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H&M Online Shopping Guide

H&M is a Sweden based clothing store that specializes in making and selling trendy apparel. There are hundreds of H&M stores located across the United States, but there is no way to actually buy H&M clothes online in the US through the official H&M store. While H&M does not sell their clothes through their online store, it is still possible to buy H&M clothes on the internet.

The best place to shop for H&M clothing in the United States is on eBay. eBay has almost every H&M product, piece of apparel, and accessory possible for sale - at excellent prices. Most, if not all, of the products are brand new and still have their tags.  As you look around this page and learn about the different H&M products that are available for sale, look for the small pictures of the products.  Alongside of the small picture you will see a description of what the item of H&M clothing is as well as it's current price.

H&M Dresses

To the right you will see an excellent collection of H&M dresses currently for sale on eBay. Take a moment to look at the pictures and read the descriptions. Each dress is expertly designed and crafted by the forward thinking people at H&M. The dresses have a sort of free flowing eastern feeling, especially the shorter cut divided tunic and the Asian inspired flowery kimono dress. H&M also produces a more traditional fare of dresses and skirts which include the sleeveless Bohemia party dress as well as a collection of shorter cut skirts for nights out on the town.

The H&M dresses are priced very reasonably on eBay as you can see from the products to your right.  The price you pay will usually depend on size, fit, and style.  Right now, a stylish and trendy H&M dress can be yours for as low as $9.99 with some going as high as around $80.00.

H&M Sweaters

The eBay marketplace is also full of many trendy, comfortable, and warm sweaters. The sweaters come in a variety of different styles. The most common sweater style is the regular crew neck. Some of the sweaters are v-neck. A few are also fitted with different cuts and higher collars which depict a more European feel (after all H&M is a Swedish company). The sweaters come in a variety of solid colors, striped combinations, and more specialty sweaters with knitted designs.  H&M also carries a line of specially designed sweaters by Jimmy Choo.

When the weather is cool and you need to get warm and comfortable, an H&M sweater is the right way to do it.  You can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $180 (for the Jimmy Choo) for these sweaters.  For more information or pictures, simply look at the sweaters to the right.

H&M Men's and Women's Jeans

One of H&M's most popular articles of clothing is their extensive collection of super-trendy, soft, comfortable, and fashion forward jeans. H&M carries men's and women's jeans in almost every cut and style available. Stay up on current fashion with a pair of skinny jeans, or sit back and relax with a more relaxed fit boot cut style. H&M also carries a wide variety of washes ranging from dark, distressed, faded, light, gray, and other more vibrant colors such as pink, yellow, teal, and green. Some more vintage style H&M jeans are also available on eBay. These vintage ones include the more bell -bottomed flare style and classic straight leg style for men.

A small part of eBay's current collection of jeans is displayed to the right. Current prices for these jeans are very reasonable and inexpensive. Some jeans are available right now for less than $5, while a few of the more rare and unique pairs (such as the pink men's pair) is currently selling for $80. On eBay, there is a pair of H&M jeans for every style, size, and budget!

H&M Children's Clothing

All of the pieces of clothing featured so far have been more geared toward men, women, younger adults, and teenagers. However, there is also a fairly large collection of H&M children's clothing for sale on eBay as well. Many of the items for younger girls are cute small dresses perfect for summer wear and special events. The boys items range widely, but mostly include shorts - both athletic and more casual dress shorts as well as cargo shorts. The children's clothing ranges from infant size all the way up to older kid sizes as they move on to the adult sizes.  While just dresses for girls and shorts for boys are featured to the right, there are many other items for children such as t-shirts, sweaters, pants, jeans, shoes, and other accessories.

Pricing on the children's H&M clothing is also fairly reasonable. Many of the items are new and still have their tags. Many items can be picked up for less than $10, while others may go as high as $30-$40. The price you pay will generally depend on the item as well as the rarity or popularity of the size that you are looking for.

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jshop profile image

jshop 6 years ago

I think it's so strange (and inconvenient!) that they don't sell their clothes online. I love their stuff, and I'm a pretty big online shopper!

Leslie 6 years ago

I agree. Why is online shopping not available in the US? If the stores are open here, the items should be available online in the US.

Gilkana 6 years ago

totally agree... is so annoying that you can't shop online...

victor... 6 years ago

where can i find h&m jeans dair bootcut..that's the style that ilike but i don't see them in the stores anymore are they discontinued?

don julio 5 years ago

i am a heterosexual male looking to buy h&m heterosexual men's clothing in the US. where buy?

kayla 5 years ago

I was looking forward to online shop at h&m storess but figuredd out they don't have online shopping in the U.S. i don't have the time to drive to an actuall h&m store.sso this is very inconvienent

Tracey 5 years ago

Why don't they have plus size clothing?

Nilda vallejo 4 years ago

Because there are no sales in usa oline is a shame for people who do not have time to visit the store H & M, their clothes are fabulous, I like to shop online to watch it online

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