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Ever since I was 12, I've had a love/hate relationship with body piercings. I remember loving the Spice Girls and first taking notice to a tongue ring. It not only freaked me out but intrigued me. Scary Spice, of the Spice Girls had her tongue pierced. I remember wanting one when I was merely 12 years old! My mother, of coarse, said I can't get that or ANY piercing done. I decided to take things into my own hands and pierce myself.

Now, before you think I was crazy enough to pierce my tongue... I was not. I started piercing my ears. I became addicted to it, actually. From age 12 to 15 I pierced my ears, here and there. I ended up having a total of 12 at one point, but had to take one out because I did it wrong. I have 5 on each side, and one cartilage piercing on my left ear. At that point, I decided I liked the way they looked, but wanted to change them. I began gauging them. I didn't gauge them much, just to the biggest being a 12 and the smallest, a 16.

At age 15, I took on a new liking to the belly button ring. My mother, of coarse, said no. Once again, I pierced myself. I was careful and clean about it, but still managed to get it infected and had to take it out. Finally, at age 16, I got it professionally pierced. My mother, still not liking the idea, so my cousins mom let me do it. She signed the paper saying she was my mother and I got it pierced. I later ended up ripping it out at work when I was 17. Bad habit of climbing shelves and hopping down!

Finally, age 18 had arrived! I decided to get my lip pierced out of a dare. A few months past and I also got my first tattoo, also. I only have 3, so I never went overboard with those! After I got my lip done and my first tattoo, I remembered an old piercing that I wanted, the tongue piercing. Me and my boyfriend of the time got ours done together. It didn't hurt at all, but the healing process did! I was taking a painkiller around the clock to reduce the swelling and pain. I couldn't eat anything other then mashed potatoes and applesauce for 4 days. This went on for about 14 days, and I could finally speak without a slur. Mind you, I was a beauty advisory and have to talk a lot at work!

I couldn't stop there either. When I was 19 I decided to get my eyebrow pierced, just for the heck of it! I loved all my piercings but eventually, my eyebrow bar got rejected, as did my lip ring and I was left with just a tongue ring. I then read about the dangers of having metal or plastic in your mouth 24/7 and decided to take it out.

I sit here, with 3 tattoos, and only my ear piercings left. Once again, I am intrigued. I decided to take my niece to get her lip pierced and I also decided to get mine done as well. She's been wanting a labret for awhile now, and I am curious as to how I would look with one, so we will both be getting them done tomorrow.

Many people look down on piercings and tattoos. If it is not over done, I see it as a beautiful way to make one's body a living art piece. I won't ever fully agree with the idea of having 10 face piercings or huge gauges but I can't knock someone for trying to be different. While tattoos have always caught my attention, especially tattoo sleeves on men, I don't think women should be covered in them. A few here and there, nice clean ones are beautiful. When a women covers her body in tattoos she almost messes up a perfect work of art. For some reason I find it just the opposite on men. I find it adds to them, a certain spoken, yet unspoken story. You can tell a lot about a man according to his tattoos.

Needless to say, I love tattoos and I have a love for certain piercings, and that will never change.

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A.A. Zavala profile image

A.A. Zavala 5 years ago from Texas

I think that some people overdo the piercings and tattoos because they are wanting to try to stand out in in the group of people who are also pierced and tatted up. Too much of anything is bad, but to each their own.

I have admired the suicide girl models for a while. Some of the best models in my opinion are the ones who accentuate their beauty with a few tattoos. Others have so many that it hides their attractiveness. Does that make sense?

ii3rittles profile image

ii3rittles 5 years ago Author

A.A. Zavala - Thanks for your comment. Yes, that does make sense. As I said, many women that get to many tattoos cover up their real beauty and make themselves less attractive. And yes, I agree with your statement about people wanting to stand out from other people. So many people have tattoos and piercings now a days its considered "in" not self expression anymore, but a fashion statement. I hate how people ruined that. I for one will never get a tattoo on my body I didn't draw myself. I feel that if your going to get a tattoo, it should have meaning behind it. Also, more and more young people are getting them done and regretting them in 5 years. A tattoo should never be a regret, rather an empowerment or self-expressional piece.

A.A. Zavala profile image

A.A. Zavala 5 years ago from Texas

Absolutely. You will think I'm a nerd, so bear with me. I remember getting two piercings in my left ear and wearing a small loop. I was the bomb! Or so I thought. Then a couple weeks later, I ran into a 55 year old cowboy with the same piercing, except he wore studs. I never wore any after that.

I have one tattoo on my right shoulder of a wolfhead, got in Germany. Although it was a flash, it still hold some significance with me. I have been working on a Haida thunderbird back tattoo for the last 10 years. I still don't know if I'll get it, but if I do it will be beautiful.

Pretty soon, the way people are getting tattoos, it may be cooler not to have any piercings or markings. It may be a rarety.

ii3rittles profile image

ii3rittles 5 years ago Author

Oh I know what you mean. People, of all ages, & walks of life are getting them. I remember in high school girls loved my ear piercings because I had so many & I always wore really wicked earrings... Now, I'm just considered normal. LOL Laser removal is going to make a killing in 5-10 years! Like my fiance' says... To many piercings looks trashy. & to add to that, most people, more so women then men, will end up regretting their tattoos in 5 - 10 years. I thought about each one I got for months before getting them and mine are very small and only black. I have a cat on one wrist, a heart (tribal) on the other and a dove behind my right ear. All of which I designed, and all are simple and have meaning.

If you do end up getting your tattoo, simply because you are making it, you will never regret it. Its your own art =)

profile image

ExoticHippieQueen 5 years ago

Hey 113rittles, look closely at my picture and you will see that I have a nose piercing. I am not a kid. That was many, many years ago, but I had my nose pierced just 2 years ago. If I were younger, I probably would have had my eyebrow pierced too, but I'm past that. I have a tattoo on my leg of a man in the moon. Would like to have another one, maybe a tattooed bracelet around my ankle. I agree with you that men seem to do okay with mulitiple tattoos, but on women it looks kind of trashy most of the time, no matter how beautiful the woman or the tattoos. For me, my nose piercing is something I had wanted for a few years and had plenty of time to think it over. Too many rush out immediately and get something done that they regret, whether it's a piercing or a tattoo. My daughter has substandard tattoos written all over her and it looks terrible. She was not particular about who did it or what it would look like. Big mistake! I took a small charm in to my tattoo artist, who was from Czechoslovakia, and he copied it identically onto my leg. I have never regretted it or the piercing. I really enjoyed your article and thank you for sharing it! Voted up and awesome!

ii3rittles profile image

ii3rittles 5 years ago Author

ExoticHippieQueen - Thanks for your comment and sharing. I'm glad you never went over board like many people are doing now a days. I feel sorry for your daughter. So many young women think it's cool to have tattoos so they get any and all kinds... She will most likely regret them when she gets older. Another thing people don't realize, is we ALL age! Women, more so then men, end up having deformed tattoos due to aging. Men tend to have them on their arms, back and legs which is where we have the least amount of wrinkles when we get older. Many women are getting tattoos on their hips, breasts, stomachs, ect. that will end up looking like hell after pregnancy, or simply aging. For that reason, I will only get tattoos on my lower arms, lower legs, upper back, or back/side of neck(behind the ears). I'm glad you decided to get one done with meaning and went about it the right way! Thanks again =)

Roy Perrin profile image

Roy Perrin 5 years ago from Jacksonville, NC

Great Hub as usual. Being a Marine, it is more unique to find someone who does not have a tatto. MOST of us in the military have tattoos that mean something and they cost so much that we usually do have to think about what we're getting while we save up to pay for it. I of course have the obligatory "moto-tat" with my own twist on it. I have a modified Eagle, Globe, and Anchor with a Superman "S" where the globe should be on my right shoulder and a dragon on my left shoulder (I seem to have a bit of a dragon fetish). Each one was thought about for at least 6 months before visiting a parlor. One thing anyone should know these days is that the health standards for a tattoo and/or piercing parlor are almost more strict than a hospital. That said, if the place doesn't look clean, it doesn't matter how good tha artist is, infections are not worth it. Do your research before going in and paying hundreds of dollars on something permanent.

ii3rittles profile image

ii3rittles 5 years ago Author

Roy - Thanks for your comment! & I def. agree! It is so popular now that tat places are all over the place and half of them aren't clean. I've been to 4 different shops, as of today, and they all seemed clean and professional. However, the place where I got my first tattoo, was not exactly up to par. I didn't use my brain back then (I was only 18) and I remember them fighting with some guys and worrying about the cops showing up over some drugs. I should have just walked out, but I didn't. I got my eyebrow pierced there, and my lip also, both of which got rejected. I am not sure why, but I suspect it was because of how they were done. Thanks again for your comment!

fashion 5 years ago

Great hub.

Body piercing has become fashion than beauty.

Good work.

Andrew 5 years ago

Tattoos are from the devil.

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