Black And Pink Clothing And Accessories

I have a couple of favorite color combinations. One of them is lime green and pink (in fact, my bedroom walls are lime/pink plaid *g*) and my other favorite is BLACK and PINK! I also like brown and pink. Are we seeing a trend here? Okay, it's all about the PINK!

Thankfully, these color combos are quite popular right now and you'll find plenty of them to fill your wardrobe, so for the moment let's focus on some black and pink clothing and accessories and see what some of the hottest items are available.

Juicy Couture in Black & Pink

I can think of one brand that's very pink-friendly --- and that's Juicy Couture. You'll see the black and pink or brown and pink combo all over their collection -- from handbags to hoodies, scarves to umbrellas.

My favorite Juicy Couture items are their handbags and they have quite a few black & pink handbags to choose from, so take a look at the Ebay listings to the right to see if any of them strike your fancy.

Check the Plaid!

One of my favorite black & pink combinations is how the colors look together in plaid or checkers, so whether you are talking plaid flannel shirts or cute little checkedskirts, the color combination is going to be a hot one.

You can usually find some great selections of black & pink plaid on Ebay. Look for school girl skirts. Think about whether you want hot pink or pastel pink. They both have a different look!

Or how about a checkered hat or pair of sneakers in hot pink and black. Look for brands like Vans or Gallaz. 

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