco's Wanaka shoe takes a slipper/clog approach to the hiking shoe.  The Wanaka is backless implying that it is more for those who take things at a slower pace.  The Wanaka makes a perfect hiking shoe for woman who enjoys taking the time to soak in nature, smell the flowers, and have a rest on a tree stump.  The ecco Offroad shoe is takes a more serios approach hiking.  The Offroad has a full leather upper with rugged looking treads on the solid rubber sole.  Ecco's Offroad is great for the all-out nature lover who is loves field trips, and enjoys leading the nature walks and hikes.  All ecco shoes come in a various array of natural earth-tone and neutral colors.

Women's Teva Shoes

Teva's line of women's hiking shoes is geared more toward the woman who prefers hiking sandals over shoes. Teva provides a full line of rubber sandals with nylon straps along with a line of sandal/shoe hybrid called the Teva Dozer.

The Teva Dozer's sole is constructed out of flexible rubber with large treads to help you maintain balance and traction. The upper half of the shoe is fabricated from leather and nylon.  The combination of leather and nylon makes for a flexible, soft, and comfortable fit.  With added padding and a drawstring the Teva Dozer's are sure to remain snug and gentle on your feet during each and every hike.  Each Teva Dozer is ready to assist you in overtaking the many different difficult terrains that await on any one of the many hiking trails around the world.  The Teva Dozer is available in a variety of stylishly naturaly earthtone colors.

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anisetta profile image

anisetta 7 years ago

If you find some nice hiking boots, would you please post a picture? I prefer the combat boots for hiking, they keep me safer. I used to have a nice pair years ago. One day I changed to a "fashionable" pretty looking hiking shoes. Not too long ago I regreted giving away my good hiking boots. I got injured right on a spot that would have been very protected should I had my "combat" boots on. I learned the hard way. Since then I have been looking for hiking boots, but no luck so far.

scheng1 7 years ago

The five-fingers shoes look so cute

discount dansko shoes 7 years ago

I can see how the teva shoes are stylish and chic but not the vibran shoes. very interesting womens shoes never seen those before. Probably great for hiking though as you said.

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