Buy Pagan Jewelry like a Pendant or Necklace for women Online

Pagan jewelry is popular with the various trends in popular culture. From the rise of 'goth' image popularity with teenagers to popular vampire movies like the recent trend for the 'Twilight' saga movies. 

Pagan jewelry and accessories are even a mainstream fashion statement during the halloween holidays. This eccentric and alluring range of jewelry makes for a great eye catching gift for yourself or a friend or family member. The main advantage with this type of jewelry is that it can be popular with both men and women, there is going to be something for everyone when you are looking to buy pagan jewelry

Sir Gawain's Glyph Celtic Pentagram Pendant Necklace takes the key symbol in western magickal tradition, the pentagram and creates an amazing pendant. This pendant is inscribed in latin with the five elements, earth, air, fire and water encompassed by the fifth, the element of spirit. This pendant is sometimes worn to realize stability and inner harmony.

The mythical story behind Sister Zhivka's Rosary Bracelet and Ring combination is that 19th century balkan nuns wore this as protection against vampires. It is said that vampires destroyed in the region of her mountain village and her convent. Researching this story does not bring many results and may be a myth of fiction, either way it is a fun story.

The Triskilian Pendant is set among three spirals of continual motion. This ancient symbol has been adopted by The Isle of Man for its emblem and when worn it is said to symbolize optimism and progress.

The key of Solomon is one of the most famous and important of all of the handbooks of Magic. The translation of this book was done by S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers well known magician and head of the Order of the Golden Dawn. The ancient manuscripts were found at the British Museum and the words and instructions from King Solomon himself. In the texts Solomon instructs followers on how to summon and master spiritual powers. This pendant makes a beautiful and powerful symbol of this ancient text that any follower of magical history is sure to cherish.

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