Bump It Up Hairstyles With Bumpits Hair Volumizer


It's called a "Bumpit" -- bump it because it creates volume in your hair.  Take your flat hair and create volume within 5 seconds.  There are several hair styles you can achieve by using the Bumpit.

There are three types of Bumpits -- the Mini Bumpit, Medium Bumpit, and the Large Bumpit also known as the Hollywood Bumpit or Rockstar Bumpit.  

Bumpits Commerical

Flat Hair No More Thanks To Bumpits

Flat hair is so last year, or last decade.  Imagine being ability to create hot trendy hair styles in second with the Bumpits.  It's not hard to use the Bumpit inserts to create volume in your hair.  The Bumpits are an easy insert under your hair.

Live Demo Using Bumpits

Your can bump your ponytail, or create a bob in seconds.  Bumpits can be used for those special events as well for the "everyday" look too. 

The mini Bumpits are great for ponytails.  Not only is Bumpits great for ponytails, you can bump the front, middle, of lower part of your hair.  Bumpits also come in different colors to match your hair color.

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K.M 6 years ago

I'd love to order one but have auburn hair....What about redheads?

Suznne 6 years ago

You are adorable. Great job.

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