Best Perfumes from Top French Perfume Houses

France, the cradle of modern perfumery, has released some of the most remarkable fragrances of all time. From Guerlain's Mitsouko to Chanel No. 5, French perfume houses are considered the leaders, the experts, and basically, la crème de la crème in the art of aroma. Recently French perfume houses have launched a slew of fanciful perfume releases. Here are the best French perfumes of 2009:

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Nina Ricci Ricci Ricci
Nina Ricci Ricci Ricci

Nina Ricci Ricci Ricci

First up, we have Nina Ricci Ricci Ricci. Known for its sweetly mischievous image, Nina Ricci is a brand that first made its name with the premiere perfume L'Air du Temps. This spicy perfume is filled with romance and elegance, warmth and spice. The same sort of romantic fun is imbued into the latest perfume released by Nina Ricci. Ricci Ricci is a hugely floral perfume that is constructed around the familiar warmth and spice concept. Filled with rhubarb, bergamot, four o'clock flower, Indian tuberose, May rose, patchouli, and sandalwood, Ricci Ricci is deeply intoxicating. Nina Ricci Ricci Ricci is available in 3 sizes: 30ml, 50ml and 80 ml.

Chantal Thomass Osez-Moi!
Chantal Thomass Osez-Moi!

Chantal Thomass Osez-Moi!

Chantal Thomass Osez-Moi! (Dare Me) is a light coquettish fare. No surprises there. In contrast to the syrupy and rich Ricci Ricci, Osez-Moi! boasts a lighter edge. Playing with tones of powder and musk, Osez-Moi! is skin scent that reveals romantic inclinations in privacy, not in an ostentatious display of ribbon twirling and cat costumes. Welcome to the softer side of the feminine boudoir. Unlike the more daring boudoir perfumes from Agent Provocateur, Chantal Thomass' scent maintains the playful femininity purported by its namesake lingerie. No vampy darkness here, simply soft feminine beauty. The notes include frangipani, rose, vanilla, peony, musk and vetiver. Osez-Moi! Is available in 50 ml.

Guerlain Idylle
Guerlain Idylle

Guerlain Idylle

This fall release speaks from the depths of perfumery. Guerlain, well-known for creating creamy almond-filled perfumes like L'Heure Bleue and Shalimar, steps away from that trend to create a deep musky floral. Idylle is meant to evoke "a drop of perfume, a drop of love, a drop of gold." The mist of flowers is evoked by light blends of lilies, peonies, freesias, lilacs, roses, and the soft blend of dew-warmed patchouli. If you are into comforting warm scents, Idylle will seem light, airy, pillow-like. If you are into fresh aquatic scents, Idylle won't smell like a mist of flowers, but instead a thick, humid floral hothouse. This noveau Guerlain classic comes in 35 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml.

Lolita Lempicka Si Lolita
Lolita Lempicka Si Lolita

Lolita Lempicka Si Lolita

The fashion house of enchanted femininity releases yet another astounding discovery. In the 1990s, while every other perfume house indulged in minimalist, aquatic and fresh citrus notes, Lolita Lempicka turned her back on the norm to create a sweet, warm, intoxicating scent, the original Lolita Lempicka perfume. A decade later, Lolita Lempicka still sells by the millions, and the trend of sweet gourmands has definitely caught on. While all the others continues to embrace sugary fruits, Lolita produces something unique. Spiced, powdered, and vaguely floral, Si Lolita is meant to capture the peppery lightness of a clover. Si Lolita pulls the notes of amber and elemi from a bygone perfume era, to give SI Lolita a sharp resinous kick, reminiscent of older fine perfumes. Si Lolita includes pink peppercorn, bergamot, mandarin, snow pea, heliotropes, elemi, amber, patchouli, and tonka bean. Si Lolita comes in 30 ml, 50 ml, and 80 ml.

YSL Parisienne
YSL Parisienne

Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne

The best French perfume of 2009 is Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne, the beautiful all-around crowd pleaser that was preceded by a perfumista buzz of megawatt status. With a beautiful campaign featuring the Eiffel Tower, an illustrious YSL bustier, oh, and of course, Kate Moss, Parisienne was bound to be a winner from word one. This flower perfume pulls from the best of gourmand perfumery to move this trend forward towards timeless sophistication. The Damask Rose unfurls with jam-like berry notes, delicious but never ostentatious. A gorgeous blend of soft base notes includes something for every personality. Parisienne includes a vinyl accord, cranberry, blackberry, Damask rose, violet, peony, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood and musk. Parisienne is available in 1 oz, 1.6 oz, and 3 oz.


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Amin 6 years ago

How can i buy orignal france perfoum for men and women plz my contact id is

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good website. really helpful

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yenajeon 5 years ago from California

Thanks for the new French perfume introductions! The Lolita is so cute and I've never heard of it before!

Rated up.

maryann guertin 5 years ago

my son brought home a perfume for me when in france during the gulf war...i loved it and received so many compliments...the name has alluded me :however it was something like je trois and i cannot find that,but i did see ver tois...he bought it at a perfumery after smelling many scents and i should mention a pretty french girl helping him....i wish i could locate it. he was only 19 years old and i was his main girl then..haha thank you for any help[ you can offer. the bottle was light green

norah 4 years ago

I would like to purchase french perfume oils. I do not know where to get them, can you help?

Merl Elton 2 years ago

YSL Parisienne is wonderful for a while yet has a very bad dry down the next day like Comet cleanser or Babbo; what happened to this lovely fragrance--please create a better organic or herbal spicy base.

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