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Prom Dress Time

 Well its that time of year again, Spring is here and proms are around the corner. With spring also comes weddings and some of these fabulous prom dresses could make a beautiful bridesmaid dress.

Amazon is loaded with wonderful 2010 fashions at great prices. Hot designers and name brand items like XOXO and Jessica McClintock. These amazing dresses range from strapless, to minis and full length maxie's to swag skirts.

Beautiful colors and fabric textures like reds and blacks, pastel pinks and blues, silk and satin. Prints from plain to floral, they even have a fab little zebra mini. Very Hot.

Styles and looks to fit any taste, and did I mention the price to fit any one's wallet or credit card.

Proms are an important part of a teenagers life.Proms will fill your memory and memory book with beautiful and fun memories. The dress is an absolute must for the photos in the memory book.

If I had it to do all over again I would pick a lavish dress, full length, full fluffy skirt,strapless, and deep rich colors. Made of silk, satin, and lace. If I could get the corset to make me look 3 sizes smaller I would do that too.

Remember to pick the prom dress that will help make the memories last a lifetime!

What type of Prom Dress would you choose?

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heart4theword profile image

heart4theword 6 years ago from hub

Personally the only dress I thought had any class, was the beaded pleated satin dress:)

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