Black Woman With Acne


Black is beautiful. Woman of color have their own special beauty. No maker how dark they are, their skin still glows with a warming radiance. Some do not have any skin problems, no blemishes, or discoloration. Others (Like myself) are not so lucky; struggling with skin problems with little relief. Most drug store bought remedies for skin problems are predominantly made for woman with lighter skin that don't have as much pigmentation, but at the same time keeping woman of color in mind. Lucky there are some skin care treatments that do work well for woman of color; finding which one will work for you is all in trial and error.

What causes acne?

Every person is different, as well as what causes their acne. There is no one cause for acne, but in most cases is began around puberty. Oil glands (also called Sebaceous) come to life around the time of puberty, this is stimulated by male hormones from the adrenal glads found in both men and woman. The oil is produced naturally to lubricate and protect the skin. In some people the cells that are closed to the surface blocks the opening of Sebaceous glands and cause build up underneath, stimulating a bacteria (which lives in everyones skin). This bacteria causes surrounding tissues to become inflamed. That is how a pimple is born. 


Hyper Pigmantation

One of the side effects of acne in colored people is Hyper pigmentation; which is dark or lighten spots on the skin. Also can be causes by cuts, burns, eczema, and in pregnancy (because of them crazy hormones) . When this occurs do not use any harsh lighteners or bleaches that contains steroids (unless a doctor says its okay), it can causes permanent skin damage.

A beautiful Black woman who suffers from acne


How to avoid Acne

Once puberty begins and the acne starts appearing it is best to let it run its cause. In most people it is temporary and will subside in the late teen years to early 20's. Some woman encounter acne during pregnancy (like myself) and it also subsides shortly after the baby is born, if breast feeding it may still pop up until beast feeding stops. In others acne can be avoided or even lessened.

Ways to avoid acne:

  • Keep face clean, avoid harsh cleansers
  • Keep hair off of face, hair contains oils which can clog pores.
  • Eat a balanced diet (lots of fruits,veggies, avoid oil unhealthy foods)
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Excuses regularly (at lease 2 to 3 times a week)
  • Use natural cosmetics
  • Don't touch your face!!!! unless you wash your hands
  • Don't pop any pimples (I noticed if you do they usually come back in the same spots)
  • Use sun screen when in the sun
  • Always, always, always, wash off make up before heading to bed.

More tips on how to avoid acne

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Drug Store Products for Black Skin Care

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Drug Store Products for Black Skin Care

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A little Q&A???

I use a ______________ for my acne care

  • A Home Remedy
  • A Drug Store product
  • A Doctor's Prescription
  • Just regular soap & water
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AshleyRB profile image

AshleyRB 5 years ago from United States

I have this problem too! It drives me insane and I do everything wrong! I pop my pimples and wear bangs lol

Moe_Moe90 profile image

Moe_Moe90 5 years ago from Lacey, Washington Author

Girl it is hard to get naturally clear skin after puberty hits. I just got my skin to the point were I barely had any acne and the acne scares was almost gone. Then I went and got pregnant!!! Aha. Now I have to start all over. You just have to find the right balance of product you use for your skin.

AshleyRB profile image

AshleyRB 5 years ago from United States

damn! lol but congrats to you :)

i know that can be tough

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