Bolle sunglasses were a disappointment- they were faulty.

I ordered similar sunnies to these, they were faulty
I ordered similar sunnies to these, they were faulty

The coating peeled of the lenses!

I have always loved quality sunglasses. Think that when you are dealing with your eyes then you should buy the best. I got on the internet determined to buy myself a good set of sunnies at a bargain price. I went straight to the Bolle’ website here in Australia and found an older model set going for $60 new so I purchased them.

They came about a week later and I started using them, being very careful to always protect the high quality lenses. After about a month the tinted coating started peeling off the inside of the lenses when I was cleaning them.

I was shocked to say the least, so I sent them back under warranty, together with an explanation letter and the receipt. About ten days later I got a parcel that had another pair of sunglasses in it the same model, and my original letter?

I was under the false impression that a company like Bolle’ that prides itself on quality would realise that their very existence depends on consistent quality. I also thought I might get a letter of explanation, maybe even an apology, and perhaps even an extra set of glasses. Apparently not. service these days and quality seems to take a back seat to sales. Lift your game Bolle'. My next set of sunglasses will be Ray-ban’s

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