Blue Diamond Jewelry

Blue diamond jewelry is a fairly recent new category of diamond jewelry that has simply taken off in terms of popularity in the last 5 to 10 years. This is understandable since blue is the most sought after gemstone color in North America.

Color preferences in gemstones vary quite a bit across the world but in the good old US of A and certainly in Canada, the overwhelming preference for blue colored gemstones is well documented.

Sure, certain colors rise and fall in popularity owing to the seasonality of the clothing and accessories fashion market, but when it comes to fine jewelry and even to some extent costume jewelry you will find that the demand for blue colored gemstones have made jewelry made from blue topaz, blue sapphire and now blue diamonds best sellers across different types of jewelry from pendants and earrings to rings and bracelets.

Of course you are not going to find a blue diamond jewelry store that carries only that product but you will find that jewelers in the Caribbean and resort areas will carry a good selection.

This is because blue diamonds echo the romance of the color of the ocean and you can definitely agree that most of the charm of the Caribbean is in the appeal of its crystal clear blue waters.

Blue Diamond Color

Blue diamonds are the most recent type of blue colored stone to be used extensively in gold jewelry and silver jewelry.

These are of course not the rare natural blue diamonds since those are priced out of reach for most of the jewelry buying public.

They are the originally near colorless diamonds that are irradiated and heat treated in a systematic process that results in these near colorless diamonds exhibiting myriad shades of blue depending on the slight color tinges in the original diamond material.

A saturated rich blue color with only a very slight green component is the most desired hue in a blue diamond.

It is generally darker than the shade of blue commonly seen in Swiss Blue topaz but lighter then the inky dark and opaque navy blue of some commercial quality blue sapphires.

Loose blue diamonds with a heavy green component are not much in demand and this color results from a starting diamond material that has tinges of yellow.

This is why the most preferred starting color tinge for diamond material to be treated blue is generally gray or brown. The heavier the tinge, the darker the resulting shade of blue.

The Blue Diamond Earring

Blue diamond earrings are the second most popular jewelry category when it comes to blue diamonds.

Women who are introduced to blue diamonds generally like their initial purchase to be blue diamond stud earrings.

Women will usually have a pair of white diamond studs as part of their basic jewelry wardrobe to begin with because they will go with everything because they are white and simple looking.

A pair of blue diamond stud earrings offer the perfect opportunity to try out blue diamonds on a small scale to see how well they accessorize with a woman’s wardrobe.

If she likes the way they look then she will be happy to expand her blue diamond jewelry collection with a blue diamond ring, a blue diamond bracelet or a blue diamond pendant.

White gold blue diamond earrings are more popular then the yellow gold ones because the hue of blue diamonds shows up much better against the backdrop of a white metal setting.

Variations on a blue diamond earring include blue diamond hoop earrings or blue diamond dangle earrings that draw attention to the ear through movement and scintillation.

These types of earrings will usually pair blue diamond with white diamonds since each enhances the look of the other when set alternately side by side in a straight line setting or in a cluster.

Princess cut blue diamond earrings are also popular because they are typically more geometric in styling than earrings set with standard round blue diamonds.

Square shaped blue diamonds like the princess cut are also popular in mens blue diamond earrings especially in sizes over one carat that are mounted in a simple stud setting.

Blue Diamond Rings

Blue diamond rings is the most popular category for blue diamond jewelry partly because we have more fingers and rings are considered more special as a fine jewelry category for special occasion gift giving.

Birthday, anniversary, engagement and wedding occasions that involve a gift of fine jewelry will inevitably center around a ring more than any other type of jewelry.

For birthdays antique blue diamond rings and blue diamond right hand rings are common categories that ring gift givers go for.

When it comes to anniversary, engagement or wedding affairs blue diamond band rings, blue diamond solitaire rings,blue diamond engagement rings, blue diamond wedding rings and even a simple blue diamond eternity ring are quite popular choices for gift giving on these types of occasions.

Many women who have seen how high quality blue diamonds sparkle and scintillate in addition to having a glorious blue color will decide to use this gemstone over the traditional white diamond as the center stone for their engagement ring.

Traditional mountings can be used for this purpose because all that is being done is to substitute a center blue diamond for a white one.

The additional small white accent diamonds in a white gold setting completes the look for usually less than what it would cost to use an equivalently sized white diamond. Unless of course a natural blue diamond is being used instead of the treated blue diamond.

Popular variations of blue diamond bridal rings include blue diamond three stone rings, blue diamond solitaire rings, blue diamond princess cut rings and blue diamond band rings.

Mens blue diamond rings in signet and band styles are also in demand as men look for gemstones that exhibit a decidedly male color while at the same time being a precious and durable stone.

Blue diamonds have been a runaway success in mens jewelry categories like wedding bands.

Men seem to appreciate blue diamonds set in exotic new jewelry metals like black titanium, tungsten, palladium and argentium silver because of the sleek, modern, edgy and very masculine look of these metals in terms of color, texture, finish and styling.

The Blue Diamond Pendant and Blue Diamond Bracelet

The blue diamond pendant and blue diamond bracelet have also proved popular with women as they seek to add to their blue diamond jewelry collection.

The straight line blue diamond bracelet with alternating white and blue diamonds in prong set and channel set mountings follows up on the popularity of the diamond tennis bracelet craze during the 1980s.

They are popular as birthday and anniversary gifts along with blue diamond journey pendants and three stone pendants.

Blue diamond crosses are also immensely popular in religiously themed jewelry. In fact any popular jewelry item that has been sold in white diamonds will sell in a blue and white diamond version.

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