Buy Mascara Online

Buy Mascara Online

Why buy Mascara online? Simply because it cuts out the middle seller. Here you are making your purchase without it needing to go into a store first. This means that your mascara product is likely to be cheaper than that which you can purchase in the store. With an online mascara purchase not only can you see the product but you can read all about it as well. You can have the questions answered that you would have liked to have asked. In the store the staff often neither have the time or they just do not know the answer.

Purchasing Mascara online is quick efficient and safe and delivery of the product to your door is likely to be very fast. Shopping online has come on in leaps and bounds and for someone with a busy lifestyle it is a tremendous help freeing up your time for the things you really want to do. Online shopping can often offer you a much wider selection of goods.

Mascara in Ancient Egypt


We know that mascara has been in use for thousands of years and there is archaeological evidence to show it was use in ancient Egypt some 3,400 BC. In those far off times the constituents were much different than those used today and use to include things like crocodile dung and honey. In ancient Egypt the mascara was worn more as a magical protection than as a beauty item. Eyes were believed to be the window to the soul and the mascara protected the wearer. Both men and women wore mascara then. Men wearing mascara is still common amongst the hill tribes of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Applying Mascara

Mascara - A Poem


She feels naked without her mascara
She can't step outside the house
When she wears it she's a Valkyrie
Without it she's more like a mouse.
Mascara can do more than Prozac
Counselling or Therapy
To lighten the deepest depression
Or put on a bright face for the day
Nature gave her the face she lives in
But not that she wants us to see
So a dab of mascara and lippy
Are instant personality
Sometimes she turns to the magic wand
when life has shatterd her dreams
It is more than a common cosmetic
It's a bottle of self-esteem

BY Ian R Thorpe

Mascara Eye


Mascara today is much more sophisticated than it was of old. There is actually a science involved in its manufacture as it is produced to fill certain needs. Waterproof mascara is popular especially for those in a dampish atmosphere as tropical climates or even ski slopes or boating when the eyes will come into contact with water spray. Others are not so concerned with the waterproof but want to lengthen their eyelashes or to thicken them. Though there are some all purpose products available others prefer to experiment a little and to mix products so that they obtain exactly the effect and properties they require.


It is wrong to assume that mascara is black. It isn’t as simple as that. There are shades of black as well as shades of brown and it really is important that you choose a shade that is going to complement your skin colour. And yes, there are coloured mascaras as well. Perhaps not for everyday use for all but for that special occasion. There are even mascaras which have flakes of silver, gold or colour combined.


Mascara has a shelf life from the point you open it. Look for advice on the instructions but never keep your mascara for longer than three months. Throw it even if there is a lot left. The same applies to mascara wands. There are disposable wands available or you could wash those you already have. Cleanliness is important especially with anything put close to the eyes.

An online mascara purchase makes ideal sense in the busy modern world. It is an ideal opportunity to browse and choose quality products in comfort.

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