Black Diamond Rings For Him and Her

Although traditional diamond rings are perceived as romantic and elegant, black diamond rings can be a striking alternative, especially for that lady or man who wants to be a little different.Black diamond rings have come into recent popularity as fashion statements and even the traditional engagement ring and three stone ring have black diamond variants that have come into their own as mainstream jewelry where previously you would find only people of the Goth persuasion or psychic tarot card toting new age people wearing black diamonds.

The rise of the black diamond ring started out with the pave diamond fashion craze a few years ago when designers started combining black and white pave diamonds in intricate pieces that highlighted the black and white diamond contrast through styling and theme. Much of this black diamond jewelry would have flower motifs with the black and white diamonds juxtaposed to hint at the flower petal layering. This was a distinctly feminine style that contrasted with the other type of black and white style that was more geometric and more used in mens black diamond rings.

How Black Diamonds Became Popular

The hardened look of black diamonds in geometric layout came to the fore when designers like David Yurman and John hardy came out with their designer men's black diamond rings. Although the diamonds were black and small, they were cut with huge brightly polished tables and so had a good deal of brilliance and pretty soon were all the rage among fashion forward men.Take a look at the black diamond dog tag from David Yurman to the right

These designers jump started other designers of men's jewelry as it became clear that black diamond rings were a mainstream item now driven by mens fashion magazines and the rising popularity of hip hop jewelry. Men's collections of black diamond jewelry included titanium black diamond rings, black diamond solitaire rings, black diamond dog tags and other assorted mens jewelry.

Black Diamonds in New Metals

Black diamond engagement rings also became popular among a fringe audience comprised of rock and roll fans, hip hop artists and couples wanting a more diverse look to the traditional engagement rings that used white diamonds. Added to this is the fact that black diamond wedding rings offer more caratage per dollar than white, yellow and even blue diamonds. Black diamonds also go well with newly fashionable white metals like palladium, argentium silver, and titanium.

All these metals range from grey to bright white and they are all much less expensive than karat gold and platinum. So when you add the incredible value for the dollar of black diamonds vs other types of diamonds and these more down to earth metals you can get a heck of a lot of diamond jewelry for money spent. And this diamond jewelry is not the cheap looking diamond cluster junk rings that looked like pave frozen spit. These are fashion forward interpretations of high end jewelry but made with materials that are durable and far less costly. Check out the slick titanium ring with the small black diamond below. Just because the materials are inexpensive doesn't mean that a black diamond ring is not sharp looking and high quality.

Black Diamond in Titanium Ring
Black Diamond in Titanium Ring

Black Diamond Rings Not For Everyone

one of the reasons that black diamond remain inexpensive is because not everyone is into black diamond rings, black diamond earrings and black diamond jewelry in general. people who wear black diamonds have a certain personality. You have to see the beauty in it for yourself and a lot of people just don't see it. They remain fascinated by the look and the concept and are somewhat intrigued by the price but not enough to actually go out and own a piece for themselves.

There are many collectors who do buy the carat plus sizes apart from that fringe population that buys diamond engagement rings and three stone rings. However they are far outnumbered by the people who buy the yellows, pinks, and blues. So the demand for black diamond solitaires is still in its infancy. It is uncertain if black diamond jewelry, whether its antique black diamond rings, black diamond band rings, black diamond heart rings or black diamond jewelry mixed with black, brown, blue and yellow diamonds will be a short lived fad or endure as a growing fashion and bridal jewelry staple. But who can ignore the novel appeal of this black diamond solitaire ring below in white gold with a pink gold setting.

Types of Black Diamonds

Natural black diamonds fall into two distinct categories. There are "carbonados" which is the name Brazilians give to the type of heavily fractured and included type of black diamond. They are commonly used for industrial purposes because their random internal structure makes them hard to cut although some are suitable enough to be polished and set in mountings as white gold black diamond rings or black diamond earring studs.

The other type of black diamonds tends to have the appearance of black onyx. Their color comes from small micro particles of graphite that are evenly distributed throughout the crystal. They are not filled with cracks, fissures and multiple crystal growth directions that cause strain. For the most part these are single crystals that are far easier to facet without breakage. They also are more uniformly and completely black without areas of transparency that show up as grey to white patches. The more black and opaque a black diamond is, the more they are valued for use in fine black diamond jewelry like a black diamond engagement ring.

Check out how fine black diamonds in this pearl ring below transform the ring into a dramatic high fashion piece

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