Black Diamond Engagement Rings For Her

Black diamond engagement rings appeal to a certain segment of the population of women that can appreciate the beauty of black diamonds and want to have it as part of the most significant piece of jewelry that they will wear. Some brides to be love the all black look in white metal. Black diamond stand out particularly in white gold, platinum and palladium settings. Palladium is more of a stark white whereas platinum starts to develop that grayish patine over time that I think compliments a black diamond quite nicely. Also because you don't have the razzle dazzle of a big white diamond in the center grabbing all the limelight you can actually invest in a nice hand carved setting whose detail becomes more eye catching when you have a black diamond center stone in the mounting.

All the hand carved detailed whether its fleur de lis or some other artistic ornamentation on the shoulders and sides of the mounting come to life in a way that is not possible with a white diamond. I have even seen some incredibly detailed silver mountings with antiquing looking like spectacular black antique diamond engagement rings from the 1920's. These vintage engagement rings are mountings to be cherished and the center black diamond goes magnificently with their design.

Precious Metal Pricing and Black Diamonds

Some women like plain solitaire diamond rings and a black round or princess cut diamond looks great in a plain 4 prong or 6 prong solitaire mounting or a half bezel mounting like this ring to the right in either white gold or palladium. I would shy away from platinum as a metal for black diamonds because of the xepense. Even a simple 3 -4 pennyweight platinum solitaire mounting will be well over $700 and you will be putting a $300 dollar 1 carat black diamond stone in this.

It does not make much sense to have your mounting so much more costlier than the stone. Women and men will definitely balk at this because everyone is so used to the opposite type of pricing when shopping for an engagement ring. typically a 1 carat round diamond of even mediocre quality will be at least $3500 to $4500. Most white gold mountings even with 1/2 carat to 1 carat of side stones will run you no more than $2500 as long as the design is from a generic manufacturer. Designers like Tacori or Judith Conway on the other hand will easily run upward of $5000 for a similar white gold mounting and upwards of $10,000.00 for a black diamond solitaire ring in platinum.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Black diamond solitaire mountings come in a variety of styles from simple bezel mountings to more elaborate vintage looking mountings. Many women prefer the combination of Black center stones and white side diamonds over the straight black solitaire look. One of the reasons is that black diamonds look a lot like the much less precious black onyx. They are slightly more reflective and have more luster when you see them up close but from a difference it is hard to tell and many women do not want their black diamond engagement ring being mistaken for an onyx ring as if they are a goth teenager.

Many will opt for a nice white gold mounting with some white pave diamond accent work that lends a lot of pizazz to the overall look of the engagement ring. For sure their ring will not be mistaken for anything but an engagement ring with style and verve. Many such styles even include a combination of black and white pave diamond accents on the mounting because of the textures and looks that can be achieved by mixing both types of diamonds. You can also go with a simple three stone black diamond ring as shown below in lieu of the traditional center stone engagement ring. Three stone diamond ring are used not only as anniversary rings nowadays but also engagement rings,

Black Diamond Wedding Bands

Black diamond wedding bands make a great compliment to a black diamond center stone. The band can be in the form of a two sided jacket where the solitaire with the center stone slips into the middle. the band can even be part of a complete set that includes the solitaire mounting and a matching shadow band. stackable bands are all the range at the moment and stackable black diamond bands no less so.

Often a woman will split up her band and engagement ring and wear her engagement ring on her left hand ring finger and opt for a wide band for her right hand ring finger or vice versa. One the reasons is that black diamonds look far better when they are designed into multiple rows of pave work interspersed with some larger white diamonds laid out in smaller patterns of rectangular and other shapes shapes of one or more small diamonds per grouping. It adds so much class to the band that the ring can stand on its own without the engagement ring hence the tendency of women to turn their wedding band into a right hand ring. Take a look at the multiple row wide black diamond band below.

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