Best Nose Hair Trimmer For Getting Rid Of Annoying Nasal Hairs

Why are my nose hairs growing?

Due to a change in hormones, a large number of men all around the world will begin to experience the accelerated growth of nasal hair sometime in their 20s. By the time they reach the age of 30, their nasal hair will likely start to protrude from their nose and ears. These chances greatly multiply, as men get older and older. There is no way to stop the growth of these unwanted hairs, so grab the best nose hair trimmer you can find and start trimming.

Before you start trimming away at your unsightly nasal hairs, it is imperative to understand the function of the hairs in your nose. Whether you paid attention to it or not, your nasal hair has always been there. Nasal hair is necessary to protect your body, much like your eyelashes save your eyes from harmful particles in the air and the hair on your head defends your scalp from hot and cold temperatures. The little hairs in your nose work to form a barrier and prevent dust and other particles in the air from being inhaled and potentially contaminating your body.

As you age, your body’s hormonal changes cause the hair in certain places, such as your nose and ears, to grow more rapidly. This can sometimes lead to the hair growing to a length that protrudes from your nostrils. Hair experts have linked the growth to the male hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone). However, some women begin to experience the growth of unwanted nasal hair as well. This is caused by the lack of estrogen in their system due to menopause.

Nose hair trimmers

If your whiskers are starting to drive you crazy, then it is time to give them a little trim. While some people attempt to use tweezers, hair clippers or shavers to get rid of their unwanted nasal hair, they are not the most ideal tools and can be painful. To prevent damage to your nostrils, it is wise to find the best nose hair trimmer that falls within your budget.

Choosing a trimmer can be difficult, especially since many companies claim that their product is the best at removing unsightly nasal hair. Before you purchase a nose hair trimmer, it is wise to make sure the product has the features you are looking for and is worth your money.

What to look for

Cost - Nose hair trimmers vary in cost depending on quality. The most expensive nose hair trimmers are generally beard trimmers as well. If you do not have a need for a beard trimmer, then it is pointless to purchase one of these models. A good nose hair trimmer can be purchased for around $50.

Quality - Buying a cheap trimmer might seem like a way to save money, but, if it isn’t built to last, it will only cost you more money in the long run.

Attachments - The best nose hair trimmer will also come with attachments to double as an ear hair trimmer. If ear hair is not a problem now, it might be later, so look for trimmers with attachments to do both jobs.


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