What does Beyonce's first perfume smell like?

What will Beyonce's new perfume smell like? Well, I certainly can't wait to review it! There are only two seasons standing between me and B's perfume. Set to launch spring 2010, Beyonce's perfume is shrouded in the deepest of all mysteries: total obscurity. Not a even simple style, category, or note is leaked (pun totally intended) to offer the slightest hint of what we can expect in spring 2010. So I sat down and analyzed this perfume conundrum to see what might be the results of Beyonce's first perfume.

Beyonce promoting Emporio Armani Diamond perfume
Beyonce promoting Emporio Armani Diamond perfume
Beyonce for Tommy Hilfiger True Star
Beyonce for Tommy Hilfiger True Star
Beyonce for Emporio Armani Diamonds
Beyonce for Emporio Armani Diamonds

Beyonce has posed as the spokeswoman for other top perfumes in the past. In 2004, Beyonce was picked up by Tommy Hilfiger to be face of True Star. In 2007, Giorgio Armani signed Beyonce for their luxury perfume Emporio Armani Diamonds. Over these years, Beyonce has turned down perfume distributers that have approached her and offered her a piece of the celebrity perfume pie. Was the piece of pie not sweet enough? Were these companies not offering the kind of perfume line she was aiming for? Why Beyonce did not bite, we may never know. But that's old news, right? So what exactly is Beyonce cooking up for her new perfume now?

Coty, the multi-billion dollar beauty company that manages a number of high-end fragrance brands, has finally lured Beyonce to bite! Coty currently handles the fragrances of Vera Wang, Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs, Chloe and JOOP!. Coty also directs a number of successful celebrity perfume lines including Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Halle Berry, Kylie Minogue, and Jennifer Lopez.

Beyonce performing as Sasha Fierce
Beyonce performing as Sasha Fierce
Sasha Fierce clothing line
Sasha Fierce clothing line

When asked about her first perfume, Beyonce states, "While I love various perfumes, I haven't found a scent that truly personifies me as a woman. Working with Coty, I was able to turn my ideal fragrance into a reality by creating an alluring and sophisticated fragrance; one that's reflective of my inner power." So, this basically means that Beyonce has endorsed fragrances in the past, and cannot claim that she does not like them anymore even if she feels her new perfume might be better. This also means that Beyonce's newest perfume will smell a little different from those other fragrances that she has endorsed in the past. She also says that no other perfume has captured her personality as a woman. Now what the heck does this mean?

So this perfume is apparently going to capture Beyonce's character as a 'woman'. But who is that exactly? Is that "Bootylicious" Beyonce and "Baby Boy" Beyonce? Or are we talking "Single Ladies" Beyonce who performs as Sasha Fierce? Or completely different Beyonce all together—some behind-the-scenes Beyonce that we don't know too well?

Beyonce's Many Personas

Beyonce on her time off
Beyonce on her time off
Red Carpet Diva
Red Carpet Diva
Solo Performer
Solo Performer

So here are the perfume possibilities:

Beyonce's new perfume could embody her fierce diva persona, Sasha Fierce, who is feminine, warrior-like and confident. But this persona will already be maintained and promoted through her newest clothing line also called Sasha Fierce. But, the catch is that the "Sasha Fierce" craze could easily fade next season. So will Coty risk jumping in on the Sasha Fierce craze for Beyonce's new perfume?

Beyonce's new perfume could be a classy, up-scale perfume. After posing for sophisticated perfumes like Armani Diamonds, may Beyonce try her own hand at creating a commendable, sophisticated perfume. Could we, then, expect something along the lines of Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely--luxurious and elegant?

Beyonce's new perfume could be a simple drugstore body spray. Will Beyonce follow in the footsteps of Kate Moss. After posing for top luxurious perfumes like Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Kate Moss turned to create her line of drugstore perfumes that sell for $10 a pop! Could we see Beyonce going down this route?

Personally, I'm leaning towards the idea that Beyonce will create a classy perfume that represents her own personality as a professional, creative women. I think it will be a perfume that maintains the quality of Emporio Armani Diamonds and maybe even reaches a bit higher.

Which way do you think Beyonce will go with this perfume? Temporary pop-thrill like Sasha Fierce? Sophisticated, timeless elegance that speaks of her shrewd business character and her blossoming career? Cheap products that follow the "big fish in a little pond" scheme à la Kate Moss? Or something completely different altogether? Share your thoughts below.


UPDATE: To find out what Beyonce Heat smells like, read Secrets Behind Beyonce's New Perfume Heat


Celebrity perfumes and other Coty fragrances can be found at online discount perfume retailers.

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4ever Mo profile image

4ever Mo 7 years ago

Wowed yet again. You did a great job looking at the perfumes she represented in the past and having that poll at the end of the hub. I think her perfume will be a mix of sophisticated and fierce...but I don't know what the name will be since Abercrombie and fitch were sueing her about naming it'fierce' since they already have a scent that goes by that name.

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

Thanks for the compliments! :) Yea, that whole legal copyright infringement claim seemed pretty bogus. Hopefully more info on the name and notes will be leaked soon!

shanice 6 years ago

i love u bb

SOMEONE 6 years ago

my all time fave singer and actress and idol is Beyonce and me ,my mum,my friend,my friends mum absalutly adore her!!!!


perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 6 years ago Author

shanice and someone, thanks for stopping by!

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