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Oakley Half Jacket Sunglasses
Oakley Half Jacket Sunglasses

Oakley Half Jacket

Oakley the brand was established in 1975 by an inspirational man called Jim Jannard. He became an expert in the market and was able to provide his customers with fantastic eye protection and highly durable, well made sunglasses. Today, Oakley are the leading manufacturer for sunglasses in the world, just 37 years after the company was founded. Oakley state that they come up with solutions to problems, and make machines to fit their ideas, rather than ideas to fit their machines.

The Oakley Half Jacket range of sunglasses is the most popular amongst many countries throughout the world, and we will take a look at the reasons for its success and what is so special about the half jacket range.

There are some important factors with the half jacket sunglasses that each pair has in common. This is why many believe that these are the most popular sunglasses in the world, and why millions of people today are wearing them.

The Facts

  • They are designed to be ultra comfortable. They are dedigned for you to be able to wear them all day long without straining the eyes or the muscles around them.
  • The design of the range is super fashionable and appeals to the many people. It continues to impress, stay relevant and also to¬†improve all the time.
  • Lenses provide the user with 100% free UV/UVB and UVC protection, which means that your eyes are much better protected in a pair of half jackets.
  • Peripheral View offers the wearer a less straining experience.
  • Comparably cheap when all things are considered. Replacement lenses are available and there is a whole range of accessories to compliment the range. The overall cost of buying a pair is reduced significantly when you take into consideration the life span that these marvellous sunglasses have.
  • Half jacket covers a wide range of needs and wants. Half and Flak jackets are available for a series of different sports include polarised glasses for fishing and golf, and goggles for skiing.
  • They are extremely durable and hold a high impact resistance. They are great for wearing in all weather conditions, and they will last you significantly longer than other manufacturers that can be compared to on the market.

Top 10 Oakley Sunglasses....

Whilst the half jacket and flak jacket are two of the biggest and most popular Oakley ranges and the M Frame being the most popular. There are some close competitors that many enjoy also. Heres the Top10

  1. Oakley Julliet
  2. Oakley Radar
  3. Oakley Gas Can
  4. Oakley Jawbone
  5. Oakley Fives
  6. Oakley Minute
  7. Oakley Whisker
  8. Oakley Crosshair
  9. Oakley Antix

More About Oakley...

Oakley offer some great services that customers can really enjoy. You have the opportunity to have Oakley prescription lenses made for you, so that your vision is not impaired whilst wearing your sunglasses. There are a whole range of accessories and kits that you can purchase with your sunglasses, including cases, replacement lenses, spares and parts, free repairs. When buying your sunglasses you will sometimes get these services offered to you at a discount and sometimes even completely free. The best time to buy your Oakley glasses is perhaps when the Oakley Sale is on.

Oakley Frames are available in different sizes. The sizes are as below:

  • A Frame
  • M Frame
  • O frane

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