Bringing Sexy Back - How to be Plus Size and Sexy

The Sexy, Plus Size Woman

Curves are back! If you are a plus size and have been conditioned to hide your curves all these years, you don't have to. As a plus size woman you can feel good about yourself and love yourself and your body.

Forget the media's portrayal of the ideal body size. Have you noticed how the ideal body size has shrunk over the years, from a Size 10 to a size 0? There is something very wrong with that picture.

Unfortunately, the so called ideal body size would appear to be a North American invention. In many countries around the world, a curvy woman is preferred over the less curvy types. Today, you need to free yourself of the fashion industry imposed exile of the plus size woman and claim your rightful place as a sexy fashionista.

Don't allow yourself to be influenced by the media. Know that as a curvy or plus sized woman, you are in no way an inferior person. You have loves, dreams, hopes and a life, the same as any other woman or better than many. You need to change how you think about size and look for the positive attributes of your size.

As a plus sized woman, you need to highlight your assets rather than hide them. How often do you see a full figured woman in moo moos, baggy pants, oversize fleece all designed to hide their figure because somehow, somewhere, they were let to believe that their bodies are ugly and should be hidden. Forget that. It's a lie.

Dress to show off your curves. You need to dress to flatter your curves, your breasts and your behind. No one is suggesting that you should wear clothing that is 2 sizes too small but neither should you wear clothing that are two sizes too big.

Keep up to date with the latest fashion trends. Just about anything that is the rage for any season, you could wear. When you look at fashion magazines featuring skinny women, just imagine how great you would look in that same style in your size. You do not have to sacrifice style for fit.

Another myth that real women tend to believe is that they need to wear only black or dark colours to look slimmer. This myth has bee debunked a long time ago. You can look attractive in a variety of colours that go with your skin tone. When shopping for clothing and accessories, try on pinks, blues and yellows and you will be surprised at the revelation.

One essential accessory that you need to show off your curves is good underwear and supports. Bras should be well fitting and foundation garments would help to smooth out some of the extras you really don't need to emphasize.

Confidence in yourself and with yourself is critical to loving yourself and your body and to looking and feeling sexy. take the time to develop and build your self esteem. Whether you are going for a job interview or to the grocery store, a confident you will draw attention to your beauty and style. Potential friends and boyfriends are generally attracted to a person who exudes confidence.

You can change your perception of your plus size by loving your body. Dare to look at yourself naked, in front of a mirror on a daily basis. Get familiar with your body, touch, feel , check it out and love every thing you see. If there is one part you really don`t like, don`t hate it just fix it if it means that much to you.

Being physically fit is essential to a sexy plus size woman. Whether you walk, take an aerobics class, ride a bike, join a gym, you need to keep your plus sized body fit. Exercise will go a long way in helping you feel good about yourself. You can have a plus size body that is fit and healthy.

There are gorgeous and sexy plus size women all over the world, but unfortunately, many of them do not know it. There has been a recent revival of the curvy, hourglass look made famous by stars like Marlyn Munroe. It is time to stop hiding your curves and time to start flaunting them.

Sexy Plus Size Celebrities

 There are many sexy plus sized celebrities who we admire. Theses voluptious and curvatious women are a welcome reminder of the beauty of a plus sized body.

Nikki Blonsky
Nikki Blonsky
Sara Ramirez
Sara Ramirez
Serena Williams
Serena Williams
Toccara Jones
Toccara Jones
Queen Latifah
Queen Latifah
Plus Size fitness - Belly Dancing
Plus Size fitness - Belly Dancing

Plus Size Models

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Katharella profile image

Katharella 5 years ago from Lost in America

Hi Joan, I like this hub about bringing sexy back for plus sizes! I just did a hub on swimsuits! I was listening in on some male conversation and apparently curves are "IN" now! So I made the hub and I put a little of each in, but tried to mainly focus on plus sizes. So many women miss out on a lot of fun because they're self conscious and it's just not fair! So I hope I can nudge some of them back out to the beaches! My girlfriend and I are trying to fit back into our old suits, but if it don't happen soon, we gotta go with what we got LOL! Anyway hope to see you read some of my hubs you're welcome to come and check them out! :) -Kathy

HollysHobby83 profile image

HollysHobby83 5 years ago from Massachusetts

Great article! Doesn't it drive you crazy that women that are a size 14 are considered plus size? I have finally embraced my curves and I hope all women out there will do the same.

JRScarbrough profile image

JRScarbrough 3 years ago from United States

Plus size is sexier. I wouldn’t even consider some of these women plus size. All of them are completely right in my eyes.

Joan King profile image

Joan King 3 years ago Author

There are many variations to plus size and what used to be regular size years ago is no classified as plus by the all knowing fashion industry. Thanks for your comment.

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Hello Joan,

This is an excellent piece of writing. Amazing in every aspect of writing.

I loved every word--and the lay-out was superb. This should be a must-read for girls who are teased into thinking that JUST thin girls are pretty. Fact is, in my dating days, I preferred a girl with a body, not just bones. This is a man's confession and it is true.

Voted up and all the choices because you deserve it.

You have such a gift for writing. Just keep writing and good things are bound to happen to you.

I cordially invite you to read one or two of my hubs, and be one of my followers.

That would make my day.

I am so honored to meet you.


Kenneth Avery, Hamilton, Alabama

Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 11 months ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

I sent this on to a plus size daughter and her daughters. Great piece.

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