The Brazilian Bikini - What It Is And How To Wear It

The Brazilian Bikini : What Is It?

Most of us know what a standard bikini looks like; a two piece swimsuit with a cut that is similar to that of everyday underwear. Many people are also familiar with a thong bikini; one where the bottoms take the form of a g string or thong, again similar to thong underwear.

A brazilianbikini falls halfway between the cut of a standard bikini and a thong bikini. It sits low down on the hips to expose as much stomach as possible and is cut smaller than a standard bikini at the back, covering about half as much flesh. Many people looking for a sexier option than a standard bikini, but not wanting to expose themselves as much as a full thong bikini would, love the shape of the curve enhancing brazilian bikini.

Originally seen on the beaches of brazil where curvy gorgeous women love to celebrate their bodies, the brazilian bikini has now become the most popular shape elsewhere in the world, for women who love to show off their bodies but still keep a little left to the imagination.

The perfect body for a Brazilian bikini
The perfect body for a Brazilian bikini

How To Wear A Brazilian Bikini

How to wear a brazilian bikini? With confidence of course! A brazilian bikini is all about celebrating a woman's natural shape so although brazilian bikinis look great on the naturally lithe of hip they also look fantastic on curvier women too. Originally hailing from Brazil they were designed to be worn by all women including those with a very womanly, curvy shape.

The only thing to consider when wearing one is that you probably need to be a little more thorough with your bikini wax than you might need to be in a standard bikini- there isn't much material to cover anything up!

How To Get Your Body Brazilian Bikini Ready

Are you a womanly woman? Then you have the body for a brazilian bikini. However, everybody, no matter what size might like to make a few preparations before stepping outside the door in a brazilian bikini.

The first thing to do is to get very busy with the bikini wax, in fact, to wear a brazilian bikini with complete confidence you may need to consider a brazilian wax. Brazilian bikinis don't cover much and unwanted hair will destroy your whole look.

Fake it baby...

The other thing you may wish to consider, depending on your skin tone, is a little fake tan. Whilst brazilian bikinis are all about celebrating a womans natural curves, in my experience those curves can often be shown off to their best advantage by smothering them in a layer of fake tan first, especially if you are naturally pasty like myself!

Work Those Curves

Whilst some women worry that they have too many curves, others worry that they don't have enough curves to wear a brazilian bikini. If this is your worry try to select a top that has slightly padded cups. As well as being more discrete if it gets cold this can help to give an illusion of more fullness too. One product that is currently being sold as a wonder product for the bust is Rodials Glamoxy Boob Job which is currently getting rave reviews for it's enhancing properties. Remember though, wearing a brazilian bikini is as much about attitude as attributes. 

Where To Buy Brazilian Bikinis?

Brazilian bikinis can be bought in many stores, in fact, most stores that sell bikinis also sell brazilian bikinis.

If you are a little shy about trying brazilian bikinis in a store a great idea is to order one online. You can then try it on in the privacy of your own home with your own accessories and decide whether you think the brazilian bikini is for you.

One trick that I found when trying on brazilian bikinis at home was to make sure that my body was as prepared as it would be on the beach. In other words I had applied my tanner beforehand.

It is also amazing how transformative a great shoe or sandal, a couple of bangles and a great sun hat can be. These are things that you can only work out at home with all your accessories to hand.

Think about where you will be wearing your bikini and what other accessories would be appropriate. If it is simply for beachwear your accessories might be quite different to those you would need for lounging around a pool in St Tropez!

One important thing to remember when trying on your bikini is that you don't have to look like a supermodel. Only about 100 women in the world actually look like that. The trick is simply to work out whether you can be comfortable enough to wear a brazilian bikini with confidence. 

Don't Forget To Wrap Up!

Although a brazilian bikini might be great on the beach, it might not be so good when you want to walk over to a bar for a bite to eat. For this you'll need a matching wrap, sarong, or kaftan. These are now so gorgeous that they can be an outfit in themselves. The key to choosing the right one is to work out how much you want to cover up. Some cover ups seem to be more like t shirts, stopping fairly high. Others might offer a lot more cover and are more the length of a mini dress. 

Brazilian bikini ready
Brazilian bikini ready

"People shop for a bathing suit with more care than they do a husband or wife. The rules are the same. Look for something you'll feel comfortable wearing. Allow for room to grow. "

Erma Bombeck

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Joanna Kinsman profile image

Joanna Kinsman 2 years ago from San Diego, California

Love this article! I'm a Brazilian bikini designer and am working on an ebook and was doing some research.

Would love for you to check out my line!

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GmaGoldie 6 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

I love swimsuits of any kind! I appreciate the added information.

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