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twist outs are a nice natural hairstyles
twist outs are a nice natural hairstyles

Short Hair Braids Ideas

During the colder months it can get really challenging to come up with ways to wear your hair, I will discuss some of the hair braiding trends I see and how you can utilize these styles in your hair routine.

Braided Winter Hairstyles

One of the more simple but elegant hair ideas is the side fishnet braided ponytail. To get this look all you need is to gather all your hair to one side with a ponytail holder, next you will intertwine your hair into a nice interlocking braid,

The key is to let your bangs out in the front and use a curling iron to curl up into a quiff or rockabilly style for added effect.

Short hair braids are a good look for summer, they take less time to do, but it can be a challenge to braid short hair in the best braid styles, so I suggest you find pictures on the internet for inspiration.

If you look carefully, you can find plenty of ideas such as synthetic braids in creative braided hairstyles which look great when learning how to braid short hair.

What kind of styles can be done on braided hair?

There is a wide selection from dread locs, twists, micro braids, box braids, cornrows, and crochet are among some of the braided styles that can be done on short hair.

Is your hair short, dry, brittle and hard to manage?

This could be due to damage done to the ends of the hair, when you use harsh chemicals it will dry the hair out causing breakage and this is what causes hair loss, one of the many remedies include using a water based conditioner.

Is water moisterizing for natural hair?

I have learned along the way that water can be a natural moisturizer if you do not have chemicals in your hair and is good treatment for black braid hairstyles.

You will notice that once you start to use chemical relaxers that the hair becomes brittle and the use of water can be to harsh for your hairs daily hairstyles and maintenance routine of combing or brushing the hair,

Benefits of braiding short hair

Most of us were brought up wearing our hair in ponytails which causes to much tension on the roots of the hair and does not allow the scalp to breath.

Some of the benefits of braiding short hair is that it gives the hair a break from all the harsh daily treatment and allows it to rest, while it is braided it does not get damaged and it starts to grow longer.

Braids for Short Hair Tips

Hairstyle ideas for black hair care include:

natural hairstyles for hair braiding

  • dreadlocks
  • sisterlocks
  • nappylocs
  • cornrow braid hairstyles

micro braids on short hair is easy to do with hair extensions with bulk hair.

At there is a frequently asked question section that talks about precision in the parting of the grid of hair that is intertwined together.

For such a style the advantage of kinky hair is that it will hold and can easily mold into the desired shape that is easily styled and it does not require wax, or gels.

Most hair twist braids will require just adding hair to the bottom side of the braid which can be done on micro braids, fusion, lacing, cornrowing, interlocking, african twists, gel twists, liberian twists and corkscrews.

You will want to use an african american hair braider who is familiar with all these types of braiding styles.

How to take care of short braid hairstyles tutorial

The best ways to care for braids is to allow them to dry completely after washing and then to add moisturizing conditioner, leave in conditioner is one of the best to use.

Remember not to use oils and heavy grease or pomades because this will only clog pores and cause hair to stunt in growth. That is why you will notice that your hair is not growing because of the following reasons:

Heavy oils keep hair from growing

Too much grease, not enough conditioner, left too long with out washing hair so the hair is dirty and starts to break off, or you will notice that the braids you put in your hair has been left in too long.

Over 3 months and new growth is starting to get tangled and matted which ends up requiring you to cut off the braids leading to shorter hair instead of long hair.

Remember to keep your hair clean, moisturized and to redo short braided hair styles before they grow and start to tangle.

Low Maintenance vs. No Maintenance

Low maintenance is not the same as no maintenance just because your hair is in individual braids you will still need to care for them in order to maintain healthy hair care.

Tips to help avoid hair loss

When wearing braid styles it is important to remember that you want to avoid hair loss, one way to do this is to stop having your braids pulled so tight.

The reasoning behind tight braids is to avoid the braids coming undone or getting too loose, but what happens is the hair is pulled so tightly from the scalp that it leads to hair loss around the hairline, so much so that it results in balding.

If you find that this has happened to you, try a Hair Restoration Growth Formula along with using natural oils, that promote hair growth. avoid tight braiding along the hairline and give your hair and scalp a chance to breath.

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