Best Looking Nations in the World

Beauty, a quality sought in others and in ourselves. What does it mean to be truly beautiful? are there specific proportions that create beauty? who is beautiful? where are the most beautiful people located?

Beauty is a common topic among both males and females. Grade School years are spent admiring beautiful people, and wanting to be more like them. The boys want to date the pretty girls and the girls want to date the cute boys. The age old proverb, "Don't judge a book by its cover" is incomplete,there has to be some appeal in order for the book to be noticed. Once noticed the book can be evaluated based upon the content.

     Your location has the greatest impact on the variety of "crayons" you have to chose from. To judge which nation is the most attractive is a seemingly impossible task. Of course, each place has its ups and downs, but what are the places with higher ups and less severe downs.

     Naturally, when people are asked where the most beautiful people are located, most likely the response will have to do with their geographical composition. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" for the most part. The most beautiful women are from the following countries, based on personal taste.



These are tall, fair skinned beautiful people. Sweedish women are world renoun for their blonde hair and blue eyes. The men are also tall and fair.



Brzil has many beautiful people. The skintone is just amazing. In the 2006 world cup Brazil won for hottest fans. The women have amazing bodies and a tan to die for. The men are tall dark and handsome such as the futboll star Kaka.



The women are gorgeous, and also age well. There is the stereotype that Italians are hairy, but they are still good looking. The 2006 World Cup winning team was not only victorious but probably best looking.



French known as a romantic language, would naturally have citizens that others would like to romance with. The French are the symbol of romance with the eiffel tower and the language. They are naturally attractive people. They tend to be of lighter complexion, but can still have darker hair.



Polish women are gorgeous, tall and sweet. They are from the heart of europe and are sweet hearts. The delicate milky complexcion, can only be matched by the Sweeds.


The definition of beauty differs from person to person, but if true beauty is evident it shall not go unnoticed. These nationalities are the best looking based on my personal opinion. I am a man of Europe, I am inclined to favor those European girls. The bottom line is every nationality has its ups and downs,

Which geographical region is most attractive?

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Alex 4 years ago

What about Australia!?

hmm 3 years ago

Czech Republic is the heart of Europe. Not Poland!

Rick 24 months ago

MgpeakI too thought I could get away with the bella band and weraing slightly larger regular clothes instead of maternity wear. Well I was wrong and lived in maternity jeans before my furst trimester was over lol!

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