Bio Oil - The Benefits

Bio Oil

Bio oil is something that may of my friends swear by. I know I am only 20 and don’t really need to start worrying about the effects of aging just yet, but bio oil isn’t just for the aging skin.
Bio oil has many advantages. Not only does it help with the effects of aging, it helps to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and un even skin tones.
Ever had acne so bad that it has left scars? I have, and I know what it’s like to be a teenager with not only acne but acne scars, sometimes you just don’t even want to go out in daylight or if I was too venture out then heavy makeup would be applied! Bio oil for me has really proven a big help, over the last couple of months of using the product I have noticed quite a reduction in the appearance of my scars and no longer feel the need to wear heavy makeup!

Bio oil has also been proven to help with stretch marks, Bio Oil did a clinical trial on 20 women and 50% said that within 4 weeks of using the product there was a definite improvement in the stretch marks appearance.
Another benefit of Bio oil is if you have uneven skin tones, you will be glad to hear that this is the area that bio oil exceeds in. 93% of the 30 panelists (15 Caucasian and 15 Black African) said that they noticed an improvement in their skin tone within the 4 weeks of using the Bio oil.
Bio oil is also a hypo allergenic product, meaning you are unlikely to have a bad reaction to this product!

So if you have scars, stretch marks or un even skin tones, then I definitely think Bio oil can certainly help with these problems, it won’t completely get rid of these problems but it will definitely help minimise the appearance of them.

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Thunder Vixen profile image

Thunder Vixen 6 years ago from The Heart of California

I have been wondering how effective bio oil was for acne scars, does it improve pits too?

maria 21 months ago

is Bio Oil good for curing melasma

maneesha piumi 17 months ago

Wow,but I need more time to receive my complete results,by using bio oil

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