Braun 7526 Syncro Shaver System

Braun 7526 Clean and Charge System

Syncro Shaver 7526SP Clean & Charge stand

One Replacement Cleaning Fluid Cartridge

Deluxe Leather Travel Pouch

Cleaning Brush and Electric Cord

Braun 7526 Syncro Shaver System

A great shaver as you would expect from Braun. The 7526 Syncro has a 4 way pivoting head which delivers a smoother longer lasting shave.

With larger holes in the foil to capture more hairs and a head that oscillates from side to side this electric razor gives a smooth yet quick shave.

The storage system automatically cleans and charges the razor ready for your next shave.

Your shaver is always ready in tip top condition and sparkling clean.

Automatic Battery Care system.

The shaving head pivots 4 ways to glide smoothly over every contour of your face, though it can be locked into position if necessary.

The twin foils and integrated cutter easily and smoothly take care of even difficult hairs.

With a long hair trimmer it's easy to trim your moustache or sideburns.

the built  in  LCD panel  shows the  maintenance and charge status.

When you you finish shaving and replace your shaver in the stand it's automatically cleaned and charged ready for when you next need it. The automatic battery care system gives optimum performance ensuring maximum power for a great shave together with extended battery life.

The Braun 7526 shaver comes complete with a power cord but can be used cordless for up to 50 minutes of shaving, that's 2 to 3 weeks on average.

The environmentally friendly N-Hyd batterries will fully charge in one hour, though there is a 3 minute quick charge option for emergencies.

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Diecast Guy profile image

Diecast Guy 6 years ago from Toronto,Ontario,Canada

Perfect timing I'm in the market for a new shaver. I have always owned a Philips. Maybe it's time for a change.

Thanks, good hub.

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