Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Bezel set engagement rings have an appeal unto themselves. Although not that much in vogue there are many brides to be who prefer the look and function of a bezel set engagement ring.

That being said the bridal engagement ring scene is dominated by prong set center diamonds partly because brides to be feel that their diamond’s beauty is a bit hidden when the center stone is set in a bezel.

This is true to an extent because as much as 50% of the star facets’ length (facets closest to the girdle) can be hidden by the bezel.

The problem is that the jeweler when bezel setting engagement rings has to ensure that the center diamond is safely set and will not pop out if the ring gets a blow from your finger crashing into a wall or a piece of furniture.

So the metal forming the bezel has to be left at a reasonable height so when folded onto the set diamond will adequately cover it for a secure setting.

This covering goes around the full circumference of the diamond covering a greater percentage of the diamond than traditional prong setting would. Many brides to be figure this is a small sacrifice top make for the style and look that they want.

Modern Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Rings

A bezel set center stone may be considered modern but it really depends on the style of the ring. Bezel setting techniques have been used for a long time by goldsmiths through the ages so there is nothing modern about the technique per se.

It is the streamlined look of a solitaire bezel set engagement ring that evokes some sense of the modern look.

When this is combined with buttery soft looking gold work you can get quite a nice piece of modern wearable art like this ring to the right.

Note how sinewy and soft looking the ring is. This is an example of good workmanship in either handcrafting the ring or making the model.

Many brides to be appreciate this type of look as well as the benefit of not having to worry about scratching or hurting small children when picking them up or playing with them.

With prong set engagement rings you have to be more careful when handling infants because prongs and pave settings may have sharp edges if they haven't been properly rounded up with a jeweler's file

Traditional Look Bezel Set Engagement Rings

There are also bezel set diamond engagement rings that have a more traditional look. Many women like the way a bezel can protect the edges of a stone particularly if they have purchased a round or other shape of diamond that has a thin girdle.

Check out this bezel set engagement ring to the right that was given to Christina Aguilera. Note the channel set diamonds down the shoulders and the elegant scroll work on the front and back of the center mounting. This is a good example of a traditional looking bezel set bridal ring.

Although diamonds are the hardest substance, they are not the toughest and their crystal structure does have internal planes of weakness that will allow the diamond to cleave along these planes of weakness with a moderate blow.

It is sometimes hard to grasp that a diamond won’t scratch but will cleave in two pieces if struck at a strategic point.

Sometimes the stone that you want to purchase is perfect in every way including the price except that the girdle is quite thin.

You can opt to set such a diamond in prongs but if you are hard wearing on your jewelry then you might consider choosing mounting with a center bezel setting.

It is also possible for a novice jeweler to chip the girdle while setting so make sure you go to a trusted jeweler with a good deal of setting experience and some honesty.

It is very easy to hide a small chip on the girdle in the bezel setting itself and if your jeweler is both inexperienced and dishonest then this is pretty much what he or she will end up doing.

Princess Bezel Setting

Bezel settings can be used with great effect for princess and other shaped diamonds as well. If you like square cut diamonds then a princess cut is right up your alley.

This cut of diamond has a great geometric shape appeal with it’s sharp corners and straight edges unlike other square diamond cuts like the cushion, Asscher and modified squares like the Flanders brilliant cut.

Check out the princess diamond engagement ring to the right. Note how the square bezel reinforces the square shape and also allows for a thin line of diamonds to be pave set on the bezel itself adding to its appeal.

The tapered baguettes on either side soften up the hard edges of the center square outline. and the pave diamonds on the front facing edge of the ring adds a nice finishing touch.

The bezel setting also helps to protect the sharp corners of this diamond from chipping. Though this can be accomplished with a chevron prong setting you still will be leaving the edges vulnerable if you are dealing with a princess diamond with thin girdle.

Although a bezel setting for a princess diamond can be considered more secure than a four prong chevron, it all depends on the skill of the setter in “floating” the points of the princess diamond within the chevron prong and whether the setting is gold or platinum.

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