Bulova Marine Star Watch Review - A List of the Best Bulova Marine Star Watches

What is a Bulova Marine Star Watch?

The Bolova Marine Star Watch is Bulova's most popular series of watches. This mostly due to the fact that a bulova marine star watch can come many unique ways. It be a durable sports watch; it can be an elegant and stylish accessory; or it can be a watch with incredible precision. The choice is up to you - and that, to have such a wide selection, is what makes it so popular. It's freedom.

On the men's side there are over 30 different models; most of them have a sporting look, and most carry a bezel. The womans department only have two unique versions, but they are both are of the highest quality and elegance.


The Best Bulova Marine Star Watches:


Telling time in implanted everywhere in society.
Telling time in implanted everywhere in society.

Men's Marine Star Black Dial Stainless Steel

Price: Around $400

Featuring a black, sleek, look, this is a must have watch for anybody looking to step up their game; and by that I mean look more classy. Made out of black stainless steel and rose accents, the watch also has a stainless steel bracelet; furthermore the movement is made of Japan quartz, a rarity for most watches.


  • Black stainless steel.
  • Japan quartz.
  • Luminous hand and minute markers.
  • Resistant to water up to 330 feet.

You never know when you might need the time.
You never know when you might need the time.

Men's Marine Star Chronograph Stainless Steel

Price: $350

This marine star watch has an undeniably sporty style and feel to it. Includes a brushed stainless steel case, and a dial color that is textured in black, as well as luminous hands that feature roman numerals. It's simple, yet sleek, the perfect blend for any athlete. It has three sub-dials which are great for any kind of time trials: 60 seconds, 30 seconds and 24 hours are included.


  • Brushed stainless steel (chronograph style)
  • Can handle 10 ATM of pressure.
  • Three sub-dials.
  • A large case for travel.

The intricateness of clocks are endless.
The intricateness of clocks are endless.

Men's Marine Star Chronograph Black Leather

Price: $350

Leather has always been an appealing material. It looks good; it feels good. And that's what this marine star watch is - a watch that looks good and feels good at the same time. The strap is made of black leather and the dial is black with a silver boarder. Each of of the hour and minute hands are made of rose gold tone and are luminous; there are also three sub dials that features 60 seconds, 60 minutes and 24 hours.


  • Leather.
  • Screw-down case.
  • 3 sub dials.
  • Japan quartz.
  • Bezel black ion plated.


Some of the most distinguishable landmarks in the world are clocks.
Some of the most distinguishable landmarks in the world are clocks.

Men's Marine Star Chronograph Black Rubber

Price: $250

The durable masterpiece is what I like to call this watch. The strap is made out black rubber, with stainless steel inlays, making it extremely durable, as well as very fashionable; the black molds well with the black dial, and the silver borders give it a nice after touch. Like other marine star watches, the Black Rubber has three sub dials and is water-proof up to 330 feet making perfect for casual swimmers and divers alike.


  • Black rubber and stainless steel strap.
  • Water resistant for up to 100 meters.
  • Silver toned and luminous hands.
  • 3 sub dials.

Men's Marine Star Yellow Gold Tone

Price: $200

There always has to be a gold one; the one that is the stand out, the flashy one, the one that can issue a bold statement. And that's what this marine star watch is - a bold statement. The bracelet is made out of stainless steel with a gold finish, as well as the case, and the luminous hands inside the dial. The dial itself is black, featuring a japan quartz and black bezel. Includes no sub dials but it doesn't matter: the watch speaks for you enough as it is.


  • Gold finished strap and hands.
  • Black bezel.
  • 330 feet waterproof.
  • Gold case finished with stainless steel.

Bulova Marine Star Watch Review - The Verdict

The Bulova Marine star watch is one of the most popular series of watches in the world. And this isn't the case because they are highly expensive and filled with unnecessary extra features, or built with ridiculous rare materials; no, the watches are so popular because of their simplicity and quality.

Let me lay it for you:


  • All Bulova marine star watches have japan quartz in them for movement. These are some of the best implemented quartz in the business, guaranteeing you a quality performance.
  • All watches are water resistant to up to at least 100 meters, making it the best watch for diver enthusiasts.
  • Every watch is made out of stainless steel. This makes the watches very durable and very stylish.
  • Depending on your taste you can get leather bracelets, or gold finished ones; it's up to you how you want to look.
  • Many watches include sub dials that can be used for time trials; great for the average athlete.
  • All Bulova marine star watches are under $500.


  • Not as fancy as, say, a Rolex.
  • By being made of all stainless steel it prevents some extra specialization.
  • Cases are usually a bit generic.

The Verdict:

If you are an athlete, a diver, or just an average person who wants to look good, this Bulova Marine Star watch is meant for you. It's comfortable and classy; it's quality over quantity; it's simple, yet endearing. The final verdict? Go buy one today.

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Great review on Bulova.

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