Buy Geoffrey Beene Shirts: Good Deals on Men's Sexy Apparel

You will be glowing inside and out when you experience the luxurious feel, texture, scent, and look of a new Geoffrey Beene shirt. If you are ready to upgrade your wardrobe, these high-quality dress shirts will add flare and life to your world. Buy Geoffrey Beene shirts online and you will save money AND avoid a trip to a noisy mall.

We'll be looking at three main dress shirts in the Beene clothing line: Their woven blends, their striped shirt options, and their luxurious sateen line.

With their no-hassle return policy, you have nothing to worry about while shopping online at

Return shipping is always free when your order is fulfilled by Amazon, and exchanges are easy too.

That being said, these beautiful shirts come in so many sizes it will be easy to find precisely what you are looking for.

Geoffrey Beene Regular Fit Pinpoint Oxford
Geoffrey Beene Regular Fit Pinpoint Oxford

Another beautiful choice. But this one only comes in two different colors. Blue or White

Geoffrey Beene Men's Spread Collar Non Iron Solid Woven Shirt
Geoffrey Beene Men's Spread Collar Non Iron Solid Woven Shirt

Product Description

Look great all day in this Geoffrey Beene classic 100% cotton dress shirt with a spread collar. These shirts have been specially treated to be virtually wrinkle free without ironing.


Cotton and Cotton Blend Shirts from Geoffrey Beene

Familiarize Yourself with these Solid Color Shirts from Geoffrey Beene

Whether you are on a job interview, in a business meeting, a party, or simply out and about during a day around town, you will look and feel great in a Geoffrey Beene solid colored dress shirt.

Geoffrey Beene Dress Shirts are the number one Designer Dress Shirts in Shopping Malls around the Nation.

Check out these Wrinkle-Free Cotton Blends. They will keep you looking great no matter what season it is.

Oh, and did we mention they are wrinkle-free? Really they are!

Mr. Geoffrey Beene: A Bright Star in the Clothing Design World

One of America's main pioneers in fashion, Geoffrey Beene was a leading edge man in the clothing design industry. With good values and a love of innovation, Geoffrey Beene changed the clothing world for women and men with his wonderful, superbly tailored styles that married comfort and luxuriousness. If you are looking to be comfortable and attractive, Geoffrey Beene made this a reality.

Geoffrey Beene won many awards during the span of his career. He won 8 Coty Awards, three awards from The Council of Fashion Designers of America. Plus he received an honorary doctorate presented by the Rhode Island School of Design. Geoffrey Beene was once given the esteemed title "The American Original" by the Smithsonian.

Nocole Baum: Recent Winner of the Geoffrey Beene Scholarship in

Geoffrey Beene's recent endowments of $5 million to the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), and more than $3 million to the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund, mean fashion students and young designers have access to Geoffrey Beene Educational Programs and National Scholarships designed to help them master their craft and develop their own unique vision.

This prestigious new design award program brings the work of the legendary American fashion designer Geoffrey Beene into classrooms at the nation's leading design colleges and universities.

A unique teaching curriculum, created specifically for the GEOFFREY BEENE DESIGN SCHOLAR AWARD, challenges students to innovate, take risks, and surmount challenges.  Students are encouraged to look beyond conforming to trends and business restraints in order to advance the art form.  This highly competitive award is based solely on merit as judged by a prestigious panel of clothing industry experts.

Geoffrey Beene Striped dress shirts give you a professional look and are perfect for the office or a night on the town. Whether you add a tie or sport coat for very special occasions, or leave the shirt untucked for casual occasions, Beene's got your back!

These shirts have a collar that spreads out a little more than the other styles and they come with pleated shoulders..

Designer Geoffrey Beene

The Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center

Geoffrey Beene was quite a philanthropist. And the power of his legacy lives on.

Mr. Thompson Hutton, the current Trustee of the Geoffrey Beene Foundation, has orchestrated this ambitious research initiative. "The hallmark of the GEOFFREY BEENE CANCER RESEARCH CENTER AT MEMORIAL SLOAN-KETTERING CANCER CENTER is its focus on revolutionary new research approaches across a variety of cancers, strategies that will lead to prevention through improved diagnostics and enhanced quality of life treatments toward the ultimate goal of making cancer a more manageable and perhaps one day, a curable disease,"says Hutton

In the time it has been up, the Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center has become the main hub for an array of amazing projects, aimed at translating works at the cellular level into cutting edge new research approaches to healing, diagnosing, preventing, and treating cancer. The center brings together some of the best minds in the medical world to win the battle against cancer.  They are constantly pursuing new angles into the cellular mechanisms of the disease and innovating treatment practices.

Geoffrey Beene Sateen Fitted Dress Shirt - Amethyst
Geoffrey Beene Sateen Fitted Dress Shirt - Amethyst

* Fitted Dress Shirt (Point Collar)

* 55% Cotton / 45% Polyester

* Sateen

Geoffrey Beene Sateen Fitted Dress Shirt - Peacock
Geoffrey Beene Sateen Fitted Dress Shirt - Peacock

* Point Collar

* Sateen

* 55% Cotton / 45% Polyester


Men's Full Cut Sateen Shirt:

These soft and stylish, wrinkle free sateen long sleeve dress shirts are durable and affordable.  You will enjoy infrequent ironing and great value.

Each shirt has calming sateen finish, with a classic fit.  They come with a pointed collar, a pocket on the chest, and a rounded hem

Truly wrinkle free. Wash and dry it immediately and there will be no problems. You are ready for a night on the town!

Geoffrey Beene Philanthropist: They measure success by how much they donate....

Geoffrey Beene Helps the Fight Against Alzheimer's

In addition to their work in cancer research, Geoffrey Beene also supports Alzheimer's research. Commited to fight Alzheimer's,Geoffrey Beene does all they can to help the cause.

The Geoffrey Beene Foundation is very proud to be a major sponsor of HBO's innovative, multi-channel, multi-platform "The Alzheimer's Project." In honor of the value and impact of this subject matter, HBO pup up all four segments of the documentary series on the internet.

Historical Highlights of the Geoffrey Beene Clothing Line

1963 - Geoffrey Beene, Inc. opened its doors on 7th Avenue.

1964 - Beene won the 1st of eight Coty Awards.

1965 - This year, Beene won the prestigious Neiman Marcus Award.

1967 - With innovation and determination, Beene brought to fruition the famous Sequined Football Evening Gown.

1968 - Beene goes out on a limb, and introduces his "Mafia" Collection line: Pin-striped suits which he playfully calls "Alice Capone."

1971 - The company introduces its Beene Bag Collection, an inexpensive, spory clothing line.  It is a huge success.

1976 - Beene becomes the 1st American Clothing Designer to show his line in Italy. From there, he moves on to France, Brussels and then Vienna.


1986/1987 - Beener is named Designer Of The Year Award.

1988 - The company celebrates 25 years in the clothing industry. To raise money for Aids/HIV research, they put on a huge fashion show in LA.

1989 - Beene opens a retail shop on 5th Avenue in New York.

1992 - Received an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts Degree from the RI School of Design.

In this same year, he was also honored with book about him called, "Unbound," celebrating his 30-year career at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.

1995 - The Lieutenant Governor decides that April 27 will be known as "Geoffrey Beene Day" in the state of Louisiana (his birthplace).

1996 - Beener is honored for his achievements at the Gala premier of "Elegance After Dark: Evening Wear in Louisiana 1886-1996" at the State Museum in Louisiana

2000 - Inducted into the Fashion Center Walk of Fame, Beene receives a plaque which reads: "A Designer's Designer, Geoffrey Beene is one of the most artistic and individual of fashion's creators...".

2002 - First Lady Laura Bush, awards Beener with the National Design Award from The Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Museum.

2004 - Geoffrey Beene passed away on September 28th, 2004.

2005 - A wonderful new book, called "Beene By Beene,"is published

2008 - Another great book honoring the design genius and innovation of Gefofrey Beener comes out: "Geoffrey Beene: An American Fashion Rebel."


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