Real Looking Black Ink Rose Tattoo Gallery

Flowers are tremendously popular to get as a tattoo. There are so many varieties and styles of flowers you can choose for a tattoo. The two most common tattoos are the rose and the lotus flower. If you are looking for something different than a common red or pink rose, you may consider a black rose.

One nice thing about getting an all black tattoo, is the black ink actually holds better within the skin. Colors, especially lighter ones tend to fade easily on a tattoo. For any tattoo though,after it fully heals and the scab falls totally off, you can help preserve the ink by applying lotion to it everyday. Tattoos need moisture, even after they are healed.

You can use any lotion, even scented is fine only after the scab falls off and it is completely healed !

Pretty Black Rose Tattoo

Unique Black Rose Tattoo

Cool Black Rose Tattoo

Real Looking Black Rose Tattoos

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Gustavo 2 years ago

Why do you hate them? You didnt really say what it is that bohrets you so much about them. Just curious? I have quite a few tattoos so I am obviously a fan but i do regret the first one I got. It is way too big and not at all representative of me. But otherwise I love the rest of them.

DeborahFantasia profile image

DeborahFantasia 4 months ago from Italy Author

I don't hate them, I love black tattoos !

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