Boho Chic And How To Get The Look

Boho Chic is a popular style that draws on the hippie look from the 1960's and 70's for inspiration. The Olsen twins like to dress in the Boho style but don't carry it off as well Nicole Richie who epitomizes the look.

Boho Chic is a free spirited, romantic trendy and very comfortable style that because of its use of vintage clothing doesn't have to be expensive.

boho chic and how to get the look
boho chic and how to get the look

Bohemian Hairstyles

The Bohemian or Boho hairstyle is usually long flowing hair either with or without long layers and bangs.

The main key to a boho hairstyle is to have healthy natural looking and easy to style hair like you may have seen on Sienna Miller or Nicole Richie.

Next you're going to want to add in some pretty headbands with bright colors and plenty of sparkle.

Boho Chic Jewelery

If your looking for some nice pieces of jewelery to round out your look be sure to check out some of the pieces by Nicole Richie's House Of Harlow jewelery line which was inspired by her daughter Harlow.

The white cuff watch and the gorgeous red bangle are also a good way to achieve the Boho look for less.

Boho Chic Clothing

The bohemian style is a relaxed comfortable and romantic style with colorful tops and flowing skirts, that makes the most of color and fabric. And if done correctly leaves you looking soft and romantic, think Nicole Richie.

Unfortunately the Boho look if not done correctly can leave you with a frumpy bag lady look not unlike Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

But if you're careful to wear the correct size and not pile on a ton of clothing you should be safe from the Olsen twin look.

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jill 6 years ago

Love the boho look but not the olsen twin version: lol

BohemianBags profile image

BohemianBags 5 years ago from Santa Clara, CA, USA

Love the boho hairstyles - free flowing natural slightly wavy long hair..sienna miller has a nice boho style

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