Black Diamond Earrings

Black diamond earrings are a great accompaniment to practically any outfit. the color is neutral just like white diamonds except that there is a bit more edginess. Black diamonds along with the browns and blues have recently surged in popularity. Many designers began collections of black and white diamond earrings a few years ago because it addes some novelty to the fashion segment. Women also liked the combination because it lends itself to some beautiful designs based on pave work. Many of the motifs included leaves, flowers and hearts for on the ear earrings. Now designers have branched off into more contemporary stlyes like black diamond hoop earrings.

Black diamonds in hoops were popularized by David Yurman who incorporated them into his crossover diamond hoop collection in sterling silver with the matching pendant. This earring design combines white and black diamonds into a playful hoop that looks great whether on a night out or shopping during the day in denims and knits. The crossover gives a little pizzas to the standard diamond hoops that most women consider as staples in their jewelry wardrobe.rarely you will see an all black diamond hoop. Even though such hoops are in fashion they usually have white diamonds running along with them in a criss cross type of fashion or the white diamonds are on a smaller but parallel hoop like the example below.

Designer Black Diamond Earrings

These inside out black diamond hoops to the right are fabulous looking even though they are not designer. For those with an appetite for designer black diamond earrings I mention a few below

Charriol does a few huggies with black diamonds mixing them with white diamonds in their signature celtic noir black cable jewelry which really stand out once you put them on. It may be a little too much black for some people. I myself prefer the black cable with just white diamonds because the diamonds then pop out from the velvety black texture of the black cable. Roberto coin has a superlative collection of black with white diamond hoops. This collection called fantasia is a little different in that the hoop has about three rows of pave black diamond with a few random white diamonds scattered on the hoop. the result is a very dramatic but chic pair of earrings that come with the matching pendant.

Black Diamond Studs

Black diamond studs are starting to make some waves in jewelry fashion. One of the reasons is price. A pair of black diamond rounds about a carat each are just around $300 or so. Imagine that. A real diamond erasing stud for so little money. the only thing is that most women are not particularly enamored of the look. There are perhaps too many association with their Goth daughters and so adult women are more likely to stick to their white diamonds when looking for a nice pair of diamond studs. On the other hand black diamond studs now come in all different sizes and shapes so there is quite a bit of selection for even the most finicky teen.

Instead of spending $1000 on a bottom of the line David Yurman petite albion earring set in black onyx you could get her a pair of princess cut black diamonds a carat per side for $900 or the same size in rounds for about half of that. She can then show of her carat plus black diamond stud earring to her Goth friends in school. the most populare size for young women who are petite are the 1 carat black diamond earrings. If a girl is medium framed, maybe 5 and a half feet in height then you might want to go for the 2 carat black diamond earrings. See how great the pair of black diamond studs look below.

Black Diamond Drop Earrings

Black diamond drop earrings are quite popular because they have more movement than diamond hoops or diamond studs. Drops can be any length and move in any direction often calling attention to themselves. I think that is the one thing about black diamond studs that I'm not enthralled about. They tend to look a little flat and god forbid if they have oil and lotion on them and need a cleaning they will look awful till you clean them. In order for black diamond studs to look good i think they need to be at least 3/4 carat per side. Then they sparkle like black sequins and can have quite a dignified look.

I prefer a small 5 to 10 point white diamond above the bigger black diamond so that it has a drop look to it. That way you can see the beauty of the black diamond against the little white diamond. Its a very nice combination if you're looking for something in a white and black diamond combination earring but don't want all the elaborate pave work that you normally see in some drop earring. You can also consider the three stone stilletto version of this where you have two black diamonds. Check out the radical stud design below where you have white diamonds set into the table of a bigger black diamond.

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