Buy Flipflops, Slippers and Sandals for Kids!

Summer is near and when we think of summer, it goes hand in hand with beach outings and escapades, which kids of all ages love so much. And when we are at the beach it is very wise to wear footwear which could go along with sands, water and rocks. The best footwear for that are slippers, flip flops, clogs and/or thong sandals.

crocs clog
crocs clog

Top Brands for Slippers, Flip flops and Sandals

Keep in mind that when buying footwear we should choose the one with good quality to give us good value for our hard earned money. Here are a few companies:

  1. Havaianas you can find many and great quality designs and style of flip flops, thong sandals and slippers in their site and also from shops and department stores. Prices are from $12 up for slippers.

2. Crocs is originally intended for outdoor footwear because of its slip-resistant, non-marking soles but has captured the love of consumers since 2002 and from then on it has been one of the leading names not only in terms of outdoor and adventure but also has become a fashion statement for everyone.Crocs Philippines prices starts from 1000 pesos up.

3. Quiksilver is one of the trusted brands in terms of flip flops and other apparels may it be in kids or adult.

Suri Cruise in flip flop
Suri Cruise in flip flop

Embellished Sandals and Flip flops

There are different designs of sandals and flip flops to choose from or you can make your own design and be creative with your kid's sandals and flip flops. I suggest you use rubberized materials or cloth straps to design because it is easy to design and also lightweight. You and your little one will surely enjoy this craft.

Check out Martha Stewart's crafts for embellished slippers, and embellished flip flops.

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kids crocs 5 years ago

Great review,Very interesting because you give us a wide overview about footwear.Thank you for sharing information about the top brand footwear love by the consumer.

wellies boots 5 years ago

Crocs and Havaianas are the two in demand brand that popular in the market not just because they are popular buts also they have a good quality that consumers love.

plumbing 5 years ago

I really love Crocs brand for my kids speacilly in our outdoor activities.They can move freely and more comfortable.

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