Blue Diamond Rings Have Come of Age

Blue diamond rings have grown in popularity over the last few years. many vacationers first catch site of them in the Caribbean where they seem to be in abundance. From the US Virgin Islands to Mexico. The range of blue diamond ring styles is quite amazing at these vacation areas and many pick one up as a piece of jewelry by which to remember their vacation by. Blue diamond fashion rings can be found in all different styles and price points. Right hand ring styles include various configurations of the multi band theme with criss crossing pave diamond bands punctuated with 5 or 10 pointer blue diamonds on top.

These blue diamonds can be set in prongs or bezel set depending on whether a modern look is needed for blue diamond band rings. Other looks in the right hand ring style include designs like swirling open metal work, geometric shapes invisibly set with alternating blocks of blue diamond and white diamond princess cut blue diamonds. These can run a pretty penny because the entire ring is practically covered with diamonds. At the lower price points you are more likely to find filigree type rings or open work type rings with a few 2 or 3 pointer blue and white diamonds. Antique blue diamond rings bought in the state section of jewelry stores can also be had at good prices.

Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

Blue diamond solitaire rings are especially popular both as fashion statements and as blue diamond engagement rings. They are also gifted for anniversaries. Blue diamonds are not as expensive as the more traditional white diamonds in the bigger sizes so you can get a beautiful solitaire ring encrusted with pave diamonds with a nice half to full carat round blue diamond in the center for half to two thirds the price than if it were a white center diamond.

Blue diamonds are of course heat treated , irradiated, or both to achieve the blue color. They typically start off as yellowish brownish grayish diamonds that are generally seen as substandard diamonds in the industry because most people want whiter diamonds. They also have more and larger inclusions than will be tolerated in a white diamond but because of the darker color you don't see them as readily. Through heat treatment and/or irradiation they are transformed to a deep sea blue with a green tinge. The darker brown or gray that they started off from then the darker the resulting blue diamond after treatment. In this way, even after the cost of the treatment the resulting blue diamond is far less expensive than a similar sized white diamond.

Blue Diamond Rings as a Fashion Statement

However, solitaire rings that use blue diamond center stones have gained popularity based not only on their price but also based on beauty and that the center blue stone is in fact a diamond and therefore the perception among buyers is that this has intrinsically more value than the other precious blue center stone which would be the inky almost black cheaper blue sapphires. From a fashion perspective it is also known that blue is one of the long standing favorite colors of jewelry fashion especially when it comes to gemstones. You only have to think back to the soaring popularity of blue topaz in the 80s when heat treatment allowed for the creation of a rainbow of blue colors in a cheap stone like topaz. It became far more popular than stones like amethyst and citrine partly owing to the price and more so because of its blue color.

Blue Diamond Square Solitaire Ring
Blue Diamond Square Solitaire Ring

Solitaire Blue Diamond Rings

Solitaire blue diamond rings can be as simple as a simple white gold band with a half carat or more blue diamond center stone. It can also be as complicated as blue diamond rings go. Often all this is an estate diamond engagement ring purchased cheap and then reset with a center blue diamond. Vintage blue diamond rings are very much in vogue these days and this is one inexpensive way of achieving that look. Blue diamond wedding rings are also popular, especially bands with alternating blue and white diamonds going around in a diamond eternity ring setting. Blue diamond wedding bands can also be plain bands flush set with a few diamonds or they can be rapturous designer blue diamond bands with perfectly matched invisible set blue diamonds in an eternity ring costing thousands.

Natural Blue Diamond Rings

Although blue diamonds undergo treatment, there are natural blue diamonds used in jewelry although you would be hard pressed to find natural blue diamond rings for just a few thousand. They would more likely be in the tens if not hundreds of thousands. Man made blue diamond rings or cultured blue diamond rings are still a ways off since the diamond culturing process is only producing diamonds with some degree of yellow tinge. these diamonds can be heat treated to achieve a blue color and would therefore be called a cultured blue diamond although it would be far more cost effective from a manufacturer's point of view to just treat the natural brown diamonds that come from the ground.

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Cheeky Girl 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

I had no idea that Blue Diamonds were less costly than ordinary diamonds. Ya live and learn! Great Hub!

diamond prices 6 years ago

These rings are very good. I think blue diamonds are cheaper then white diamonds. These rings are cheap and can be gifted to the loved ones.

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skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

very Interestng. Thanks for the info. Beautiful. I have joined your club. Many Blessings at the hubs of love.

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