Bounce Off Those Wavy Locks

why get a wavy hair?

get yourself those lovely waves

Women may either wish they have straight, curly, or wavy locks (or maybe no locks at all for punky ones!) But whichever their desired style is, one thing is for sure. Wavy hair will always be a trend to last a lifetime.

What's great with such waves is that they can easily be straightened using an iron. It can also be flaunted, bounced, scrunched, and just worn casually without worries that it will be messed up. Sure, the straight look may also be a casual hair style, but with waves, it's a rather different story.

The Scarfed Look

If you have that long wavy hair, why not try it on with a hip and long scarf? You'll surely be the talk of the neighborhood with your go-getter look. 

Go on a Date 

Show your ravishing locks as you go on a date. Let your true beauty shine as you try putting on styling gels or even dare for some streaks. Your partner will surely find your look oh-so-fabulous and would be swooning all over you.Just don't forget to feel your best during that night and you'll end up not forgetting that night after all.

Maintaining Those Waves

One of the secrets in keeping any hair style prim and proper is trimming. Whenever those split ends infest again, that's the time to go to your trusted salon for some hair treat. Remember, grooming your hair is very important if you want to have the most fabulous hair experience. See to it that you make use of shampoos that are just right for your hair condition. If you have oily hair, go for the ones suited to it. The same goes with dry and frizzy hair. Likewise, there are herbal shampoos specially made for your hair type.

Special Tips for Wavy Hair

If you have full-bodied hair, it is not recommended to use shampoos that increase volume. Now, if those waves are too heavy and they get all blown during a windy day, tie them up or put on a nice clip to go with your attire. You may also want to have U cuts or get them cut in layers. Also take note of the proper conditioning system for your hair and you're off to a great hair-do.


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