Boxy Handbags Rage In Fall 2010

It doesn't matter how wildly impractical handbags are, they'll always be in style because they're the perfect accessory. A handbag isn't just for carrying your life around, it helps define your taste and style, and it informs others around you how closely you are attuned to the primal forces of fashion. Fall 2010 is going to be all about boxy handbags. Anything square is good. In fact, it's better if your handbag isn't a handbag at all. A bag that makes you look like a hobo with an exceptionally small and battered suitcase will work just as well. Alternatively, if you insist on looking polished and ladylike, every designer worth their salt has brought out handbags with more 90 degree angles than your average rectangle.

This first leather case bag is going to be wildly awful to actually have to carry around all day, but you will certainly gather comments, attention and general praise for your hipness if you can find a specimen like this in a local thrift store, or on Ebay, where this boxy bag originated. For those without hundreds of dollars to drop on handbags, thrift stores and auction sites are fashion life savers.

This 1960's Mod vintage handbag just goes to show that this boxy trend is yet another of the many throwbacks to 60's fashion coming back in this season. This is a good year to go home and raid your mother's closet, most of the clothing she wore as a teen or young woman will be coming back in this year, and there may very well be treasures just waiting to be found.

The peach creation is brought to you by Marc Jacobs, and it's incredibly cute, is it not? 'Posh Turnlock – Jazz Bag' he calls it, and though I don't see much Jazz about it (perhaps if it were pastel blue, it might be mildly reminiscent of something jazzy,) and it strikes me as more light and bohemian than posh, Marc can call his bags whatever he feels like. What's in a name, after all? Not much at all.

Kate Spade's Bon Vivant 'Mini Simone' Satchel fits into the boxy trend admirably, and in a bright, fun color that will add zest to any outfit. Unlike Marc, Kate's managed to come up with a name that captures the spirit of the bag quite aptly. Mini Simone indeed, for when Maxi Simone is just too much.

For Fall 2010, keep cubes in mind, and you'll be fine.

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