Bodyshaping Spanx Tights

Sometimes every body needs a little help looking trim. As we leave our early twenties and proceed into our thirties and beyond, the body seems determined to take on new, interesting shapes that it did not have a name for in our younger years. Suddenly things become flabby, saggy, decidedly unstreamlined. It's then that a girl or a guy needs a little more support, and Spanx are the perfect supporters for a body threatening to run amok.

Sure, you could eat less protein, fat and sugar, you could run on a treadmill until your knees grind to dust and you could drink mountain spring water. That would probably tone your body up a fair bit, but that takes a great deal more effort than rolling up some silky smooth tights that transform the landscape of your body dramatically within seconds. This shouldn't be taken as advice to abandon a healthy diet and simply pack rolls of fat into reinforced nylon until you or the nylon gives way, but as a handy hint for those on the cusp of needing to lose weight, but who just don't have the time to become an endurance athlete.

Why recommend Spanx as a brand? Mostly because Spanx have thrown themselves with a passion into the task of reconfiguring bumps and lumps into curves. It's pretty much all they do, which means, just like the creepy guy who lives in your shed and whittles voodoo dolls from abandoned pieces of soap, they're incredibly good at it. (Everybody has a creepy soap whittling guy at home, right?)

You'll notice when you wear Spanx that they rise up much higher than your average stockings, which tend to end somewhere around the midriff. Unlike inferior tights, Spanx rise up to sit under your bosom, training your stomach, butt and thighs into a more user friendly shape. They are also incredibly comfortable and soft. Wearing a pair of Spanx shaping tights is a lot like being cuddled all day by a clingy, yet affectionate small person.

Spanx are also less prone to laddering and making you look like a shabby street walker a la Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. (Can you believe that movie came out twenty years ago? Twenty years ago! 1990 was twenty years ago! There are people reading this article who weren't even born then. You whippersnappers!)

Odds are however, that if you're looking for shape shifting, sorry, shaping underwear, (shape shifting underwear would be a whole 'nother bag of magic,) you're old enough to remember Pretty Woman, and to get your gently rounded curves to your local retailer and pick up a pair of Spanx today! Make that right now! Make that yesterday! Oh my god, buy them before it's too late!

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joanjo 7 years ago

Sorry Hope but I just cannot get any enthusiasm for tights no matter how good they are for holding one in. However I think my wife may need to consider, she has just been buying leggins and tunic type tops and I've had to give her the once over, how can I tell her without hurting her feelings.

I just love my Cervin stockings with the multi coloured tops very yum.

MJ 6 years ago

SPANX are wonderful to wear, however there are many styles and considerable differences. The best wat to get an idea as to how effective the item will be is to look at the spandex content. The higher the spandex content the more effective it will be, as well as piecing several items together...the panties do not work well by themselves but work great with the cami's.

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