Birchbox Monthly Beauty Products

Best Subscription Ever!

I love the mail. I love getting the mail out of the mail box, and I love when that mail is for me. I'm not sure what it is about seeing my name on an envelope, or even better a box or package, that makes me feel all bubbly inside. Even getting a monthly magazine gives me a small tingle of happiness. I think my husband has figured this out. He turns to me expectantly when we drive by the mailboxes, awaiting my daily request,

"Do you want to get the mail?"

He and I both know that that means I want to get the mail. I want to turn the key and see all those multicolored ads and envelopes first. I know.... kind of crazy. This Christmas Santa Clause got some major bonus points when he stuffed my stocking, because there inside was the best subscription ever! There was this beautiful little letter that told me I had been gifted a subscription to Birchbox. Birchbox is a monthly slice of heaven. If you know me then you know that as much as I love getting the mail, I love trying out new beauty products even better! This monthly subscription is just that, an adorable box, addresses to me, with tiny, wonderful beauty products inside just for me to try.

About Birchbox

Birchbox was created by a group of beauty editors. They wanted to give beauty product lovers a way to try high end beauty products with out the high cost. Each month they hand pick their favorite items and package 4 - 5 adorable samples then send them to your door. These samples are from well known companies who only deliver the best in beauty. Birchbox also has an online magazine to help solve your beauty problems and give you advice on how to use your samples and info on the latest and greatest in the world of fashion and beauty. Then, if the products passed the try outs you can also order the full size version of the products. Genius!

My First Box

My Favs.....So Far

So far I have loved almost everything that has come in these fabulous little packages. I now have two new nail polishes to play with, a light gray-blue and a glamorous golden glitter. I've tried two wonderful new fragrances and moisturizing lotions. My favorite thing by far has been a whole box for free! In addition to my monthly box, I received a special Vichy box in February. Vichy was originally founded in France and was named for a town that is famous for the mineral waters that flow there. These waters are full of wonderful little minerals, 15 rare, that make up the foundation of their skin products. In this freebie box I got 24hr. hydrating face cream, anti-wrinkle and firming night cream, a three in one facial cleanser, eye make up remover, and a packet of Celludestock, an intensive skin treatment for cellulite. I think I heard the Hallelujah chorus when I opened that box.


In addition to all the awesomeness I've already told you about, you can also earn points on Birchbox. For every friend you refer to Birchbox, and for products you review, they give you points that you can use to purchase more products! Talk about a win win situation. So go onto to right now and check it out, but don't forget to mention Missy Jones (MissE) sent you!

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